An Anonymous Art Show? It Can Happen

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by RightOn, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. RightOn Member

    This idea came to me in a dream last night. (strange freakin' dream)
    Wouldn't it be wonderful to get an art gallery interested in showing the artwork of the "Internet Hate Machine" ? (and others)
    Maybe It can be called:
    The Artwork of Anonymous and Victims of the Church of Scientology".
    Don't know if this is a good title, but hey I just woke up.:confused:

    Art galleries simply love controversy and this exhibit would certainly foot that bill?
    I was thinking/dreamnt how wonderful it would be if Anons from all over the world can submit their artwork to a few name fagged Anons or whomever would be willing to get this together and who would be willing to collect the art, store it and display it when the time of the show comes.
    Anons, ex members, family members who are victims of disconnection or other can also particpate. So not only open to Anons.
    I haven't really looked into the art gallery scene, but maybe some art gallery would be interested in a show like this?

    Artwork of any medium can be submitted.
    Watercolor, mosaic, mixed, photographs, string art, decorated GF masks, acrylic.... bodily fluids (kidding), a "Scientology Kills" piece, Sci celeb renditions, Narconon victims pics, (with permission from family?) or even a protest sign style piece. Would be great to have the country the artwork is from too, to show the vastness of Anons, ex members ect..
    Including your Anon name is of course up to you.
    I know there are a lot of talented people out there.
    Freake has done some wonderful stuff too. The black and white one with the Scis jumping off the bridge into the Anon boat comes to mind.

    I know this would be a HUGE undertaking for any Anon or NON Anon that would like to step up to the bat.
    With the right PR though, it would be SO fabulous.
    Tony O may lend a hand in PR perhaps?

    Of course any gallery would take a commission I would presume. And it would be "cash and carry" only for the artwork.
    Proceeds can go to charity or to WWP. (vote can be taken)

    Those of you who have some clout, know a celebrity, who have any connections and who are already name fagged can really grab this project by the horns and run with it and help it get off the ground. Anyone who knows this biz, could help out a great deal. Mike Patterson perhaps may know a few things about the art world?

    Need people who would be willing to collect the art work,(donors can send their artwork in the mail) store it and display it, once a date and location is picked. The show can be held 6 months - to a year from now.

    Just a dream (literally), but this is one exhibit I would flock to!
    Maybe someone can post this idea on ESMB?

    Discuss or tell me to GTFO
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  2. RightOn Member

    And today is my FIVE YEAR Anniversary since I joined Enturb!
    Five years, wow. What a long strange trip it has been!

    edited: no it's not, it's NEXT Saturday! DUH!
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  3. anon walker Moderator

    I have a 5 gallon jar with a bust of L. Ron Hubbard in it. By this time next year, it will be full of urine and I shall entitle it "Piss Ron." So if you could hold off for a year while I fill the jar, I'd appreciate it.
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  4. RightOn Member

    That would be a lovely entry.
    A whole year for 5 gallons? Really? You must be very dehydrated. lol
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  5. RightOn Member

    you can also add some glitter and butterflies as a hats off to Ted. :)
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  6. amaX Member

    WOOOOOHOOOOO, ROOOOOOOOOOOOO! Congrats on five years! <3
  7. RightOn Member

    thanks AMA
    I don't know if congrats or if sadness/frustration is in order lol!
  8. WMAnon Member

    I like the idea, but not as a Scientology-centric thing. Something along the lines of "Behind this Mask is an Idea" with pieces from Anons and people who've been touched by Anonymous somehow expressing their experiences with whatever all this is would be much more appealing to me (and potentially more appealing to the art community). Exes could put in things speaking to how Anon changed their relationship to the cult (coming out, speaking out publicly, etc.), but we could also reach out to FoI/Occupy/Arab Spring types for their impressions of what the mask means to them.
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  9. RightOn Member

    thanks WMAnon. And I just watched "V" again last night.
    I like the reaching out to other groups too, but I would imagine that would be an even bigger undertaking as far as getting all the art work together? IDK
    I just think that this movement needs to be artistically shown and viewed by many.
  10. WMAnon Member

    To get work the quality you're aiming for, it's going to be difficult no matter which Anons you target.

    I have a lot of digital art I've produced for various projects and my own entertainment, I'd be 1000% on board with putting some of that together in gallery-worthy format if this happens.
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  11. RightOn Member

    thank you
    I looked around a bit and one place suggested renting a space out at an art festival in your local town/state or something. Maybe that would be more conceivable to start out with and see what kind of interest it gets. But I would love it if an art gallery or collective or what have you would be interested.
    I myself have no way of gathering the art work from the artists, but I am in hopes that some people will step up to the plate.
    First thing is to see how many would contribute their pieces in the first place I guess.
  12. WMAnon Member

  13. RightOn Member

  14. RightOn Member

    also Gabriel who died at Narconon... didn't he do some artwork before he passed? I remember something with a tear drop or eye with the word "lies" or something. Wonder if his parents would be interested in spear heading some people together and getting their artwork together representing the victims of NN Arrrowhead and others?
  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Anonymous Member

  17. RightOn Member

  18. I'm still getting over the hangover.Go Man City.Now that was WOW!
  19. I agree, the US needs a show!

    WM and I have talked a bit about a photoshoot with a bunch of Anons in our area, we could potentially submit a few things from that ^_^
  20. Artfag Member

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  21. fishypants Moderator

  22. WMAnon Member

    I seriously doubt people are going to be tracking down where things got printed and matching them up with addresses. But paranoids gonna be paranoid. Anyway, that deal expired, it was just an idea.
  23. Ah well. The places in Boston are pretty great. I recently used one to have a 4 foot by 6 foot print on canvas made. Came out incredibly well.
  24. I don't have that one anymore though, it's out on the west coast now.

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