Alireza Ghorbani - Yek Shab Deli (July 09)

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Bugs Bunny, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. The hair is standing up on my arms listening to this. Can someone tell us if this is a prayer? A poem? Any insight into what the speaker is saying? Thank you.

  2. Translation for Bugs bunny

    It is a song by a Persian traditional singer, the singer is talking about someone very dear that left him and now he is very upset and is talking mourning. The meaning is complicated because it uses so many metaphors and it is kind of vague like you don`t know if that person had to go or wanted to go or wanted to hurt him or not, and that someone can be his child or friend or lover or…
    All in all, this video relates the poem with Neda getting killed made everyone realize that they are not free in Iran and they want freedom.
    I am going to try to translate it as much as my broken English let me:

    One night a heart (metaphor for someone dear to him) made me bleed and left me bleeding,

    An insane put me in the insanity trap and left (here insane is metaphor for some one really in love and insanity trap : love)

    My dear left me without searching my heart’s streets but first s/he pulled me into myself (making someone to think) and then left

    S/he screamed on my ear of tranquility and left (meaning she made him think and realize about facts in life) so that I get to be free from the vague dream of the freedom (so this part means that he was in kind of dream that made him believe he is free but she made him realize that he never was free)

    Well I am at my work place and the rest is kind of difficult to translate. If you are realy interested to know the rest send me a msg at: and ill try to translate the rest for you.
  3. I don't think it is a good idea to exchange emails on an anonymous message board. But I want to say that I REALLY appreciate your translation. When you have more time, if you could translate the rest, it would be great.

    PS: did you like the video?
  4. can't refrain to say how the song sounds lovely
  5. I understand.
    Well, Yes I loved the video and this singer is one of my favorites. I am happy that my translation make sense to you (i assume it did that you asked for more) I will try to translate the rest as well. There is a site that i can give you the link if you like to listen to his other song.
    So you don`t know Farsi at all?
    tnx Nina
  6. Thank you for your kindness, Nina. No, I don't speak any Farsi, I am ashamed to say. But I know one word: Azadi. :) The script is beautiful.
  7. Sure your translation made sense!
    Please translate more, since i know only few farsi words, and i found Alireza Ghorbani (and your translation) very beautyful.
    (I dream about a topic about iranian poetry & singers).

    ...don't forget the link to the site you said!

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