...and on the seventh Raid they partied HARD

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by censor, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. censor Member

    ...and on the seventh Raid they partied HARD

    how do you celebrate a successful raid? by raiding a party!

    on saturday, after the great raid, we finally got to launch Operation: Bonus Level.

    i'm not sure how popular "Bad Taste Partys" are in other countries, but right now they're very successful here in germany. it's basically a regular party, only that people dress in their worst outfits and only 90's / Euro-Dance music is played.

    well, we thought let's take advantage of the situation and spread the word about Anonymous ... 9 Anons with pockets full of business cards = WIN!

    we were even so fortunate to have a party-community's photographer around, here are some pics: Deutschland - Photoalbum - BAD TASTE BERLIN - GOES OLYMPIA @ Magnet, Berlin (Sa 16.08.2008)

    the theme was the olympic games, but we still managed to get the ties into the outfit. here's the best shot of the night:


    and one of us recorded two videos ... enjoy!

    YouTube - PARTY HARD 2.0

    YouTube - Party hard 2.0
  2. Vir Member

    Re: ...and on the seventh Raid they partied HARD

    That is so cash.

    By the way I think I have that tie on the right in the first photo. I got it for bad taste purposes.
  3. censor Member

    Re: ...and on the seventh Raid they partied HARD

    hehe, that's just a T-Shirt: GamersWear ADMIN T-Shirt White

    i love it, great for summer raids, just wear a black shirt on top.

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