...and I thought Google was learning.

Discussion in 'Youtube and Vimeo Problems' started by Anonymous, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. Anonymous Member

    ...and I thought Google was learning.

    So... recently, in class... I started noticing that the annoying music from the scientology commercial was playing. Someone in class was watching the scilons commercial. After... I don't know... 12 times... I finally just stood up and asked WTF.

    Apparently Youtube/Google is streaming the Scientology commercials before videos will play. It's not every video, but I noticed the commercial would play about every 10 minutes.

    What the fuck. Youtube is seriously going to lose all it's viewers if they keep pissing everyone off.
  2. none given Member

    Re: ...and I thought Google was learning.

    name some videos
    Are the scilons paying posters or are they just getting content from somewhere and reposting plus the commercial?
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: ...and I thought Google was learning.

    I think the scilons are actually targeting us with those youtube ads. I think they seriously believe that the magic OT powers used to create them are going to somehow "handle" us away if they can only get us to watch them.
  4. mongrel Member

  5. Legion Member

    Re: ...and I thought Google was learning.

    let them waste money doing it, their loss not ours
  6. Anon-007 Member

    Re: ...and I thought Google was learning.

    Google uses very advanced algorithms and tracking cookies which monitor much of what you do online, so these ads are very likely to be displayed according to your own "personal interests".

    For example, if you have a GoogleMail (GMail) account, send someone an email from it and mention Scientology in the body text a couple of times. Within a minute or two, you'll see Cult related adsense appear in your GMail window.

    If you do any searches for Cult related stuff on Google, they will log this and use targetted Google Cult ads just for you.

    And finally, Google knows which page you are coming from - so if you visit YouTube from this site, they'll know ;)
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: ...and I thought Google was learning.

    GOOGLE uses LHR management tech and has been in bed with the scilons for several years now

    do some spooning
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: ...and I thought Google was learning.

    Well, someone is having fun with Google. I used their SMS listings service for CoS NY recently, and was pleasantly surprised to find a listing for "Cult of Scientology Teaneck" (NJ) !!! Check out the following:

    Cult of Scientology Mission

    Diuretics Center / Cult of Scientology of Elgin - Google Maps

    Cult of Scientology Advanced Murder, Brainwashing and Blackmail Organization of Los Angeles‎ - Google Maps

    There are more, too. Looks like the Scilons are BAWWing hard about it though . . .some may have already been re-edited. Google fight, anyone?
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: ...and I thought Google was learning.

    dox or gtfo

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