All-encompassing Introductory DVD Ideas

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by 2Ke, Apr 27, 2008.

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    All-encompassing Introductory DVD Ideas

    Hay guize, I had a very unoriginal idea that I wanted to ask about. Basically, I'm looking at making a DVD compilation of videos to be informative to John Q. Public. What I need ideas on are what videos to include that are staples - videos that must be seen to understand who we are, what $cientology is, and why we fight. I'm thinking of doing a 2-disc deal, with one disc containing the Jason Beghe video and "The Bridge", the movie about Scientology, and the other disc containing all the assorted videos to get started.

    I'm thinking of making quite a few DVDs then doing a door-to-door thing, sorta like a Jehovah's Witness, except spreading the good word of bad Co$. I'd probably only give DVDs to people who welcomed me in and seem deserving, as DVDs aren't necessarily cheap to make (especially 2-disc Special Editions, yo). I'm also (wrongly?) not worried about copyright issues, as 1) disc is free, personal home use only, 2) I won't have my name anywhere on the disc, I'll simply credit it to "Anonymous", 3) I will be doing door-to-door in neighborhoods I don't live in, as to not be recognized (though not a big problem as I'm moving shortly anyway). Depending on what media I use to make the disc I could even make a packet to torrent upon completion if others would like to download, burn, and distribute in their areas. I'd like to make them professional-quality, as well.

    So, any suggestions? I'm thinking of doing Cruise's video, the first Message to Scientology by Anonymous, and the recent Nightline article. I could also throw in a collage video or two of Anon protests and their great success. But any suggestions are welcome. Also, suggestions for a good, universal program to make a pro-quality DVD in would be cool.

    Edit: Appears that I failed, hard. I didn't see / notice Captainslug's "Project: Blockbuster" topic, which is basically what I was trying to do exactly. Fuck, why does everyone else have to have the good ideas before I do?
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    Re: All-encompassing Introductory DVD Ideas

    I actually noticed your effort, Captainslug, and I am therefore awe-inspired and kind of in love with you. You are awesome, and keep up the good work.

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