Amanda Palmer's Sea Org Scientology Connections

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  1. Because of thread derail, I am republishing docs:

    The Mocketts with pictures of Doug Mockett as a child, Kathy Mockett (AP's mother) and Jack Palmer (AP's father dressed in what looks like a Sea Org Outfit) and Amanda Palmer as a child:

    The Mockett Family Foundation registered in the Virgin Islands (Doug Mockett)

    Doug Mockett & Co. construction contract with Scientology Class V Org 1300 East 8th Avenue Tampa, Florida 33605: Org/01 Architectural Specifications.pdf

    Doug Mockett's association with

    Scientology front groups art benefit for Haiti:

    is also the art group

    Haitian Vulture ministers

    There are a few things newbies should know about WWP.

    1. We are protesting Scientology.

    2. We use docs to back up our theories, the same kind of docs allowed in a court of law to build up a pattern of behavior.
  2. Anonymous Member

    I don't want to click your links due to IP honeypot fears. Can you copypasta or screenshot the relevant bits that back your claims?

    You can skip the sea org uniform one though because the uniform could be US Navy. Maybe just focus on being a clam front.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, that's not through either though. It's all BS.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Not true*.
  5. Amanda Palmer's new video, "Do it with a Rockstar" has a little satirical scene where some hipsters are talking about her and one says how she doesn't like Amanda because she is a "Scientologist" and an "abelist". Amanda's sort of making fun of her critics, but not really a confirmation or denial of anything, I guess.

    the video (NSFW)
  6. Anonymous Member

    I wish we could move the conversation away from is/is not a Scientologist into a more productive area, namely, why aren't these second generation Gaimans doing more to reveal more about the international intelligence network pretending to be a religion?

    Spy networks are filled with nepotism. Surely David Gaiman and number one son (once director of the Birmingham org) had a few chats about the lines and the flows?

    Anonymous leaks work and they help people.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    ^ That would be a much more productive avenue or area to explore and concentrate on.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Is Amanda Palmer a Scientologist?
  9. Anonymous Member

    We don't know. We are guessing she's homo novis of some sort, however.
  10. Anonymous Member

    I hate those homo novis bitches!
  11. Anonymous Member

    Dianetics can help you with that.
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  12. anonanchovie Member

    That girl on girl action is SO OUT ETHICS.

    COB will be beating up on the Captain CC int for that.

    Jeeze, Scientology has got to deal with its low toned celeb public.

    First JT and now Amanda Fucking Palmer...

    Tom Cruise to white phone please :confused:
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  13. Anonymous Member

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  14. Gaiman and Palmer are sad-ass Scientologists going down with the ship.

  15. Gaiman and Palmer, Scientology douchebags.

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  16. Anonymous Member

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  17. Anonymous Member

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  18. She is fucking kidding, right? Amanda Palmer's father in law, DAVID GAIMAN and her mother in law SHEILA GAIMAN wrote the book on how to "handle" snoopy reporters—translation: How to be a good liar.

    Amanda Palmer is fully schooled in deflection and bull baiting techniques and routinely employs them. Scientology often hides their members status, especially in the music industry, so Palmer is just answering questions with typical Scientology tactics, in other words, not answering. The reality is Palmer cannot marry into a Scientology family without being one herself and Gaiman cannot associate with his family without being a Scientologist in good standing and paying the cult. PERIOD.

    Here is the original document written by Neil Gaiman's parents/Amanda Palmer's In Laws:

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  19. When did you get so comfortable with nudity?
    I was a stripper! I have no problem being naked, but stripping was strange. Mostly it was draining, because it was a very emotionally hollow place to be. There are bouncers who come to your aid if things get out of control, but there was constant shit happening under the table. Listen to the song “Berlin” [on Theatre Is Evil]. The lyrics will tell you everything you need to know. Next time, I’ll tell you about being a dominatrix.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Maybe AFP can address why Uncle Dougie is on Sea Org contracts? Why is Jack getting married in tidy whites when he ain't registered in the Navy?

    Church of Scientology Document Architectural Specifications doc with multiple Doug Mockett mentions:

    Class V Org
    1300 East 8th Avenue
    Tampa, Florida 33605

    Knob Pulls: 7/8" by 7/8". Traditional knob machined from brass with undercut fingergrip; satin
    finished chrome (US26D).
    1. DP2; Doug Mockett and Co., Inc.

    DP3A Tab Drawer Pull; Doug Mockett and Co., Inc.

    Product: Subject to compliance with requirements, provide “PS-2B series" by Doug
    Mockett and Co., Inc.

    Doug Mockett and Amanda Palmer:

    Julie Bergstom appears as "clear" in Scientology completions lists.

    Lucas family appears in Scientology completions list.

    Sonia and Doug's wedding day-- Palos Verdes, CA, October 7, 1979
    top--Gus Bergstrom, Al Mockett, Betsy Tryon, Fred Luckham, uy Bergstrom, Julie?, Mac, Sonia Hegg Mockett, Doug Mockett, Kathy Mockett-Oberteuffer, John Oberteuffer, Anne Lucas, Katharine Bergstrom, Robert Bergstrom
    bottom--Anne MacInnes, Chris Mockett, Maureen Tryon, Morag Luckham, Alyson Palmer,Donald MacInnes, Frank Tryon, Marjorie Chappelear, Louis Chappelear, Amanda Palmer dougsonia.jpg

    [IMG]Kathy & Jack Palmer circa 1968:


    Amanda Palmer at 10 years old from Mockett family photo site:


    Attached Files:

  21. Anonymous Member

    Bet you Palmer is one of those chicks who thinks being a dominatrix doesn't make her a

    whore (hôr, hr)
    1. A prostitute.
    2. A person considered sexually promiscuous.
    3. A person considered as having compromised principles for personal gain.
    intr.v. whored, whor·ing, whores
    1. To associate or have sexual relations with prostitutes or a prostitute.
    2. To accept payment in exchange for sexual relations.
    3. To compromise one's principles for personal gain.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Which navy did you check? Because that doesn't look like a Sea Org uniform, and they don't have medals like that.
  23. Anonymous Member

    The U.S. Navy. Modern Sea Org usually have braids.



    This is 1968.

    Around this same time, the Scientologists also wore clerical collars and crosses and were interviewed dressed as clergy as you can see in this video.

    So unless you can provide a 1968 photo of Sea Org dress whites, it's still possible this is a Sea Org uniform.

    In the meantime, AFP could easily answer these questions, instead she is deflecting. Amanda Palmer will talk about her used tampons and fucking old men for money but she won't talk about her dad's sailor suit or her Uncle Dougie's business? WTF?

    The crazy bitch will not talk about it! More than anything, that one fact convinces me that she is one.

  24. Anonymous Member

    That's not a clerical collar, those aren't Sea Org (or Nazi) medals, so .. NO U! Show us a 1968 Sea Org uniform that looks like that.
  25. Anonymous Member

    So a relative runs hardware store some Scifags shopped in once. What is that supposed to prove?
  26. No, Uncle Doug has a contract with a Sea Org. Did you actually look at the docs posted, Bro?

    Scientologists work with other Scientologists visa the WISE system. Uncle Doug supplied the Sea Orgs in Florida by contract, just like Gaiman's vitamin company supplies Scientologists with vitamins for the purification run down.
  27. Anonymous Member

    I really hope she isn't a scientologist. I actually enjoy her music and her overall style.
  28. genoramix Member

    Don't fucking tell me that Tori Amos is a sci!!! i know she's quite close with gaiman, but come on, scientology...moreover doesn't fit at all with her profile, but if there is dox, i wanna see...
  29. muldrake Member

    It's a bunch of bullshit.
  30. genoramix Member

    that said i checked, and true, Tash was born in Clearwater...Which is odd, knowing that Tori lives in England...Anyway i will try to ask if she does a meet & greet at her next gig
  31. Anonymous Member

    I can't find any dox on this.
  32. Gaiman and Palmer are Scientology scum.

    Here are ALL the downloads... again:
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Posted in another thread, but thought I'd share here as well. In which Amanda Palmer justifies all her asking for free shit.
  34. Anonymous Member

    I've always found painted eyebrows disturbing no matter who the hell wears 'em.
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  35. I don't know if you guys realize it, but you sound as crazed and obsessed as truthers or birthers. But your target is not the US Government or the Bilderbergs, it's an obscure musician. What fuels the hate?

    There is not one credible bit of evidence here. You've shown that Amanda's father had medals on his chest at his wedding, and Amanda ate watermelon after soccer practice when she was 10.

    Meanwhile you seem a little confused about why you hate her. Maybe you just hate all women who are confident in their sexuality, or all personality types that thrive on attention. That's an awful lot of people to hate. You must be exhausted!
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  36. Her husband and Smurf tits.
  37. Anonymous Member

    And you scour the internet looking for negative comments about your very favorite artist just so you can defend her honor? I've seen her act. You must be exhausted!
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  38. It's a tough job but somebody needs to do it.
  39. Anonymous Member

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