Amanda Palmer's Sea Org Scientology Connections

Discussion in 'Media' started by KlaatuBaradaNichto, May 5, 2012.

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    ah ta for that - shame i can't find find it to watch on a site i know
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    Please cite me the source that John Congleton is an agent of Scientology. Sounds like defamation to me...he'll probably get a kick out of it but, I'd suggest you remove the statement from your "article" as there is no validity to your statement.
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    I think it is awesome that "Scientologist" is now defamatory.

    Good jorb, Anonymous!
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  4. I was a fan of the Dresden Dolls and used to sort of follow Amanda Palmer's creative endeavors (although she wore me out after awhile.) I went to one of her "ninja" ukulele gigs on a beach a few years ago (not far from where I , and apparently some of her family, grew up..she talked about her aunt and uncle meeting on the beach there as teens. Was he supposedly in the Sea Org?) She was very friendly, even emailing some fans a personal thanks later.

    I've been a little put off by her recently though. Some felt she was insensitive about disabilities when some fans complained about offensive elements of her Evelyn/Evelyn project. She also came off a little entitled in her behavior (taking fans' Kickstarter money and using local musicians to supplement her band on tour for no pay.) I also heard there was some stage debacle with a simulated rape on stage. Anyway, sometimes I've found her music and antics cathartic, and sometimes questionable.

    Hearing about her and Neil Gaiman's Scientology connections has given me a creepy feeling. I thought they were just two bohemian free-spirits who found each other. I'd heard that they met when he helped write stories for her album/photo book "Who Killed Amanda Palmer?" and that they had discovered certain things in common (like she used to work as a "living statue" and he had written a story about living statues.) Thinking that maybe they were brought together or "set up" by the church makes me feel a little creepy, as I said before. I used to think they had a lovely romance (just today she posted about Neil sending her a bouquet of flowers). But it seems like a lot of Scientology couples try to play up their relationships as so romantic and idealized for the public.

    People are free to practice whatever religion they want, and I understand being raised in a church but not necessarily wanting to be part of it (I was raised Mormon, and have many family members who are still involved with the Church--which causes some discord, especially if we start talking about gay rights etc.)

    Anyway, I just somehow feel a little tricked by Amanda, like she and Neil perhaps have a hidden agenda or aren't really forthcoming about Scientology past or current connection. I feel like my trust has been broken. They want to look like cool, rebellious people, who are on the side of truth/beauty/art, but now I'm not sure what they are selling me anymore or supporting with their money.

    I'm not that familiar with Scientology, but if members are sometimes "blackmailed" for speaking out, what would they really have to incriminate Amanda? She seems willing to bare all the gory details of her life to her fans? Well, maybe exposing her connection to Scientology would be a threat.

    I expected more form her and Neil as creative people whose work I've enjoyed. It sounds like he is in really deep with his family though.

    p.s. I hope Brian Viglione isn't involved with Scientology. He's an awesome drummer. :)
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  5. I was reading through the thread. Did anyone ever establish if it was an actual Sea Org uniform Amanda's dad was wearing? Is it some kind of real Navy uniform, a costume or what?
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    ^It's amazing as I am staying up all night how many people log on such as deardear they start to fall from the sky.
    However if you were referring to the 1st posting the pic in 1968 that picture was of an Ensign of the USN a Line Officer in dress whites.
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    Neil Gaiman was raised as a Scientologist, and most of his family are heavily involved, so he doesn't like to criticise the cult publicly. There's no evidence that Amanda Palmer has any involvement with Scientology.
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    Seem legit.

    "The mineman crew of the Avenger-class minesweeper USS Patriot (MCM 7) standby in their dress white uniforms during a pier side change of command ceremony at Fleet Activities Sasebo"


    "Captain Shaw puts on his full service dress white uniform to visit Vice Admiral Fonsca, commander of the surface navy fleet of Portugal. "

  9. Okay, thanks! So people were just jumping to conclusions saying her family was Sea Org? I understand her and Neil not wanting to alienate his family, but it seems like a dirty business to be associated with, and kind of tarnishes my enjoyment of their work. I can't help it.
  10. She also collaborated with Ben Folds, and I read he is a Scientologist. It's just weird finding all this out.
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    Neil's father was also a major person in the Scientology Movement.

    From Wikipedia:
    David Bernard Gaiman (1933 – 7 March 2009[1]) was a prominent British member of the Church of Scientology. He and his wife Sheila joined Scientology in the early 1960s and Gaiman served as public relations director and was commonly in the media during the British controversies over Scientology in the 1960s and 1970s.

    Neil's parents, David and Sheila Gaiman's company, G&G Vitamins is also listed in Scientology donation lists as Patrons, having given almost a million pounds to the cult and you better believe that Neil Gaiman owns a chunk of that action. David Gaiman's memorial service, attended by hundreds of Scientologists, was held at the infamous Scientology stronghold, Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead on March 12, 2009. Neil pretended he didn't attend but photographs of him at Wealden House were leaked to the web.

    There is a web of interconnected "artists" who are either covert scientologists, probable scientologists or in the case of Gaiman have a clear money trail to Scientology; Gaiman, Palmer, Tori Amos, Jonathan Ross, Ben Folds are all linked to Scientology.

    Ben Folds, who produced Amanda Palmer appeared on Jonathan Ross and toured with Tori Amos who has a house outside of Clearwater. Amos admits to studying Scientology and gave birth in Clearwater, the center for Scientologists worldwide.
  12. Jonathan Ross? I was just watching an old interview he did with Colin Farrell, and they were talking about sobriety and depression. I hope Scientology doesn't come after Colin to help cure him of his "badboy" ills.
  13. Sorry, last comment, I've just been sucked in by all the Scientology connections. I've heard Courtney and Frances Bean were linked to the church, but apparently Frances recently tweeted: "goodluck to katie holmes in her battle against scientology and tom cruise ,they want to brainwash her 6 year old girl and thats not ethical!"
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    ^ Well why not join up and get even more educated there are many ways to help
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    David Gaiman helped to spread Scientology into Eastern Europe and even behind the Iron Curtain.

    The Guardian's Office aims to place agents close to world leaders and persons of importance in various industries. Once a network like this is established it remains because it is valuable. I mean, really, really valuable. Like knowing what the stock market is going to be doing tomorrow valuable.

    So I think, no matter how great a guy Neil might be, he is of importance to a network that he must serve.
  16. Just saw this article where Amanda Palmer is getting called out on the use of her Kickstarter money.

    Scientology isn't mentioned, but people are feeling she's being a bit tacky to take so much money from fans without really being accountable for how the money will be used, and still ask for guest/fan musicians to play for her for free. She also has fans provide her with dinner and places to stay while on tour. I guess that could be kind of a nice communal thing with fans, but it could also come off as taking advantage, or being a bit entitled perhaps. (Kind of makes me think of how that that ex-chef for Tom Cruise and David Miscaviage was expected to provide his services for very little or no compensation.)
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    I think you thought the tit smurfs would win us over Amanda, Just like you won over all those parties you gate-crashed with your little ukelele.

    At this point, even if you aren't a sci, I really would love to see you and your tits get their comeuppance. That the music community is noticing this is icing on the cake.
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  19. pcp

    There aren't any sources. He's not a scientologist. I could not be more positive. I'm considering offering a million dollar reward to anyone who can provide a shred of evidence since I know it doesn't exist.
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  20. There are a few things WWP newbies need to know about scientologists.

    1. They do not associate with outsiders unless it's business.

    2. Family members who are not Scientolgists are disconnected.

    3. To stay in good graces with the cult, a sceino either needs to pay or be enslaved in the Sea Org.

    Neil Gaiman's association with Scientology is clear, obvious and documented. He's a Patron of Scientology and is listed over and over again in their magazines.

    Amanda Palmer is from a Sea Org family. Her Uncle, Doug Mockett supplied Florida Orgs with hardware and her father Jack Palmer was Sea Org. I've already checked Navy Records and there is no Jack Palmer, yet here he is getting married in his Sea Org Sailor suit.

    The Gaiman money trail is here in docs and photos:

    Neil Gaiman donated $35,000.00 to Scientology in November 2009 in Cornerstone Newsletter. Neil Gaiman just donated another $500,000.00 to Scientology in 2010 through his business partner Mary Gaiman who received a “Gold Humanitarian Award.” The money was supplied by Gaiman's company, The Blank Corp whose president is Neil Gaiman.Mary Gaiman has never worked a day in her life so the money came from him.

    The Gaiman family owns G&G Vitamins which reaps 6 million a year from selling The Purification Rundown to cult members. Gaiman's two sisters, Claire Edwards and Lizzie Calciole are not just high-ranking Scientologists, they are the Head of Recruiting and the Head of Wealden House ( the Scientology stronghold in East Grinstead where Gaiman has been photographed. Here he is with family members:
    These two high-ranking Scientologists cannot associate with Neil unless he is in good standing.

    Neil Gaiman is a Scientologist and so is Amanda Palmer.

    Let me reiterate:

    The Mocketts with pictures of Doug Mockett as a child, Kathy Mockett (AP's mother) and Jack Palmer (AP's father dressed in what looks like a Sea Org Outfit) and Amanda Palmer as a child:

    The Mockett Family Foundation registered in the Virgin Islands (Doug Mockett)

    Doug Mockett & Co. construction contract with Scientology Class V Org 1300 East 8th Avenue Tampa, Florida 33605: Org/01 Architectural Specifications.pdf

    Doug Mockett's association with

    Scientology front groups art benefit for Haiti:

    is also the art group

    Haitian Vulture ministers

    There are a few things newbies should know about WWP.

    1. We are protesting Scientology.

    2. We use docs to back up our theories, the same kind of docs allowed in a court of law to build up a pattern of behavior.

    I have provided WWP with countless docs, pictures,listings and even local headlines to establish that both Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are Scientologists.

    Gaiman and Palmer answer these accusations with smurf tits. Why? Because they cannot deny it. Gaiman and Palmer are lying Scientologists.

    There is no million dollars. Amanda Palmer is an amateur and her Kickstarter campaign is a lie and a publicity stunt that will lead to nothing because she can't carry a tune let alone write one. As Krampus pointed out, a check of Status People will give you a glimpse behind the curtain since 80% of AFP's followers are fake and more than half of Gaiman's are fake.

    Gaiman and Palmer are a pair of buffoons who are so deep up Scientology's asshole, they can't pass as normal anymore.

    They are spiraling into damage control because they have no sense of what normal people act like so they do stupid cheap Scientolgy shit like NOT pay musicians or mocking the disabled that ends up pissing off the outside world. That's the problem when you lie about a million dollars you actually don't have. And since this thread has grown full of rumors I'll tell you what I heard.... Gaiman and Palmer are laughing stocks in the industry. They're embarrassing and tone deaf. Nobody wants to be around a disturbed, bi-polar narcissist who thrashes around in a cum-filled bathtub. What they think is "art" is really crass exhibitionism. Gaiman and Palmer are just two more sordid victims of Scientology.

    Who Killed Amanda Palmer? Scientology did.

    And who killed Neil Gaiman? Amanda Palmer did.

    A particular comment on the web says it all...

    "I find it interesting that Billboard indicates that over 90% of (Amanda Palmer's) 23,000+ units "sold" (which propelled her to #10 on their chart) came from digital downloads. EVERY person who ordered ANYTHING from her Kickstarter - 24,883 people -- received a download code which, when you really look at it, indicates that not even all of the Kickstarter contributors bothered with downloading her album -- and that in effect, for all of her controversy and promotion (by her and her husband), she actually didn't get all of her fans to gin up her pre-ordered estimate and only sold some 1,700 'new" albums she and her team hadn't already factored into her unit movement.
    Still, she trumpeted this as a triumph. Given how she budgeted her Kickstarter, it looks to me like just more "Amanda Palmer Maths".
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  21. whoever Member

    I have never heard or read anything connecting Ben Folds with Scientology, so I am skeptical. Do you remember where you read that?
  22. Anonymous Member
  23. anonanchovie Member

    Again, I feel that this speculation is a waste of good time and energy. The picture that 'proved' that Amanda's dad was in SO uniform is just silly. He has a Naval dress uniform, not the SO uniform. The SO only instituted dress whites in 1988, I was there getting my full set uniforms at PAC at the time, the uniform mission was operatated by people I knew and we all had to study a full uniform hat pack before being granted our various uniforms. Dress whites were in the main LA, Int and Pac base and of course Freewinds. Working whites were Int level and Freewinds. Back in the 1970s uniforms were quite arbitrary, some people wore whites but they were not at all like the formal dress whites we were issued from 1988. Palmer's dad is not wearing SO uniform. If he was public it would have been an offense for him to wear SO gear even before the the formalisation of uniforms during 1988.

    Gaiman is the son of what was the most influential of Scientology families until Miscavige began to feel threteaned by David Gaiman's popularity and his and his wife's former high ranking in the GO. He had David declared and Sheila reduced to a debauched slave like state, she was along with Kember, debased. Neill got very pissed off and a few years after that debacle, left scientology as an active participant. His ex wife remained in and used his name and his fame to channel money and prestige to the cult, there was little that Neil could do about that. She was still a Gaiman and had rights to the name. Neil continually refused to co operate with Scientology PR initiatives, he would however, back up his sisters in what they chose to do. I have known both Clair and Lizzy for may years. Neil does not agree with them, but he does care about them deeply. He is caught in a difficult place, family in, him out. I think he should be granted some space to deal with things as he sees fit without a bunch of us obsessive anti culties making prejudgements as his actions, thoughts or associations. There are plenty of rabid culties and really dodgy connections between the Scientology, Hare Kirshnas, Moonies and a lot of bought off political power in Washington, London and Brussels that need investigating and exposing. This Gaiman/Palmer thing is a diversion off of that much more important story.

    Rant over.
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    OK...that leads to a bunch of people making jokes about him being a Scientologist. And their supposed evidence of this is a link in another thread, which, if you follow it, goes to an article on Paste that no longer exists.

    I Googled around and didn't find any other evidence of him being a Scientologist. It's possible he could be, but that is very weak evidence.
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  26. grebe Member

    Thank you, guy I do not want on my pizza. That was detailed in a manner I had not seen before and has a ring of truth about it. But of course, what do I know.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Now you are the one who is speculating. You've painted a very pretty picture of a man who longs to be free which is in fact not true.

    I happen to know Neil Gaiman has been forced on a yearly basis to go on the Freewinds with his entire family, to take courses and to contribute to the cult throughout his life. David left Neil very narrow and specific requirements upon his death in a detailed will. Gaiman is a lazy, self indulgent prig who has never had to work for anything in his life and who willingly chose to stay in the cult rather than free himself.

    Neil Gaiman is a Scientologist, his publicity and income are supplied by Scientology. His movies have failed and he can't be bothered to write and as someone else pointed out, Amanda Palmer is hardly pulling in money. The kickstarter campaign is a typical Scientology stunt.

    G & G Vitamins is the supplier of Neil's income now. Neil Gaiman's excursions off the reservation were always dealt with by Claire Edwards. He has been handled time and again and after Clair received a particulary disturbing knowledge report from a family member, she finally lowered the hammer.

    Gaiman and Palmer's marriage is an orchestrated sham.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    You are such an optimist!
  30. Anonymous Member

    Hey Anonymous, can you explain how Neil came up with the name, "The Blank Corporation"?
  31. hello my name is john congleton, on this forum people have multiple times regarded me as a scientologist. not only is this not true but its completely without any sort of train of logic to trace. i am a non believer in general, i subscribe to no religion and pride myself on it. so its very very frustrating that my own sister would call me to ask me if i had lost my mind and become a scietologist because of the sort of completely untrue and unfounded data you guys are posting.
    im making a polite and personal appeal to all of you . i have no problem intrinsically with what you guys stand for or are fighting against this inane cult. but please, i ask you kindly do not slander innocents in the process. and i do consider being called a member of this cult slander.
    thank you kindly.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Very nice to hear. Just one more question and I promise to tell people that you are brave and wonderful:

    Are you in support of basing medical interventions upon the consensus of relevant scientists as published in the peer reviewed literature? A "yes" here means that you vaccinate your babies and you scoff at bogus "detox" products. I ask this because the "not-a-Scientologist-buts" that I've met still want their quackery, presumably as a safe haven until the coast is clear and they can go back to being at-cause over the rest of us once the heat is off.

    Killing this sucker is like trying to take out that guy from Friday the 13th. This time, no more re-animations.
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    Don't forget the "or STFU part." Or wait, has that gone out of style?

    Isn't this whole thread entitled "Amanda Palmer's Sea Org Scientology Connections?"

    Isn't the whole basis of that thread title the total fantasy that her father was wearing a fucking Sea Org uniform at the wedding, which has been completely refuted? In fact, it was Navy dress whites.

    Seriously, why is this moonbat bullshit even tolerated?

    I suppose I can put up with Neil's Scn connections getting discussed, but it is hardly helping anyone's credibility that it is in a thread the very title of which is UTTER LIES.
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  35. im sorry but i literally have no clue what you are asking me.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Do you like G&G Vitamins, Mercola, and Mike Adams for their refreshingly unusual health advices?
  37. Anonymous Member

    I thought we had discussed it and come to the conclusion that you were not a Scientologist. Did I miss something in this thread?
  38. Anonymous Member

    Nobody is a Scientologist anymore.
  39. Anonymous Member

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    Muldrake KILLIN it up in here!

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