Amanda Palmer's Sea Org Scientology Connections

Discussion in 'Media' started by KlaatuBaradaNichto, May 5, 2012.

  1. Dr. FNU LNU Member

    (for tl;dr - I just don't think it adds up)

    Sorry, but I find the idea of Amanda & Neil being Scientology judas goats for the counterculture pretty weak. It seems to me that Neil long ago reached an accommodation with a family who are willing hostages to a psychotic delusion he himself doesn't share. For their part, they must have enough humanity or at least sense to realize that by "handling" him in the standard Scientology manner they'd lose him forever and look like even bigger assholes than they do now. Some money may be involved, because that's family for you.

    I've only read a few of Gaiman's books--American Gods, Anansi Boys and Fragile Things--and what strikes me is how many of his protagonists are orphans with magical backgrounds. Maybe that's how he looked at his situation then. Just a guess. Not having read much of the Sandman books I can't really speak to those. I do know that his work is popular because it's much more imaginative than Scientology could ever hope to be, and it packs psychological and emotional insight--Scientologists have neither--that speaks to many people trying to find their own way through life.

    Amanda's stuff, as part of the Dresden Dolls or solo, is in the same vein, often about the shittiness of growing up female, gay, gender dysphoric or just weird in a "normal" environment and does it with flair (having a theater background helps a lot). I've seen a couple of her shows as well as a ninja gig and they're very good. She also has a following because she's been working at it for 15 years. The Kickstarter kerfuffle she dealt with reasonably well--she accounted for the 1.2 million dollars and reversed her early decision not to pay musicians on tour and apologized for it. Apparently she has since written an awful poem about the Boston bombings but I haven't been paying attention. There are plenty of ways she can still fuck up, but so far seems to be doing okay.

    I tried to look at the links pointing to the supposed Sea Org Wedding and her father being a contractor on the Scieno Death Star, but I had to wade through so much irrelevant crap about people who mean nothing to me to find it, so I gave up. Anyway, someone else pointed out her uncle's uniform was most likely US or Merchant Marine.

    What I can't fathom is how Amanda and her Smurf tits could possibly fit in with Scientology. Hubbard and Scientology are/were of their time, all about 1940s manly science fiction with one foot in the Wild West, with Indians replaced by space aliens. Miscaviage, being slavishly devoted to the Master, isn't likely to modernize Scientology's approach or appeal. FFS, this is Scientology, not the Children of God. I mean they're a bunch of prudes who probably wouldn't want to claim someone who has written songs about cutting guys' dicks off (Sex Changes, Mandy Goes To Med School) or makes a video showing revenge against a wife-beater (to "What's The Use Of Wond'rin?"). None of the Hollywood and pop star clams come off as especially interesting. If Amanda ever joins a cult, it will have to be the O.T.O., like Peaches Geldof did. AFP's definitely more of a "do what thou wilt" type.

    I'm probably one of AFP's "fake" or inactive Twitter followers. I have a account and follow her but I almost never log on. I think the last time I spent any time on Twitter was to follow Rafalca, Ann Romney's dresage horse.
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  2. [quote="Dr. FNU LNU, post: 2300514, member: 7577"
    What I can't fathom is how Amanda and her Smurf tits could possibly fit in with Scientology. [/quote][IMG][IMG]
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  4. Anonymous Member

    God, no. The last thing the OTO needs is Amanda Fucking Palmer sucking all the air out of the room. I can see her at the after party now: getting drunk, taking off all her clothes and dancing on the host's coffee table. There are some things I wouldn't inflict on anybody.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Amanda Palmer may have a flair for theatrics but her talent stops there. Her music is simple, she has limited musical skills, and her songs sound like it was written by someone in a junior high school band. The only pieces in which she's tolerable is when she does acoustic cover songs of other people's music.
  6. Dr. FNU LNU Member

    Just watched the video for "The Killing Type" (found it via Ed Balls on YouTube. Hmm...). Gruesome and about trying to reach an unemotional boyfriend, it's another one that's hard to reconcile with an organization of rigidly-controlled emotions and stiff, sweaty upper lips (that I noticed in the John Sweeney documentaries). Amanda's clearly not to everyone's taste, but that's got nothing to do with whether she's a Scientologist. Links are one thing, but I'd want to see a pattern of behavior before believing it. Even with covert Scientologists, sooner or later it all bursts out like they've been impregnated by a face-hugger.

    Re Peaches: Oh, myyyy. Now it all falls into place. In Private Eye, a satirical and well-researched UK biweekly, there's a regular comic strip called "Celebs," featuring a rocker who's old and rich and has a silly daughter named Pixie Frou-Frou. I'm not a regular reader of tabloids or magazines like Hello! so was only vaguely aware of Peaches' existence until the O.T.O. thing, because some of my friends are members.

    I wish Justin Bieber would join Scientology. The parents of his fans would freak out. Also, his mom would have to give her allowance to the Celebrity Center instead of those "crisis pregnancy centers" that scare women or girls into carrying their fetus to term and then giving the baby away to creepy Christian parents.
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    I'd hit it :D
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  8. Anonymous Member

    I'd hit it :D[/quote]
    With my penis!
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  9. Palmer's family were Sea Org. Her Uncle Doug supplied Scientology with hardware and ran a Haitian "charity" for the Sceinos. Palmer would not be allowed near Gaiman without a contract.
  10. Anonymous Member

    The United States Navy isn't the Sea Org.
    He runs a hardware firm, it doesn't make him a Scientologist.
    That charity had nothing to do with Scientology.
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  11. I've seen zero Docs Jack Palmer was in the Navy. ZERO. I've searched Navy databases and found nothing.

    I have provided Docs already that Doug Mockett signed contracts with Scientology to supply Orgs with hardware. Scientologists go in-house for these contracts which is why the Wise Directory was invented. The Mocketts are listed in the UK Wise directory.

    Scientologists have set up a plethora of bullshit Hatian Charities, Doug Mockett's charity is one of these.

    What's your beef, Bro? Any time Palmer wants to actually address these questions, she can. Lord knows she posts enough pictures of her gross tits. I guess for Palmer, the issue of her tits is more important than addressing the issue of her Scientology affiliations.

    A little free advice for Amanda Fucking Palmer. You're on the fast train to 40, dumb-o-lina. Better find something to focus on other than your tits.

    P.S. Pick something other than music or poetry, since you suck at both.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    And you also haven't identified the uniform as Sea Org.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    I've found several Jack Palmers who've served in the navy. Ex-sea orgers have posted here to say it's not an SO uniform.

    For door knobs, drawer pulls and cable grommets.

    No, they normally use outside firms for construction work.


    Any evidence for this?

    She has. She also wrote it on her naked body for you.
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  14. amaX Member

    How could Amanda fit in with scientology? Easy. She's in the cult's celebrity realm. She gets a pass. Want another example of how the cult will let anything slide as long as you're in a celeb family? google Donald Anthony Strawn who is the son of the last jazz singer Amanda Ambrose. Strawn is a convicted pedophile who liquored up his wife's daughters and had his way with them. scientology tried desperately to get Strawn's wife to not report the molestation to the police, but they failed. If the cult is willing to the look the other way on pedophilia then they will damned sure look the other way on some nasty songs written by Palmer.
    BTW Strawn listed his religion as scientology while in prison. He is now out and living in Clearwater about 3 miles from Flag.
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  15. Mod Edit: This is upstairs, not the dome.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Auditing can help with that, can't it?
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  17. That is how they operate. Their directive is to let all the celebs do what they want because celebs are the best way of publicizing Scientology. And Amanda can do anything she likes within it as she's in a celebrity family.
  18. what's bullcrap about that? your comment is bullcrap! She sold 25.000 records with her label. Which for a major record label is not enough to sustain. She also got about 25.000 donations on kickstarter.
    conclusion? her fanbase is about 25k people which is excellent for a self produced artist but nightmareishly little for a record company.

    But her average fan is apperently willing to pay about 40 bucks for a CD instead of 12.99 thus the high crowdfunding of about 1.2mil (not half a million, get ya facts straight buddy)

    all adds up nice and clean. No space for stupid ass conspiracy theories in this calculation... there is plenty of other places for that
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  19. Just shut up the only connection is the bullshit and lies you keep pissing out, the only one giving attention to scientology is you maybe you're a secret scientology agent although who fucking cares?
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  20. The Internet Member

    This thread is like flypaper in the way it periodically collects the occasional entheta fighter on behalf of PalmerGaiman.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    And keeps collecting repeated dreck from the OP that was either debunked or a strong counter-argument presented in the first couple of pages of the thread.
  22. Amanda Palmer will never counter any of these accusations because her family is Sea Org. A normal person would address these issues and explain why their father is in a sailor suit and why her uncle sells doorknobs to Sea Orgs and why the Palmers are listed in the UK Wise directory.

    Gaiman and Palmer pull every scientology trick in the book. They deflect all direct questioning and attempt to control the dialogue. The sustained presure WWP has managed to inflict on Gaiman has led to a mind boggling disinformation campaign from the Gaiman camp. Gaiman's latest book release is carefully controlled. Most aritcles appear in the UK Guardian where the Gaiman's have clam friends, and assorted blogs they control. They are carefully shutting off comments within a few an hour of the planted article after the Sea Org does it's duty and writes some zombie comments.

    Palmer's idiotic Kickstarter campaign led to a year of her and Gaiman appearing in the living rooms of $5000.00 dollar donation "groups."
    No doubt Sea Org geeks.

    Gaiman and Palmer are funded by the cult. They are not struggling, they are funded by Scientology.

    Gaiman is now taking a hiatus from the Internet. No doubt the Entheta is too much for his handlers. I think his memory is a confused mess from being tortured and lied to by David Gaiman for most of his life. He probably didn't understand that using Scientology student Johannes Scheeper's suicide as a plot device is fucking sick and disturbing. Especially when you dehumanize the man for your own benefit.

    Bottomline: Gaiman pays Scientology. So does Palmer. Gaiman pays Scientology, benefits from Scientology and lies for Scientology, therefore he is a Scientologist.
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  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. Anonymous Member

    My only quibble. Sadly they were probably people devoid of common sense and musical taste, not SO who couldn't scrape together 5 grand for toilet paper if their asses depended on it.

    T'would have been something to see, Amanda screeching away in some poor fucker's living room with Neil sitting nearby deterring people from leaving for the beers fridge with a "wait, this is the good bit"...
  25. Anonymous Member

    A normal person would deal with the fact that the sailor suit isn't Sea Org.
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  26. The Internet Member

  27. Repost from here, but hey, it should be reposted on every page of this fail thread:

    KBN, she addressed the question of whether she is a Scientologist. It's an unequivocal statement.

    You haven't proven that this is a Sea Org uniform. Proving that the guy wasn't in the Navy doesn't allow you to conclude that he was therefore in the Sea Org.

    Any officer on a seagoing vessel might have reason to wear a naval military-inspired uniform such as that.
    Here's a Carnival Cruise officer:

    Please stop insisting that dude was Sea Org until you can Dox it definitively. A photo of a guy in a uniform doesn't count. Seriously.

    Please stop insisting that AP won't address the question of whether she is a Scientologist. She did. Unequivocally. In 5 words. "i am not a scientologist."

    Your insistence to the contrary borders on the obsessive.

    Get some fresh air. Start a Beck thread. Start a Cartwright thread -- I still watch the Simpsons, and I don't plan to stop. I do feel bad about it, so maybe you can convince me to stop. Some on WWP believed that Laura Prepon (70s Show) had left, but she was at their most recent CC Gala in LA.

    Seriously. There are other actual Scientologist artists for you to campaign against, ones who actually help the cult publicly and openly, who actively encourage recruitment, who admit to being Scientologists and/or show up at their events.
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  29. [IMG]
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  31. [IMG]
  32. thesneakster Member

    Well, now! I'm going to call this thread a successful derail of practically all of WWP! Best Troll Evuh!! :D

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
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  33. The Internet Member

  34. Amanda Palmer's father is a Scientology lawyer, that's how her marriage was arranged to Gaiman. She worked as a dominatrix prostitute. Like all Scientologists, she lies.
    This message by mousetrap has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Post the dox mousetrap. Otherwise, GTFO.

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