Alfreddie Johnson and the Nation of Islam

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    Beverly Bayon Washington is et to go on trial with the Islams in their Medi-Cal fraud case
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    A low key Alfrauddie sighting after several months
    still exploiting the legacy of MLK for his Scientology scam
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  4. As I note in my book review of “Message to the Millineals” (sic):

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    [Rizza] Islam starts by noting that his spelling of the word “Millineal” “was completely intentional.” Islam explains the meaning of the neologism “Millineal” on pages 6 and 7:

    “We are not simply the generation due to age, but the millenial, ‘mille-‘ – rooted in Latin meaning 1,000, is the strongest of those within this generation. We are the strongest of the strong because we choose to fight for what is right and for the benefit of future generations. We are the 1,000 within any group, area, city, state, country or continent.”

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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    Mille in Latin translates to 1000 miles,
    all European translations of Mille are relate to Miles not Men,
    Mille is not related the strongest with in a generation in Latin or used in any European definitions.

    a neologism is a new coined word.
    Rizza's new word falls short of the definition of a proper neologism

    on the bright side

    1 : a new word, usage, or expression technological neologisms
    2 psychology : a new word that is coined especially by a person affected with schizophrenia and is meaningless except to the coiner, and is typically a combination of two existing words or a shortening or distortion of an existing word
    Rizza's definition is a better fit with the second definition of the word
    see #2

    it is more of a protologism if anything (freshly coined)
    alas, it also falls short of a protologism, too
    [A] protologism is unlikely to make the leap to neologism status unless society connects with the word or identifies a genuine need for it.

    noun [countable]
    a new word or phrase invented in the hope that it will become generally used


    Court Day today, news tomorrow


    its a pipe dream to raise an army of of a few dozen clueless new Ron Bots to get his FSM numbers up

    until the trial got in the way.
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    Trial Is slated for April 14th

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    The Rise in Hate Crimes Against the Jewish Community — Scientology’s Role

    January 29, 2020By Mike Rinder

    One of the major promoters of anti-Semitic hate is Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam. And in turn, one of his main mouthpieces is Tony Muhammad, Western Regional Minister of the NOI. Minister Muhammad is also the poster child for the ugly marriage of convenience consummated between the Nation of Islam and scientology.
    Tony Muhammad (or Abdul Malik Sayyid as he now prefers to be called) is a high ranking scientologist who was awarded scientology’s highest honor by scientology’s grand pooh-bah David Miscavige: The IAS Freedom Medal. He is enabled and supported by scientology and is used as a major fundraiser and speaker at scientology events.
    ISNOI News thoroughly documents the history of the disturbing joining of scientology and Nation of Islam, and the unapologetic anti-Semitism of these speakers who purposefully incite hate towards the Jewish Community. The Justice Department should take note — if you want to stop hate crimes, stop those that INCITE them.
    Scientology is proud of Tony Muhammad:

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    a series of new videos are on You Tube ..and Facebook
    using various audio and clips calling out Rizza Islam

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    Rizza's Mother Hanan Islam waived her hipaa rights in court claiming she was too ill (Cancer) to travel to attend her hearings.
    later claiming before the court she cured her cancer. after her ruse fell apart.
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    Scientology Lipstick on the PIg tech

    Alfrauddie and crew promoting Scientology's Way To Happiness
    under the banner of Day of Happiness Project AKA United for Happiness

    typical Re-packaged Scientology Front group
    Promoted under a new name to hide the Scientology stink.

    standard Scientology operational procedure.. hide any Hint of Scientology on the surface..


    a WhoIs search shows the site is registered to Scientologist Jim Mathers ..

    web site is loaded with PR pictures of Tony and Alfies Peace Rides and NOI TWTH promotions and Jims Mathers wife Fu Mei involvement in Scientology TWTH distribution of Hubbtards useless pamphlets.

    obligatory newly minted Facebook page.. to Promote a disguised Scientology TWTH front group.
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    ron akhbar ?
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    Lying Liars that Lie...

    Young Pharaoh was on the Zo Williams show..
    when Rizza Islam called in...
    RizzO had been on that show several times before...

    World Literacy Crusade is Licensed to Scientology..
    promoted by Scientology

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    rizza islam has been jail birdie for a while ?
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    Rizza,Hannan,Zakayyah and Nimat Islam's trial has been rescheduled for October 2020

    Rizza and Hanan were jailed for Contempt during their pre-Trial hearing.
    Rizza was sentenced for 5 days ...he was jailed for seven days,,
    Hanan Islam spend about a month behind bars..

    Rizza called his friend Ben X from behind bars..
    He LIED about where he was imprisoned (there Is NO super Max prison in California)
    he spent 5 days at a cushy work farm .. and it wasn't in Valencia,, (another LIE)

    Scientology program he is generalizing ripped off MEDI-CAL (Californias state Medicare program)
    to the amount of 3.8 Million dollars.
    Drug rehab was a Licensed Scientology Narconon program
    Brainwashing students courtesy of Scientology Study Tech

    Claiming the Judge LIED .won't do RizzO any favors when the sentenced Is handed down.

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    Secret CCHR Briefing

    May 4, 2020By Mike Rinder

    Courtesy of Fraud Shaw Jr...
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    give 'em the straight jacket and a vistaril shot in their butt.....;)
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    Con Artist in training RizzO tryin to convince his followers he's a tough guy
    Rizza trip to Kowloon Hong Kong was for the Scientology Ideal m(Org)ue opening with Alfrauddie Johnson
    RiizO wasn't in Hong Kong Long..they had 3.8 Million to steal from the State of California's Medi-CAL program..
    and a Charter School in Florida to fleece...

    Nice Pay-less Dress shoes

    try convincing your future cell mates your Martial Arts Master in Prison
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    methinks someones a little nervous about going back into Jail
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    court dates have been changed again due to Covid 19....

    Covid-19 is the best thing that could have happened Scientoloy's leading anti-vaxx spokeshole Rizza Islam .

    oh the .Irony

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    Alfreddie Is tagged in a dozen posts on Facebook in the Scientology Led Anti-Vaxx recruitment scheme.

    Alfrauddie Johnson is working his super FSM majik looking to pull in fresh meat for Scientology
    puts money in the fake reverends dwindling bank account...

    Scientology has this twerp under wraps...he skipped Compton again and slipped into Clearwater....
    put his World Literacy Crusade on Ice..

    Leah Dundas Is a Scientologist ,,and a Law License.. busy being the mouth peace for Scientology led recruitment drive.
    Shes creating several recruitment front groups for Scientology
    Scientologist Renee Bessone Is wife of Scientology Lobbist Greg Mitchell-
    She started a group called Conscious coalition an anti-vaxx Gung Ho/Front Group for the benefit of Scientology recruitment..

    Lucy Cole Scientology OT8 and rabid anti-vaxxer is tagged.(Lucy schooled Rizzo and Tony Mo)

    Scientologist Rizza Islam promoting himself as a champion of the anti-vaxx fronting for Scientology ,, he still an FSM ..

    Scientologist Tony active in the Scientology Scheme.. hes a super FSM.. so he gets paid to snare and steer people into Scientology...

    Rizza and Tony Muhammad have been all over Nick Cannon's ass in recent weeks..

    Scientologist love to find celebrities Ruin... and pounce on the bank account.

    Uncle Tony and Rizzo Might have to fight Louis Farrakhan's Fruit of Scientology ronbots for the FSM Cash.

    Alfreddie Johnson ain't entirely on lockdown .. just under Scientology Lower Condition's

    they let him out to play in a couple dead in the water Scientology Front groups...with Jim X Mathers Nation of Islam's Scientology handler of the decade runner up..

    as long as Alfreddie can reel in a few paying suckers for Scientology ..they will let him out .

    the good news Is alfraudde Is in the Scientology dog house until the Trial of his lackeys resume in the New Year 2021

    refuse the masks,refuse vaccines and ignore social distancing and Join Scientology's Spread a Smile PR Front.. but they will let you wash your hands once you've endured hours of coercion and handed over the keys to your bank account.
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    kemi seba.jpg kemi seba former speaker for french nation of islam
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    ahah 039.jpg in france in 2012 they had a meeting only for black people .....
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    Rizza Islam is still butt-hurt over Senator Kamala Harris

    Kamala Harris was the California Attorney General who's office brought charges against his scamming family.

    that's his only real beef.. Butthurt much Rizzo!
    She might end up in the White house ..and you might be headed to a CA prison..


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