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  1. k3mp0 Member


    daily raid... everyone is invited.
    nightly raid... everyone is invited.
    24/7....everyone is invited

    lurk less
    poast moar.

    practice safe enturbulation..... wear a condom


    do it faggots
  2. SamuelAdams Member

    Re: alt.religion.scientology

    I don't see the point of flooding alt.religion.scientology with more messages. The old guard already knows how to filter our the bullshit. Adding more messages isn't going to help them. And no one new is going to check out the old newsgroups. That's primarily the realm of the old timers & hackers.
  3. k3mp0 Member

    Re: alt.religion.scientology

    L. Ron Hubbard's Church of Scientology.
    Category: Society > Religion and Spirituality, Language: English
    High activity, 9021 subscribers, Usenet

    how many of them are newfags?
    how many of them are oldfags?
    how many of them are L337 H4>><<<0rz?
    how many of them are "old guard"?

    how many osa goons hang out in there?

    how many of them are new people doing google searches and seeing
    metric assloads of useful (and useless) posts in alt.religion.scientology?

    it is an important front in the war against the church of scientology.

    have some - it's delicious.

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