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Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by RolandRB, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. RolandRB Member

    Can I haz a little number to show the number of alerts on the WWP tab like hotmail has to tell you how many new messages you have got?

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  2. Anonymous Member

    I always see mine when I got to my shortcut for New Threads... don't you see yours? Or is it that you just can't wait that long?
  3. mongrel Member

    Hi OP,
    I hacked the WWP servers and installed your alert notification icon. It will show the number of new alerts as soon as you log in. As a bonus, it will even update in real time as you browse the site. Pretty cool ain't it? You don't have to thank me. It was nothing.

    It will look just like this:
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  4. RolandRB Member

    No, I want to see it in my tab while I am not looking at WWP. Like "Hotmail (1)" when I have an unread message waiting for me. I want to only click on the tab if there is something interesting going on.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Beyond e-mail alerts, I don't know what could be set up for off-site notifications.
  6. Anonymous Member

    off-site? a tab title that updates isn't off-site
  7. Dragononymous Member

    E-mail alerts seem to have problems again anyways
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  8. grebe Member

    Sometimes you just have to make do with what you have, son.

    Perhaps we could tell Mr. Hinkubah and Mr. Blue Note to like less stuff. Might take the pressure off to keep up with all those alerts.

    Alternately, make your posts less likeable.
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  9. Pique Member

    lol ^^

    (I'm doing my bit and not liking grebe's post)
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  10. Dragononymous Member

    There, I did it for you
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  11. Tourniquet Member

    I liked it, then I unliked it.
    Dividing by zero ;)
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  12. Dragononymous Member

    You've got any idea how annoying that is?
    The alert actually appears, but when checked = nothing.
    Very frustrating
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  13. I liked this then decided I unliked it.
  14. Dragononymous Member

    Screw you.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    If the tab has made a connection to a different site, it's off-site as far as WWP goes.
  16. grebe Member


    (not rly. <3 )
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  17. Anonymous Member

    IMHO, we anons need to bring MUTHAFUCKA back into the mainstream. It makes me happy.
    Also, we need to have more fun fucking with the scilons.
    Carry on.
  18. RolandRB Member

    Why can't I haz it? If I have hotmail open then in the tab it says "Hotmail - rolandberry@hot...". If I send a mail to myself then it changes to "Hotmail (1) - rolandberry@...".

    I likes it and I wants the WWP alert count in brackets like that. So at the moment I am seeing "An alert count like hotmail i.." and if I get 5 alerts coz my trolling worked then I want to see "(5) An alert count like hotmai...".
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  19. Zak McKracken Member

    how about like this:
    Where XF not only shows an alert badge within the browser window,
    but also updates the page title to show notifications in the browser's title bar or tab
    (like gmail/hotmail/etc does)

    Actually, you are correct.
    WWP already uses this plugin, only with the "browser tabs" part disabled. Sue's already poked at it some.

    I would find that feature (updating the page title) annoying. There could be other reasons as well. OP could petition "teh mangament" to turn that feature back on, I guess.
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  20. Dragononymous Member

  21. Cudgel Member

    And I want a pony, but it's not likely gonna happen.
  22. Anonymous Member

  23. RolandRB Member

    It's working nice. Fankx :)
  24. ...but what about a pony for Cudgel? You couldn't care less, could you, now you got yours.

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