Amanda Palmer's Sea Org Scientology Connections

Discussion in 'Media' started by KlaatuBaradaNichto, May 5, 2012.

  1. If you need any further proof that Gaiman and Palmer aren't really "in", note they are capable of independent, creative thought, and they're not visibly crazy. Can you, looking at Tom Cruise, John Travolta, or Cowpie Alley and say the same? Even people not involved with Chanology have noted the difference in Will Smith's demeanor since he got deep into the cult, and they correctly attribute it to Scientology. We can't forget about Jason Lee, who put his ex-wife through utter hell. Palmer's music sucks, but I doubt she's much of a Scieno.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Part of the change in Will Smith could be due to his deep love with Tom Cruise.
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  3. That's your opinion, Greta. They look pretty crazy to me. Beck wandered away, then was sucked in. Tom Cruise supposedly freaked out at OT VI, was not that involved during his Nicole phase, then was back in with a vengance.

    Gaiman is listed as a Cornerstone club member in 2009 for a donation of $35,000. He is also listed as a Patron of Scientology. Gaiman's ex-wife Mary Gaiman, who co-owns The Blank Corp with him gave half a million of Blank Corp money to build a Minneapolis Ideal Org in 2010. Amanda Palmer is from a Sea Org family, the Mockett's (Doug Mockett who supplies building material for Orgs and the Palmer's). Gaiman's two sisters, Claire Edwards and Lizzie Calciole are the head of recruiting and the head of Wealden House, the Scientology stronghold in East Grinstead. These two cannot associate with Neil unless he is in good standing. As previous Anons have mentioned, Claire flies out and HANDLES Gaiman all the time.

    Neil Gaiman pays Scientology, that is a cold, hard fact.

    So what is the logic here? Gaiman is a Cornerstone club member and a patron of Scientology. He is listed in Scientology's publications. He is currently building an Ideal Org to spin people in a gyroscope and co-owns a company with other Scientologists (G&G Vitamins) to distribute liver destroying purification rundowns, out of his own mouth he said "I stand with those who are persecuted" referring to Scientology. When asked directly by the BBC if he is a Scientologist he mumbles out "I love my family."

    But because Gaiman doesn't like to talk about his involvement in the cult or answer any questions, you are going to give him a pass? At best, I'm going to say Gaiman sounds like a prisoner of war.

    But I do not feel very charitable to a grown man with no fucking balls who refuses to stand up against an evil organization.

    I have no respect for Neil Gaiman. He is a sorry excuse for a human being who is funding the cult of Scientology. And Amanda Palmer is so enamored by the idea of fame that her answer to any question about her Sea Org ties is to put Smurfs on her tits???

    I am amazed that two grown adults can be so cowardly that they choose to stand for nothing but marketshare and armpit hair, but that is what Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are fighting for in this world.

    Scientology is a boot in the face, a person locked in a room and told to commit suicide over and over for two weeks and what we get from Gaiman and Palmer is....


    Oh yeah, and some Smurf tits.
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  4. IMG_7501.jpg [IMG]
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  5. Anonymous Member

    You don't know what an Ideal Org is.
    No, that's his parent's, now his mother's.
    Ok, in a nutshell, a lot of Neil's family are involved, and his ex-wife, and he can't be seen to criticise Scientology if he wants to stay in touch with them. Amanda has no involvement, nor has any of her family, and is outspoken against Scientology.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    As an ex-Mormon who is not officially ex, I sympathize with Gaiman. I'm still in because I don't want to cause strife in my family. Neil's situation is several orders of magnitude worse. When I become ex, my mom won't completely cut me out of her life. I know that without question or reservation. Neil knows he'll lose his family, and that's a hell of a price to pay.
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  7. JohnnyRUClear Member

    So, is there any reason why this matters? I'm not asking whether it matters that people are funding the cult. I'm asking if it matters whether these two people are two of them. What will it change, either way?
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  8. Other than the fact they're almost celebretards, not much.
  9. Klaatu has been obsessed with these two for years. I don't think there's any sort of rhyme or reason to his madness.
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  10. Here is the part you were leaving out:
    You can watch the interview here.
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  11. Scientology
    Neil Gaiman, 7, Interviewed About Scientology by the BBC in 1968

    By Tony Ortega Sun., Jul. 22 2012 at 7:00 AM

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  12. Anonymous Member

    I just love the baww that Gaiman can't come out all the way because of disconnection from his family.

    I mean who here doesn't talk to at least a few family members because they are assholes?

    I've known quite a few people who grew up in various cults. I'll tell you now, the ones who left their families behind are far saner, happier, and have apparently far more normal lives than the ones who still try to accommodate their insane and spiritually abusive relatives.

    C'mon out Neil, you have marketable skills and people who want to help you outside of the scam. Sorry about your sisters, but scientology ain't gonna be around for ever. Maybe you can help them when it inevitably collapses.

    Hope you get on OK without your cut of blood vitamins...
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  13. 1. Amanda Palmer has NEVER spoken out against Scientology. She has taken great pains to avoid saying anything at all about Scientology. This freak will sell her own scabs but says nothing about Scientology. Showing up at a book signing and putting smurfs on your tits is not "speaking out."


    2. Scientologists only associates with members in good standing. Gaiman is a Scientologist who regularly pays the clams, takes deductions and goes on assignments to places like China. Gaiman hangs around at Wealden House and there is a long money trail of Gaiman's contributions listed by the Scientologists themselves.

    Amanda Palmer is from Sea Org Family. The Mocketts and Palmers are in the completions lists. Palmer's uncle Doug Mockett builds Sea Orgs and her father Jack is wearing a Sea Org outfit when he married. Palmer never talks about her past because her past is Scientology.

    Beck denied being a Scientologist while he was a Scientologist and Gaiman's is certainly trying to give the impression he has autonomy, but the money trail is does not lie. Gaiman pays Scientology and is paid by Scientology. Now his crazy mother Sheila is apparently a "Civilization Builder" not a title Sceinos take lightly.

    Amanda Palmer's Kickstarter fund was no doubt created by Scientology as a publicity stunt.

    Gaiman and Palmer are CLAMS.

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  14. It matters because Gaiman pays Scientology millions. Every time we speak out against Scientology and mock the stupidity of this cult, we make it more embarrassing for celebrities to be associated with the clams.

    Celebrities are the main problem. Not only do they fund Scientology, they attract new members to the cult.

    If you pay Scientology and reap its benefits, you need to own up to the fact you're a Scientologist. What Gaiman and Palmer try to do is create street cred by distancing themselves then pay the cult in secret.

    Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer's are hypocrites.
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  15. Robert "Bob" and Patricia Duggan (tall couple on the left) give more money to Scientology than any celebrity.

    Robert W. Duggan

    Place of Birth: Berkeley, CA
    Marital Status: Married
    Children, Date of Birth: Dsara, David, Daniel, Dylan, Diamon, Diana, Dante
    Interests / Hobbies / Sports: Surfing, swimming, basketball, traveling, reading, learning

    Favorite Music: Classical Side: Vivaldi, Bocelli
    Rock Side: Doug E. Fresh
    Favorite Name: Dsara
    Favorite Color: Sky blue
    Favorite Book: Atlas Shrugged -Ayn Rand
    Favorite Movie: Hero, The Last Samurai
    Favorite Food: Prime rib, cheese/avacado/bacon omlette
    Favorite Place to live: Santa Barbara, CA

    If I had a day all to myself, I would…: Surf in the morning, read favorite book in the afternoon, and watch a movie in the evening.
    Global issues that concern me are…: Income taxes are much too high. This pushes more power to the government/bureaucracy and takes it away from entrepreneurs and individuals.
    In the U.S. to increase the usage of the Constitution as created by our Founding Fathers...people have lost sight of it.
    I am inspired by…: My wife, my children, my business associates, artworks, great athletes, all forms of greatness
    My personal goals in life are: To create a big lasting, positive impact on society.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Ayn Rand, LOL.

    I hate paying taxes but Ill gladly pay thousands to a cult that keeps telling me I'm a great individual like that red-headed guy in the Fountainhead that reminds me of L Ron!
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  17. Anonymous Member

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  18. Anonymous Member

  19. @Klaatu He went to China to research a screenplay he was writing. Also, why are you obsessed with these two people out of all of the celebrities in the world?
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Robert W. Duggan
    Favorite Music: Rock Side: Doug E. Fresh
    Favorite Movie: Hero, The Last Samurai
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  21. You're all missing the Courtney Love scientology connection. Courtney Love wrote on her twitter page how she loves scientology. She also loves all the scientology celebs. She is friends with AFP and writes about her or did on her twitter. She writes about Tom Cruise (and she ADORES him of course), and Cameron Crowe (another clam), and how Frances Cobain worked with AFP - directly CL's connection to scientology. Almost everyone in CL's orbit is a scientologist.

    As far as AFP/NG, I believe the long leash theory. They are still clams, they are still in. They have never said they are out of the cult, as long as they dance around with the clams they are IN IT.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, Courtney Love would be a real GET for the scilons. \snicker
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  23. Anonymous Member

    She was raised in a (different) cult and heavily damaged. With her background and money she's easy pickings and quite tempting, although it's clear they keep her at arm's length.
  24. Anonymous Member

    PS not a day goes by I don't curse Kurt Cobain for saddling the world with her.
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  25. bAnon Member

    I think this thread is moon-batty hilarious. That being said, where's the 'cold hard facts' / dox to support your claims?

    I've read all of Gaiman's books (this, even after I found out about his family's $ciono roots) and didn't sniff any clams in his prose.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Yes apparently very true I've now listened to some of her songs while going through the thread. She has no vocal range, the arrangements (if you can call them that) solo or with other instruments are really bad, even with over-dubs. I've worked sound-reinforcement for many years. This one really has no talent I find her so-called music just teenage (worse) than garage band performances. Someone may be using her to launder money or as a tax right off of some sort, but girl has no talent.
  27. Couldn't agree more. What we are seeing is clam dancing.

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  28. JohnnyRUClear Member

    OSA 1965 @ 2:10 ^^^^
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  29. What I think is precious is the girl in the background who is trying desperately to be noticed by dancing counterpoint to the others and distracting the eye from elvis. OSA should have sent her to RPF for that.
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  30. krampus Member

    Just saw this in the comments section of Village Voice:

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  31. Anonymous Member

    Why does this posted link appear to be SPAM to me?
  32. krampus Member

    It's not spam. I went and checked on Status People and those figure are accurate. Half of Gaiman's followers are either fake or inactive and 80% of Amanda Palmer's twitter followers are fake or inactive. Gaiman and Palmer bought Twitter followers.

    Gaiman and Palmer are shysters, Scientologist's and shit peddlers, not necessarily in that order.

    Earlier in the thread the theory was forwarded that Amanda Palmer's Kickstarter campaign was bogus. One million dollars came from only 20,000 participants. It's all Scientology smoke and mirrors.

    Gaiman and Palmer's followers are a fiction.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    OK. You must be a paying customer of and can obtain such information.

    Thanks for heads up. Very interesting...
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  34. Anonymous Member

    You mean she wrote a lie on her nude body!
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  35. krampus Member

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  36. failboat Member

    The percent of inactives means nothing without some sort of index average for the average percentile of twitter followers that are inactives for a large selection of celebrities and public figures. IOW, moar dox.

    Even if Gaiman and Palmer do have a higher than average percentile of inactive twitter followers, the conclusions that you draw here can't necessarily be drawn simply from the fact that a bunch of their followers are inactive on twitter.

    The demographics of their followers matter a lot here. Older users of twitter probably become inactive at a higher rate than younger users. Gaiman has been publishing since like the early 90's? 80's? His following probably consists of a much older group of people who've actually read his books for the past 2-3 decades.

    God knows how many of Palmer's followers follow her simply because she is Gaiman's wife. Meanwhile, they're probably the same followers of Gaiman, who are older, and become inactive at a higher rate.
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  37. muldrake Member

    Hmm. stephenfry has 30% fake, 36% inactive. Clearly, the guy is a total fraud and isn't famous in the least.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Stephen Fry is a Scientologist? OMG!
  39. anonysamvines Member

    i never realised she was one
    time they got her back in narCONon
    so was she in before she took frances' money
    wow her head musta been swinging
    which one which one
  40. Anonymous Member

    She made fun of Scientology on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, Season 11, Episode 11 on November 24th 2006.

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