Amanda Todd Suicide: Man Arrested in Netherlands

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by System, Apr 19, 2014.

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    Anyone have a pic? There was a dutch guy preying on teens on Skype that I tried to identify to no avail.
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    Haven’t seen KKS in a while...
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    lolol, Not our KKS, no way :)
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  7. I think he is more into chubby thirty-year-old virgins for a Long Term BDSM scene, but I could be wrong.:rolleyes:
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    i got the name Aydin Coban is the dutch guy
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    due to dutch legal ways they might not release a photo till trial is over but I could be wrong
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    15-Year-Old Amanda Todd’s Alleged Sextortionist on Trial at Last

    It’s been more than four years since the Canadian teenager was driven to suicide. But now in a Dutch court it looks like justice will be done.


    Her name was Amanda Todd. She was 15 years old, and she became a tragic symbol of what has come to be called sextortion. Persuaded on a live chat to flash her breasts, she then was told that all her social media friends and email contacts would see the images if she did not cooperate on video and go much further. She refused and her “friends” were sent a link to the image on a porn site. Soon she was bullied mercilessly until, finally, she made her own compelling video about her ordeal that went viral on YouTube. Since it was posted in 2012 it has been viewed more than 20 million times.

    But for Amanda the world’s sympathy came too late. Her internet plea for understanding was the last act of a desperate girl exhausted after what seemed to her an eternity of blackmail and harassment. On Oct. 10, 2012, only weeks after Amanda posted her plaintive appeal, she took her own life at her home in Canada.

    International investigators eventually tracked the alleged origins of Amanda’s suffering to one man: Aydin Coban, a 38-year-old Dutch national arrested in January 2014 who is now on trial in Amsterdam. And what the case against Coban has shown is that Amanda Todd in faraway British Columbia was only one of many children in many countries victimized by what the Dutch describe as this “webcampedo” — this webcam pedophile. Although the Dutch press is constrained to identify Coban only by his first name and last initial, his full name has been published extensively in Canada.

    Coban’s alleged sextortionist schemes involved at least 34 young girls, and five grown men as well. His youngest victim is said to have been 11 years old. He pretended to be a young woman or a young man when he chatted with young girls, and a young man when he contacted the older men: homosexuals he threatened to out if they didn’t pay up. He was unfazed when a girl said she would kill herself if he posted pictures of her; unperturbed when girls said they were only 13.

    Despite the publicity that surrounded Amanda Todd’s suicide, it took two years before Coban was found and arrested, and the initial break in the case actually came before her death.

    In 2012, at the same time Coban was allegedly targeting Amanda, he also was pursuing a Norwegian girl who decided to approach the police about it. They tracked his IP addresses to the Netherlands. The Norwegian police contacted the Dutch police and the predator’s IP address was then traced to the trailer park in Oisterwijk where Aydin Coban lived. But that did not lead to his arrest. It took Todd’s suicide and a report compiled by Facebook in its wake to jolt the Dutch police into further action. In Facebook's own investigation a relationship was established between a phone number, an IP address and 86 accounts in which it appeared aliases were being used to target young girls. That information then led Dutch police to Coban’s home, where they installed spyware on both of his computers.

    In all, Coban has been indicted for 72 alleged offenses related to sexual exploitation and extortion over the internet. At his place, police found a trove of more than 204,000 photos and videos on a partially encrypted hard drive, many of them involving child pornography. The Dutch police also found a drive with 5,800 bookmarked names that served as a database of potential victims and their social networks.

    Much of the evidence presented in court has come from the spyware that allowed police to collect every keystroke and multiple screenshots from Coban’s computers.

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    What a sick fuck. I hope they keep him off our internets.

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