An idea I had for a sign; feel free to steal it

Discussion in 'Fliers & Pamphlets' started by A non E-Moose, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. A non E-Moose Member

    An idea I had for a sign; feel free to steal it

    Reposted because I'm a dumbshit who posts in the wrong forum:

    How other religions ask that we treat others:

    Just raw quotes here, but I figured somebody could make it look really good on a sign or flyer.
  2. Tuesday Member

  3. would that I had the tools to make use of those I'd be all over it, could be nice to split up and put on several signs too
  4. Anonymous128 Member

    Erm... You could find passages in the Old Testament in which God requires his followers to kill all unbelievers, destroy their cities and enslave their women. I don't really think this tactic will get us far - scienos can and will play the same card in return.
  5. anonymouse95 Member

    You can find some pretty nasty quotes in any religion, in some religions they can be explained as part of the context, in others they can't. However you have a very good point, it's not like John Q. Public is interested in a course of comparative theology.
  6. Anonymizer Member

    but Scientolgists will use it against you. remember, they've been taught to "always attack, never defend". so, they will use any weakness they see to bring down Anonymous and our message. Comparing two religions is a simple thing that they could latch onto.
  7. AnonNow Member

    Yeah, the religious comparison thing is full of holes, for two main reasons:
    1) The Old Testament alone condones Slavery, Rape, Peadophilia, and Genocide so it's best not to point fingers.
    2) Co$ is not a fucking religion!!! Comparing it to other religions justifies it's claims.

    However, I you do feel the need to comapre it to other faiths you just mearly need to point out that you KNOW these things...because these faiths scriptures are in the public domain for the 'benifit' of all mankind, who does the $300,000 odd you would spend to read all Co$ scripture benifit?
  8. anonymouse95 Member

    Urm okay, I don't think that invalidates anything I said :?
  9. I'm interested.
  10. Anonymizer Member

    reread what i wrote. i'm talking about ho comparing religions is a bad idea to do because if you quote Scientology, they will quote the old testiment "in which God requires his followers to kill all unbelievers, destroy their cities and enslave their women." Anonymous128 had the right idea when he said that they will just throw this back in our face with scripture from the Bible, among other religions.
  11. AnonNow Member

  12. anonymouse95 Member

    I've read and re-read what you said then and now, and I still fail to see how this contradicts any of it. Perhaps you should reread what I wrote.
  13. nymphaea Member

    Scientologists won't try to argue this. They're not going to voluntarily talk about the SP/Fair Game orders, and "well YOUR god says you should kill too!" is such epic fail, even they know not to use that tact.

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