Amanda Palmer's Sea Org Scientology Connections

Discussion in 'Media' started by KlaatuBaradaNichto, May 5, 2012.

  1. I agree with both of you. I was just generalizing and do not have any hands on experience with Scientology. I will defer to experience. back to the central discussion:
    "my observational opinion that I simply do not see any traits of the Scientology in AFP" could you expand on that?
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  2. anonanchovie Member

    This is just off the top of my head, I am back from a busy weekend and it is difficult to get my head into this at the moment.

    No, I will answer you in more depth in a couple of days, too much going on right now. But the very bare bones has to do with the proscriptive nature of the cult, and it is not just proscriptive as in attending a church service once a week, rather it is that scientology is in the game of fundamentally altering the subject's emotional, social and intellectual view. All values the subject holds are attacked upon entry into the system, the subjects education, his language, his responses to things. The result is a kind of stultified robot, a repressed inner landscape coupled with the arrogant superiority complex that those 'in the one true faith' have and hold over the masses of the unenlightened.

    To me, as one who had this 'model' this artificial personality deeply etched on my psyche, the above is unmitigated and pronounced, there are so many other little signs that i pick up on when I meet or see a scientologist, even on tv. I will try to be clearer about this when I post again. I hope that this however sheds some light on what I mean. (Tom Cruise, BTW, is the ideal and perfect 'model' scientologist.)
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  3. Quentinanon Member

    Good God, she's aged. And gotten fat.
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  4. Herro Member

    I think I've misjudged you.
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  5. Amanda Fail Palmer exhibits a whole catalogue of Scientology traits.

    POLARISED THINKING: People or things are either good or bad in Scientology. There's no in between. Palmer constantly rages against any opinion that conflicts with her own. She spends inordinate amounts of time trying to control the narrative. She is not interested in telling the truth, just controlling your perception.

    DEAD AGENTING: Scientologists are taught to "Dead Agent" any critic in a course called the "PTS/SP" course. Anyone who attacks the Scientology narrative is evil or anti-social. The attacker is attacked. Scientologists avoid answering questions. Every question is deflected. Palmer never addresses her family background or why daddy is dressed in a sailor suit or why uncle Doug is decorating the Sea Org or why Palmers and Mocketts are tossing money into Scientology. Instead, she writes on her stomach and puts smurfs on her tits.

    INABILITY TO SELF-REFLECT: Auditing destroys the ability to look at your own behavior or have an inner life. Scientology undermines each persons personal authority. Amanda Palmer can't see her own performance, so she produces one turd after another. The other Scientologists produced by John Congleton also have this problem. Palmer acts exactly like a goose-stepping Scieno with no ability to self reflect.

    SELF-IMAGE DEPENDENT ON OTHERS: Palmer is a pure narcissist who is dependent on the group of idiots around her to exist. Her entourage of desperate teenage cutters serve as her mirror, so she knows she exists.

    ABSENCE OF COMPASSION: Scientologists are forced to stay high on the tone scale with accountability and compassion for others being signs of weakness. People who grieve or suffer or show any sign of distress are considered "down-tone" and "down-stat." Scientologists react with revulsion when confronted by normal human emotions. Amanda Palmer is a workaholic and so is Neil Gaiman, a sure sign of Scientology. Palmer has manias and may be bipolar, these coping mechanisms are a response to the brainwashing.
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  6. ufofree Member

    You seem convinced that she and Neil are active scienos. How do you explain 'cavorting' with known sp's? Surely that's a no- no?
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  7. grebe Member

    Maybe Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman are, well, Freezone types, for lack of a better word.

    The Scientologists behind the iron curtain who bought David Gaiman's vitamins were/are mostly Freezoners.

    American Gods is tech-friendly, in the sense of taking the concept of magic seriously. But it is kinder toward the pre-Hubbard as compared to the post-Hubbard universe of OT powers.

    In short, I suspect the Gaiman family likes the magic of Scientology, but not so much the bossy midget and all the rools. But they know which side of their toast has the butter.
  8. muldrake Member

    You mean like to you, anyone involved in Scientology is completely evil, any artist with any connection to Scientology is a completely talentless hack whose work is utterly worthless, and any connection to Scientology whatsoever makes someone a hardcore Scientologist for the rest of their lives?

    It's funny, most of the other points you make could also just as easily describe your own fanatical thinking.
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  9. grebe Member

    Yeah but nobody cares about KBN.

    It occurs to me that I hold Mr. Gaiman to a higher standard than other celebrities who might enjoy a few moonbat hobbies. That's because of David Gaiman, the Guardian's Office, Chernobyl, Paulette Cooper, and Narconon. Not that I hold him accountable for selecting his parents. But there he is, in that family, and with his resources.
  10. All of these traits are true of most celebrities. I will address each.

    POLARIZED THINKING: IE the Hegelian dialectic. Nothing to see here move along. Seriously every serious "cult" follower does the same If there were no eternal reasons to join a religion WHY would someone join it? as a social club? We all do the same every hour of our life Coke or Pepsi, Jesus or Allah, Vikings or Packers, night and day, evolution or creation... We all take sides. it makes us psychologically comfortable.

    DEAD AGENTING. This is just a bully pulpit. Control the conversation. This is just plain rhetoric

    INABILITY TO SELF-REFLECT: Classic trait of narcissism which is a classic trait of a celeb.

    SELF-IMAGE DEPENDENT ON OTHERS: Classic trait of narcissism which is a classic trait of a celeb.

    ABSENCE OF COMPASSION: Classic trait of narcissism which is a classic trait of a celeb.

    I will quote Wiki for you:
    Symptoms of this disorder include, but are not limited to:
    • Reacts to criticism with anger, shame, or humiliation
    • May take advantage of others to reach their own goals
    • Tends to exaggerate their own importance, achievements, and talents
    • Imagines unrealistic fantasies of success, beauty, power, intelligence, or romance
    • Requires constant attention and positive reinforcement from others
    • Easily becomes jealous
    • Lacks empathy and disregards the feelings of others
    • Obsessed with oneself
    • Mainly pursues selfish goals
    • Trouble keeping healthy relationships
    • Is easily hurt and rejected
    • Sets unrealistic goals
    • Wants "the best" of everything
    • Appears as tough-minded or unemotional [4]
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  11. grebe Member

    I agree with your basic point, Viscount. Behaving like a self-important twat is consistent with the hypothesis that someone is a Scientologist. But it is not evidence that the person is a Scientologist.
  12. Neil Gaiman is a patron of Scientology, he gives the cult millions.

    Neil Gaiman is a Cornerstone Club member, he builds Orgs.

    Gaiman and Palmer pay Scientology, therefore they are Scientologists.

    Paying Scientology = Idiots

    Therefore Gaiman and Palmer are idiots.

    [IMG] money_suitcase.jpg?w=460.jpg
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  13. muldrake Member

    Do you think you could scream in big letters some more? It's really making you more convincing.

    You haven't even shown $1 million, much less "millions." We just went through every bit of dox showing donations purportedly by Gaiman. Most are ancient. Others aren't even definitely from Neil Gaiman himself, but are from his sister or dad or other people.
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  14. Herro Member

    Yeah, all the telltale signs...
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  15. krampus Member

    Amanda Palmer's Mother-In-Law Sheila Gaiman is building a Scientology civilization.

    How much money is that now?

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  16. Anonymous Member

    Presumably she has the income from G&G to draw on. So?
  17. Anonymous Member

    minus scilon regging = zero money
  18. Anonymous Member

    But the money isn't coming from Amanda Palmer or Neil Gaiman. In the context of this thread: So?
  19. Anonymous Member

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  20. Anonymous Member

    So that's her whole schtick, huh?
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  21. Anonymous Member

    So it appears. She's a one-trick pony who likes to flash her tits. Her music isn't very good unless she's covering songs with her ukulele, and even then it is mediocre.
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  22. The point is, Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are not disconnected from Scientology. They are in good standing with Scientology and Neil Gaiman is listed as a Cornerstone Club Member.

    You're either IN, or you're OUT.

    Gaiman and Palmer are IN.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Amanda Palmer is a revolting, talentless idiot.

    Palmer is a complete and utter fame whore. Either Scientology is funding her, or she's inflating her Kickstarter pledges to try and manipulate public perception.

    She was dropped by her prior label for poor sales and everyone in the industry knows it.

    This is such an obvious ploy, it's nauseating.
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  24. I'm not sure what to think about Palmer's cult status because she's sending out mixed signals. All I know is that her songwriting is tepid and her performance style blatantly rips off Tori Amos, who is a far superior musician (and can pull it off).

    She's obviously playing us and attempting to manipulate all of this chatter for her own benefit. Playing both sides of the fence is bound to harm her in the long run although her chances of having career longevity that includes critical and financial success are very low.
  25. grebe Member

    Yes I am sure we are all somehow being controlled and manipulated by Amanda Palmer, you insane crazy loonie person.

    Meanwhile, what is Mr. Beaver all about?
  26. Anonymous Member

    Well, He's showing more beaver than Amanda Fucking Cocktease is, so he wins this round.
  27. Herro Member

    By the way, you guys realize that Palmer wanted to be dropped from her label right? She even recorded a song called "Please Drop Me." She ended up in a short legal conflict with the label trying to get them to release her from her contract.
  28. Herro Member

    What was that you were saying about polarized thinking?
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  29. Sorry I just ran across this when looking up the Amanda Palmer Kickstarter. Seriously the logical conclusions in these arguments are so funny I was sure that it was satire somehow.

    The only thing I saw on AP was that a picture that may have been her parents getting married may have contained a Sea Org(?) uniform maybe. By implication you conclude that she definitely is a participating cult member. That is hilariously bad reasoning.

    What kind of fools tar people by relationship?
  30. Herro Member

    Around here? Mainly butthurt zealots.
  31. My apologies the plural meant the collection of individuals being asshats, not the whole community who i would generally support.

    Oh the other thing was the disturbing use of language like "slut" and "whore". As yknow when combating a cult like organisation which doesn't seem to respect invidualism is to go and use misogynistic language.
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  32. anonanchovie Member

    The stupid and the poorly educated make for very poor critics.

    I find such demeaning misogyny deeply offensive. The Palmer-Gaiman scientologist debate is, in my opinion, a very badly thought out and executed if not a wholly irrelevant anti-cult activity. It makes the critic community look like a bunch of pimply schmucks and I think that is sad.
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  33. Gaiman & Palmer fund Scientology. That's the bottom line.

    Gaiman & Palmer are the problem. The endless docs prove it.

    Gaiman and Palmer are building Orgs and funding a dangerous cult.
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  34. Herro Member

    You still haven't shown any "dox" of Gaiman or Palmer donating money to scientology.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Neil grew up in the cult, and "Mary and Neil Gaiman" donated at least $35,000.00 to CoS by November 2009.

    You've got nothing on Amanda Palmer, other than the fact that her father wore a non-Scientologist uniform at his wedding. On the contrary, she's obviously rather critical of Scientology.
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  36. I'm starting to think that Jesus, Buddha, God, Lao Tzu, and every other deity you could think of could come down and announce that neither Gaiman nor Palmer are Scientologists, and Klaatu would still write it off as a Scientologist conspiracy. He thinks that the Hugo and Nebula Awards are Scientologist fronts, FFS.

    Seriously, out of all of the people to fixate on in an attempt to stop Scientology, you pick two minor celebrities who aren't even members? Did they personally come to your house and kill your grandma? I'm sorry that you dislike both of them, but you're coming off as really creepy and pathetic. Going after them in an effort to bring down Scientology is laughable. It's like trying to stop the Catholic Church by yelling at someone who was raised Catholic but hasn't been to church in years.
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  37. What I find annoying about the continual derailing of this thread is this: I have provided you with docs and a money trail linking Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer to Scientology.

    Also it is well established that in Scientology you are either In or Out and Gaiman and Palmer are now both seen in the company of Scientologists and are related to them without any evidence of disconnection.

    Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer pay Scientology and build Orgs!

  38. Anonymous Member

    You are a libel suit waiting to happen.
  39. grebe Member

    Don't be annoyed, Klaatu. Just keep your eyes and ears open and bring us tidbits when you can. Even low quality evidence that can't be corroborated may be useful sometimes.

    The hive will say, "proves nothing" in response to your posts when appropriate. That is there jorb. Nothing personal against you, Klaatu.
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  40. I agree. There are people in other churches who, while no longer believing in that faith or any faith, stay in just to keep peace with their families. Palmer, aside from flashing her tits when she hit $1 million on Kickstarter, is boring, and doesn't matter. Gaiman, aside from producing great literature, is boring and doesn't matter. They aren't Will and Jada Pinckett Smith, who built a Scientology school. They're not TomKat John Travolta and Bearderella Kelly Preston. They're not Ton of Love Kirstie Alley.
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