Alfreddie Johnson and the Nation of Islam

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by Triumph, Mar 22, 2011.

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    so she is not that bad ?
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    Tony and Rizza recruiting Celebutardz for Scientology...
    Rizza has done a couple interviews with Nick and Tony Muhammad has also appeared...
    Nick also helped Tony Mo distribute food..

    Te Pair have been entrenched up Nick's butt for several months..

    Nick listening to these two cackling Scientologist got him in trouble,,,recently

    Rizza and Tony must be rubbing their grubby mitts together for a cut of the Scientology FSM cash.

    Scientology Project Celebrity
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    Rizzo can spout his conspiracy nonsense and his Scientology recruitment agenda

    RizzO cult TV is on the air.
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    LA County courts have set up a public listen-only website
    so the public can listen/witness proceedings (as allowed by law).
    Here's the information from the LA County Bar Association:

    Effective Monday, January 11, 2021, attorneys and members of the public, including the news media, will be able to listen remotely to nonconfidential court proceedings throughout the Superior Court of Los Angeles County using the Court’s new Remote Audio Appearance Program (RAAP).
    “We are implementing this new tool as part of our ongoing effort to ensure public access during the pandemic and to enforce social distancing requirements in Los Angeles County courthouses,” Presiding Judge Eric C. Taylor said.
    RAAP enables users with a smart phone, tablet or computer with internet service to establish a remote connection to courtrooms and listen to nonconfidential court proceedings. The Court is pleased to offer RAAP as part of its Here For You | Safe For You initiative. The Court strongly encourages the use of its new convenient remote audio option, which requires users to create a Court ID and password and then register for remote listen-only audio access for each hearing. Attorneys Please Note: You can use your existing Court ID and password you created for the Attorney Portal to sign in to RAAP.
    IMPORTANT: Under California Rules of Court 1.150, photography, recording and/or broadcasting of any court proceeding, whether remotely or in-person, is prohibited without a RAAP 2-2-2-2
    written order from the judicial officer presiding over the matter. The Court will not authorize any recording or broadcast of proceedings via RAAP.
    To get started and for more information, go to this link: RAAP will be available for use for hearings starting Monday, January 11, 2021.
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    tick tock Scientology

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    In December Rizza Islam spoke to some anti-vaxx quack doctors in Atlanta..and got some press in Vice (Dec 19th) the group is called "America's Frontline Doctors". MD.Simone Gold , is the founder of the above group .She is on Rizza's left...she was arrested for her involvement at the Capitol last week.

    Simone Gold MD anti-vaxx quack was the president of American Frontline Doctorson Rizza's right.. was arrested for her activities during the capitol riots...

    Vice Article
    Trump's Favorite Doctors Are Pushing a Conspiracy to Stop Black People From Getting the COVID Vaccine


    Rizza Islam speaking at a quack conference.

    Simone Gold MD was arrested for her activities during the capitol riots...
    Beverly Hills Doctor Who Pushed Trump’s Favorite COVID Drug Arrested in Capitol Riots

    Simone Gold, an outspoken critic of the coronavirus vaccine, is among three Los Angeles residents who were arrested this week in connection with the insurrection.
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    the world literacy crusade gang latched onto a new fish

    circle if brotherhood out of Miami is fronted by a member of the nation of Islam

    which makes it easy pickings for Scientology

    Alfrauddie did the opening speech and praised L Ron Hubbard
    which is pretty standard for him
    Tony gave a rambling speech,,hes given 1000 times.. so much for Hubbard communication drills..
    Rizza didn't speak at the event that was posted to Facebook
    Scientologist Ed Haynes ..who ran Alfreddies Scientology front group the world literacy crusade Miami chapter
    targeting school children
    Rizzas trial is set in March..barring any more delays...
    part of the reason for the recent delay is his former lawyer passed away,,

    5 years ago his Scientologist lawyer passed away ..this make 2

    can't be positive by the video available ,,but the photos look like they are doing Scientology TR drills with the Dade county Florida police...

    Rizza and the rest are there to push Scientology ..and have zero interest in the community..
    they see it an a means to push Scientology indoctrination

    Rizza is 100% Scientologist wrapped in a bow tie

    AUDIO: Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan says Rizza Islam is accused of ‘horrible charge’
    By Tony Ortega | September 13, 2022

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