Alfreddie Johnson and the Nation of Islam

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    the Kingpin of his own criminal empire..
    • who is responsible for the section 8 vouchers scam
    • the Charter School Scam
    • and the Medi-Cal Scam
    • World Literacy Crusade scam
    • American Health and Education Clinics scam
    • True Faith Church scam
    scams etc etc etc
    exploiting the same communities over and over again in the name of Hubbard
    that same slippery Fake Baptist preacher Kingpin Is the trusted advisor to Louis Farrakhan. Oy the irony
    Rizza can be sentenced with a Mistominor 1 year in jail after the right to appeal.
    $3.8K puts it into the highest bracket.

    when the Scientology covert OP's happen and things often go haywire
    when Scientology applies the tech.
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    Jim Mathers and Fu Mei Mathers
    Jim Mathers attended the Laborers only Meeting when LF told his ministers they plan going forward with Scientology

    Jim Mathers is President at Energy Professionals, LLC based in Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida

    Jim's an OT 8 it's the highest level attainable in Scientology

    Jim works for WISE promoting Scientology Business tech
    doing a lot of recruiting for WISE Russia
    also in Colombia South America

    also involved many events at Flag-His wife attends hundreds of meetings -training
    and the couple is heavily involved Scientology/Final Call in front groups

    Jim has given seminars to the Final Call Mosque in London
    the couple attends every Saviours' Day and Holyday of Atonement.

    they were guest seated on the Stage with Alfreddie Johnson at a Saviours's day
    when LF spent over 40 minutes praising Hubbard and Scientology.
    they have high-Level access within the Final Call Farrakhan family circles.
    Jim Mather and his wife were with Tony Muhammad at St Hill when Scientology awarded Tony Muhammad its highest award, the Freedom Medal
    and in Ireland to Open the Dublin Org.

    World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE)
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    Fred Shaw Jr had been involved in many schemes with Hanan and Alfreddie in the past.

    Fred Shaw Jr is the west coast rep for Scientology front group CCHR

    he started advertising himself as the Director of the World Literacy Crusade in 2014 thru 2016
    after the State of Cali shut down the WLC for failure to file taxes.
    he supports for the Way to Happiness

    back in when Alfreddie was fighting to keep his job on the Lynwood City Council
    Alfreddie Fred jr and Hanam formed an NAACP chapter in Compton.

    and used it to get an NAACP award for Issac Hayes ( he was worthy of the award )

    and snuck in an award. for L Ron Hubbard and former Scientology President
    they also used their chapter to protect Alfreddie

    Hanan ran a group called CCLA that was used to protect Alfrauddies shady behind.
    Fred Is another of the many handlers

    Fred Shaw Jr promotes Scientology's interests as the current Vice President of the Inglewood-South Bay branch of the NAACP

    Fred Shaw jr took the role of a Methodist Minister at the Scientology fake Mult-ifaith services Alfreddie Ran at the Scientology Inglewood CC after the WLC was closed down, these were with Tony Muhammad and Rizza Islam as a Christian Youth Minister. and other guest Pastors.

    Fred Shaw jr hosted a Scientology front group Rock for Human Rights along with then Scientologist Rizza Islam. @ Scientology Inglewood CC

    Fred Shaw promoted Hanan Islam at a Health Fair at Scientology Inglewood CC
    with Tony and Alfreddie, Rizza and a spiderweb of Garden Variety Scientologist White Folks

    Rizza Islam works with Fred, promoting Scientology's rabid anti-psychiatry propaganda wing the CCHR
    and Rizza regularly attends CCHR Rallies.

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    Hanan Islam had 2 of her bail charges that were added on the 11th 2019
    dismissed aka DISM

    $15,000 bail
    $1,500 bail

    and is in court today for $10,000 bail

    from her previous charge sheet

    she can ask the court on the 22nd of Oct Arraignment to drop the Bail.
    or ask for a reduction of the $250,000
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    see post #842

    top handlers Jim and Fu Mei Mathers with Alfrauddie and Tony Muhammad with his wife..

    Scientology holds a yearly Tent Gala at St Hill Grinstead in West Sussex, England
    Tony Muhammad recieved the Scientology Freedom Medal

    Alfrauddie also has a freedom medal from the cult of Scientology
    a reward for his recruitment schemes.

    it was at this even Alfreddie was dancing for $30K donation to ithe International Association of Scientologists at St Hill.

    More at the ISA event with Jim Mathers.
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    Hanan Islam set up a company called Art of Management

    it was set up to promote the celebrity of Alfreddie Johnson and Tony Muhammad in 2011

    Hanan Islam used Art of Management to enrich herself and Alfreddie and the WLC in the amount of $100K

    the charter school scam was exposed in 2012.

    Tony Muhammad lent their name to a book called Power of Words
    they were not authors, they did promote themselves as authors in the Art of Management press releases

    Sean Clouden is a second-generation Scientologist
    the Book he compiled is Scientology study tech and promoting L Ron Hubbard alongside famous men
    Martin Luther King, Chief Justice Thorogood Marshall, MarkTwain, Albert Einstein, etc.

    2qxAKKY.jpg GrBqZY2.jpg

    More on the scam here
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    United in Peace aka Peace Rides aka UP Fest
    it is a Scientology funded front group
    owned by its trademark Scientology front group The Way to Happiness.

    Set up by the founders Alfreddie Johnson, Hanan Islam, and Tony Muhammad
    Rizza attends all of these events. with Tony Muhammad who hosts the events for Scientology.

    it's funded by Scientologists and is by design created to help Scientology infiltrate the black community.
    its centered around pulling new people into paying services.
    all involved making FSM commissions direct from Scientology.
    Zakiyah Islam Hanan Islam and Scientologist Kimberly Quigley 2014
    Kimberly produced propaganda videos of the events for Scientology
    they are Holding Way To Happiness Booklets

    they mover from one Scientology scam to another Scientology scam.

    When they held the Nipsy Hussle funereal,, Scientologist dressed in United in Peace orange.
    were handing out Way to Happiness outside the main gates.
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    2016 Alfreddie Johnson speaking at a Scientology front group conference The Way to Happiness
    Promoting their Scientology Peace Rides operation
    to Scientologists.

    Tony Muhammad was also A FEATURED SPEAKER
    Rizza is in attendance;
    Rizza continued to attend Scientology events into the present.(2019)
    He didn't stop being a Scientologist.
    he an integral part of Scientology's recruitment and infiltration into the black community.
    Alfreddie swings by to pick up a bowling trophy. at Scientology's Aplied Scholastics front group
    Just say no to Kool-Aid..

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    Scientology Handlers Alfreddie Johnson, Jim Mathers, Fu Mei Mathers
    Saviors' day 2018

    Clearwater Florida Crystal Ballroom Ft Harrison Hotel.

    @ 1:45 Tony Muhammad praises Brother Jim Mathers
    Saviors day 2012 onstage guests Jim and Fu Mei Mathers with Alfreddie.

    this was the Went Louis Farrakhan spoke about Dianetics and praised L Ron Hubbard to a large crowd
    Hundreds of Scientologist attended ..a dozen of Scientology's major front groups were represented.

    Jim Mathers London at Final Call Mosque 2012
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    Scientologist Gary S Brown a Lawyer
    was Rizza Islam's lawyer Gary did this work Pro-Bono

    Gary also acted as the lead Lawyer for all Six defendants
    Hanan Islam
    Zakiyah Islam
    Ronnie Islam
    Nimat Islam
    Bayon Washington
    George Newby III

    OSA employed their Legal Goons
    both were spotted in the Court House. during the Hearings
    they bailed when it was bumped up to Judge Pastor's court.

    Kendrick Moxon OSA legal affairs
    Kendrick is such a sleaze bag he has his own Wikipedia page

    Ken Long OSA legal affairs

    OSA is Scientology's spy wing Lawyers, Private Investigators, PR people


    Scientology and law

    Operation Snow White was a criminal conspiracy by the Church of Scientology during the 1970s to purge unfavorable records about Scientology and its founder, L. Ron Hubbard. This project included a series of infiltrations into and thefts from 136 government agencies, foreign embassies, and consulates, as well as private organizations critical of Scientology, carried out by Church members in more than 30 countries.[1] It was one of the largest infiltrations of the United States government in history,[2] with up to 5,000 covert agents.[3] This operation also exposed the Scientology plot Operation Freakout, because Operation Snow White was the case that initiated the U.S. government's investigation of the Church.[3] Under this program, Scientology operatives committed infiltration, wiretapping, and theft of documents in government offices, most notably those of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Eleven highly placed Church executives, including Mary Sue Hubbard (wife of founder L. Ron Hubbard and second-in-command of the organization), pleaded guilty and were convicted in federal court of obstructing justice, burglary of government offices, and theft of documents and government property. The case was United States v. Mary Sue Hubbard et al., 493 F.Supp. 209 (D.D.C. 1979)
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    Alfrauddie Johnson the Big Thetan that landed Louis Farrakhan and his Merry Men.
    Shane X Woodruff VP of the Celebrity Center to the right next to his wife in a red gown.

    Scientology threw a lavish Gala, so rich white folks could throw bags of cash at Louie and his Merry men.

    Leah Remini Host of Scientology and the Aftermath proved she funded this party.
    washed up Scientologist D list Celebutards
    Shane X Woodruff..and his wife..Shane is the Scientology Celebrity Center VP in LA..he caters to celebrities ..Louis Farrakhan referred to him as Share X, Shane spoke at saviors day 2012, and Holy Day of Atonement. Shane attended the Laborers meeting when LF unveiled the plans with Scientology to his Laborers in 2010
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    Scientology educational Front groups A.B.L.E, Applied Scholastics, WorldLiteracy Crusade, and Study Tech
    Scientology has been pushing it into the Curriculum of Muhammad University

    with the Blessing of Louis Farrakhan

    Alfrauddie Johnson was featured.

    Scientology Brainwashing for kids
    Scientologist juggler dude.
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    When the WLC was pandering to the grandson of Nelson and Winne Mandella

    Mandla Mandela was skipping legal trouble in South Africa.

    Ipm2YPn.png pic from 2012 gvZYbwq.png

    Alfrauddie was running a Scientology game in S.Africa .as a patron to the Opera.

    probably one of Scientology's OSA many operations financing Alfrauddies shady dealings.

    Scientology courts Opinion leaders, especially if they come from Money.


    follow the Money ...this was during the perionthey were stealing the 3.8 million from Medi-Cal.


    Fu Mei Mathers helps roll their Mark

    2012 staff of the WLC..Medi Cal scam Alfreddie with his back to the camera

    might be a few of these people testifying at the trial.
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    Rizza Islam deliberate hiding of the Scientology symbols on the podium and 2 on the wall
    in his latest Instagram post

    Heres what Rizza doesn't want you to see.

    RizzO playing Doktor like Momz

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  17. Triumph Member

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    Patrick J. Clouden is the Chief Executive Officer of Consumer Energy Solutions, Inc
    and is a partner of Jim Mathers
    his son is in post #846
    Pat is OT 8 it's the highest level attainable in Scientology
    Pat also attended many of the Saviours' Day and Holyday of Atonement events
    He also attended the Laborers meeting when LF unveiled the plans with Scientology

    Pat shilling for the syndicate

    Hanan used this logo in her PR marketing.

    Pat also runs a Scientology WISE business training company.

    Tampa Bay Effective Management Center
    and employs several members of Final Call inc to covertly market Scientology to Businesses
    Head Minister John Muhammad of the Tampa Mosque

    Scientology uses front groups and uses them covertly sells Scientology training.
    without disclosure, of the source or nature of its aims.

    they sell Hubbard Management and Administrative courses.

    and try to recruit professionals specifically the fields Dentristy and Chiropractors, they focus on targeted business fields that share an intrest with Scientology
    as well as marketing to General Businesses.

    and Scientology Buisness shills like Grant Cardone...
    Grants stuff is a Scientology based recruitment and service ploy.

    they also get Commissions directly from Scientology on /Scientology services sold.
    Many of companies affiliated with these types of Scientology end up in Lawsuits

    Scientology Training Companies skirt the laws.

    Scientology legal spiderweb insulates them .

    pro Tip:
    Google: Scientology Business Lawsuits

    W.I.S.E aka World Institute of Scientology Enterprises.
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    2011 Cult Sponsored Human Rights Walk
    Frauddie with Jim Mathers
    its all Scientology related front group scams
    Alfreddie,with MC Lyte, tall guy in the back is Louis Muhammad he was involved in Alfreddie and Hanan's
    charter school scam in Florida 2012
    Fu Mei Mathers squatting
    Tony Muhammad was there fronting for the Cult of Scientology
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    They went up to the State Capitol of Calif to raise a stink because of their scam program getting funds cut off.
    Tony Muhammad went with them
    with two van loads of crazy Scientologists

    eventually they were Raided and their documentation was ceased

    • they had to Close AMHEC.aka Scientology Narconon
    • Later the WLC Fell,
    • Alfreddie True Faith fake church bit the dust.
    • Hanan And Alim Muhammad Scientology True Health quackery clinic
    Tony Alfreddie,Hanan and Rizza took their three ring circus to Scientology Inglewood CC
    Tony's LA Mosque was operating out of the Scientology Inglewood CC

    Scientology and Nation Of Islam Education Hucksters Marching on Sacramento!
    By Tony Ortega | September 9, 2013

    Read More here:

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    • Going Clear and completing Super Powers is EXPENSIVE!
    • Usually, the courses are paid for in advance
    • Just the kind of thing Medi-Cal money funneled thru Hanan buys.
    • for Scientology's cut, the criminal proceeds are laundered through Alfrauddie's spiritual salvation.
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    When AHEC got shut down Hanan Islam gave a 52-minute interview.
    spinning a shore story and played the victim card.

    their meeting in Sacramento backfired,and may have triggered the investigation.

    Hanan's Islam prior felonies alone would have ended funding.
    $29K Grand theft and providing a fake name on a passport

    this interview is prior to the Raid. on the WLC
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    after the WLC was shut down Alfreddie and the gang took their show over to the confines of the Scientology Inglewood CC.
    Alfreddie skipped off to Clearwater and left Rizza as Tony Muhammad's Scientology Handler.

    Rizza created this video in an intentionally deceptive manor.
    because people were legitimately questioning the Scientology connection.
    this was done to deflect the truth. this is something Scientologist are trained to do.

    United Hood Nations was financially supported by Scientology by Scientologists
    Scientology like to bring in community leaders aka Opinion leaders in Scientology terms
    to piggy back off issues, in an effort to promote Scientology.

    This was used for Public Relations exploitation.
    and internal Scientology propaganda.

    he's using what Hubbard calls acceptable truth (aka LIE)
    Acceptable Truths, Convenient Lies

    Scientology Training Routines

    A Critical Review by Perry Scott

    Attached Files:

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    every one of the pictures Rizza issuing his self-published video is Scientology related
    from the first picture of the Chaka Khan Art club, which was a program out of the World Literacy Crusade to promote Scientology to Children
    that program was run By Hanan Islam. Ronnie is in the picture age 9

    Youth for Human rights a Scientology front group
    his time with World Literacy Crusade

    The Phonics packs he was selling in these videos was Scientology based study tech indoctrination materials

    protip to Wayback archive users:
    copy the link from the code source to view videos
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    Bruce Wiseman CCHR PR,
    Fred Shaw jr CCHR LA President,

    all three are Scientologist that support and Promote Scientology Front group
    CCHR aka Citizens Commission on Human Rights

    Bruce Wiseman Wiseman Scientology

    Rizza Islam CCHR
    Dan Burton paid Scientology CCHR lobbyist

    Former (Retired) US Rep, Dan Burton from Indiana Paid Lobbyist for Scientology's CCHR

    Danny Lee Burton (born June 21, 1938) is an American politician. Burton is the former U.S. Representative for Indiana's 5th congressional district, and previously the 6th district, serving from 1983 until 2013. He is a member of the Republican Party and the Tea Party Caucus.[8]

    Indy Star (Indianapolis's Leading News Paper )
    Dan Burton Lobbying for Scientology Group

    Rizza Islam's Scientology Activity was there all along.
  29. Triumph Member

    Rizza Islam's regular facebook page's last current post

    He was never blocked. He has a lot of old Scientologist followers and some New ones he picked up in his new incarnation Scientology/Final Call Inc. OPERATION

    He can't address the case..headed into the trial. during it, until an appeal is heard. or the case is dismissed.
    he was cleverly setting up his followers on social media..for his future potential silence.

    its Scientologist Lucy Cole she is in her 80's
    Lucy is an OT 8
    her Husband Is also OT-8 heat lawyer

    Rizza is important because its a Scientology backed movement

    Underground Bunker
    Beyond the quarantine: Signs that Scientology is getting involved in anti-vaxx panic
    By Tony Ortega | May 16, 2019
    In the meantime, we turned to former top Scientology executive Amy Scobee for her thoughts on these new developments.
    We told her that we’ve been pointing out to other reporters that although the church doesn’t express an anti-vaxx position, Hubbard’s anti-doctor diatribes have produced Scientologists who are skeptical of western medicine, including vaccines.
    She agreed with that and pointed out that in her 20 years at Int Base, she never saw Sea Org members getting vaccines or being given the time off to get them.
    As for what’s been going on lately with Scientology seemingly getting involved in anti-vaxx activities, she admits to being as bewildered as we are.
    But she says that Lucy Cole’s activities wouldn’t be happening if it hadn’t been approved by Scientology, and specifically with oversight by the Office of Special Affairs, Scientology’s secret police.

    Dan Burton is a paid Lobbyist for the CCHR.

    this Scientology Front Group run by Tony Muhammad and Rizza Islam they are FSM.s
    FSM aka Field Staff members get paid a commission for Scientology services they sell.
    targeting people likely to have beliefs that vaccines are harmful.

    this was a film was produced for the Scientology Vaccine Operation.

    this is recruitment based effort/for commission directly for Scientology services.

    this film has been shown in all the mosques.

    Scientology has its own newly formed Anti Vaccination Front Group Conscience Coalition
    Scientologist Renee Bessone started this group
    he husband Greg Mitchell is a paid Lobbyist Directly for Scientology on Capitol Hill
    with Scientology Lawyer as a paid lobbyist

    Lucy Cole on stge Saviours day with Rizza Islam.

    Rizza Islam Scientology OSA handlers wipe his profile in 3,2,1
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    Scientology's Delxino and Deborah De Briano have been given access Final Call Savior's day to promote their Scientology based Marketing scheme
    Delxino Wilson De Briano - Scientology Service Completions

    Deborah Wilson Debriano - Scientology Service Completions

    Delixino has a long history with Scientology, Alfreddie Johnson and the World Literacy Crusade.
    Alfreddie was given access to covertly promote Scientology training Delixino's Marketing Seminars

    Delixino and Deborah and Minister Tony Muhammad Buy Black Movement as a covert means of Promoting Scientology Tach and FSM commissions

    More Details on this thread


    Alfreddie Johnson in picture Lower Left
  31. Triumph Member

    the Buy Black Movement is used to covertly sell Scientology services
    Tony Muhammad has produced dozens of Buy Blacl Movement videos
    L Ron Hubbards Scientology Bussiness administration books behind Tony Muhammad in this video

    Doug E Fresh is a Scientologist Celebrity.
    Doug E speaks at Delixno's seminars..and likely receives fee's to appear.
    Doug E fresh had promoted Scientology to the Final Call Inc organization many times.
    Scientology uses its celebrities to safe point Scientology in its Public Relations campaigns.

    Louis Farrakhan Top FSM endorsment of the covert Scientology recruitment scam.
  32. Triumph Member

    Fu mei Mathers front: Jim Mathers (bow tie) back: Scientology Actress/Celebrity Kelly Preston nee Travolta front: Alfreddie Johnsons

    The Peace Rides that are promoted by Tony Muhammad in LA is a Front Group for Scientology/Final Call Inc

    United in Peace
    Scientology repeatedly and regularly promotes the peace Rides and Tony Muhammad as well as Alfreddie Johnson and occasionally Rizza Islam in their press Releases.
    Google United in Peace Peace Rides Tony Muhammad Scientology in peace peace rides Scientology tony muhammad&client=firefox-b-1-d&source=lnms&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwikiMzUi6flAhULHqwKHWdPDEAQ_AUIDCgA&biw=1366&bih=654&dpr=1
    Peace Rides is registered to The Way to Happiness Foundation.
    it's registered and Licenced to Scientology.
    it financed by wealthy Scientologists, Scientologist who are Celebrities on down to new members.
  33. Triumph Member

    Alim Muhammad former health Minister Final Call inc in Haiti
    With Scientology Front group Volunteer Minister's disaster response
    their main focus is recruitment. and bringing in New people in services.

    Alim Flew down on Scientology Celebrity John Travoltas private jet.
    with the Volunteer Ministers

    More on Alim with Scientology in Haiti here
    Vulture Ministers yellow, Orange 10,000 fearless

    Final Call Inc created its own disaster response team called 10,000 fearless first responders modeled after Scientology's Volunteer Ministers.
    10,000 are trained in Scientology processes, touch assists, locationals, and casualty contact...its rooted in Scientology

    both groups run operations jointly for the last 2 got its launch at the Inglewood CC In LA
    Alfrauddies Scientology house of horrors and Xenu worship

    all you ever need to know about Scientology covert OPERATION in the recruitment of Children in Haiti

    Hanan Islam was trying to get a Scientology front group called Louis E Moore Foundation in Haiti.
    to get a piece of the action.
    of other her 5 sons Romie Craig Islam was involved with the Louis Moore Foundation.

    it folded.
  34. Triumph Member

    Alfrauddie and Rizza Islam 3 years ago at a Scientology The Way to Happiness conference.
    view video here
    Sister Rasheeda Yasminah Maryam is Alfreddie Johnston's assistant.
    another video from the same conference, Tony Muhammad also spoke at this event.
    for the Scientology/Final Call Inc front group Peace Rides
    Tony Muhammad at another cult conference for TWTH
    you can view the video here

    summer 2019 with Scientology friends..

    same event 2019

    Rizza islam Scientology Cult Recruitment trap
  35. Triumph Member


    fitting because Scientology is the junk food of Religions


    Scientologist can purchase personalized T Way to Happiness Booklets if they can buy them in enough bulk.
    Rizza's lifting Hubbards claims published in TWTH.

    this was published by Rizza before the Sept 17th Court day when their Scientology delay game fell apart.
    he would have had other finance the cases booklet Published in Scientology owned print facility.

    as an FSM he would get a small commission for the distribution
    they hand them out to everyone old to young. it's just a pamphlet to paint Scientology safe and wholesome.
    the reality is Scientology destroys families.

    The Way to Happiness
  36. Triumph Member

    in every Scientology Org around the globe, they have an office for L Ron Hubbard ready for his promised return to earth.
    right down to his favorite brand of cigarettes.stocked.
    stocked with Scientology books and lectures.

    Alfreddie is in Johannesburg S.Africa's ideal org. Alfreddie FSM's out of that location several times a year

    they believe Hubbard is in another galaxy working on the advanced levels and will return.
    he was supposed to be gone 20 years..after his departure.

    he's a little late.

    Alfreddie is holding a 2K to 5k special edition leather-bound Dianetics book, commissions are paid if you can hoodwink someone into buying it.

    Greg Capazorio is Married to Cass Mapother (Cruise)He runs the Scientology front group Criminon ..they push that Scientology indoctrination program in prisons
    mostly overseas
    Valerie Muhammad was with the World Literacy Crusade board member. when the WLC was shut down.

    Scientologist FSM's on Safari ..2013 WLC Medi-Cal scam Financed his Scientology FSM activities, travel expenses. and his new snappy wardrobe

    FSM activities with the Final Call Inc..also paid a Kings Ransom

    Bula Barua (2012 Life Force Charter school Scientology scandal w/ Hanan Islam)
    Fui Mei Mathers
    brother Jim X Mathers
    Safari guide


    Scientology's fight for apartheid

    The secret history of racism in Scientology
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    Goofy knightz of the Hubbard clan cultz

    Scientology scams, hustles and confidence games have their rewards.

    St Hill East Grinsted UK L Ron Hubbard mansion yearly event IAS aka International Association of Scientologist
    Wealthy Scientologist Whales attend these

    Scientology’s slush fund: Jeffrey Augustine takes apart the fictions of the IAS
    By Tony Ortega | June 18, 2015

    Scientology erects a massive tent on the grounds and hold a gala.
    Alfrauddie attends these, he is a Scientology Freedom Medal winner,

    Tony Muhammad received the Freedom Medal at the IAS gala in 2018


    Scientology awards medal to Nation of Islam figure Tony Muhammad


    Chick Corea, Scientology celebrity

    CBS News ( L Ron Hubbard)
    Banned from Britain
    The Brits Ran Ron the Con out of their fair country on a Rail
  38. Triumph Member

    Alfreddie Johnson
    Tony Muhammad
    Alim Muhammad
    Fu Mei Mathers
    Jim Mathers

    What do super powers smell like? For around 30 grand, Scientology can help you with that.
    By Tony Ortega | April 5, 2018

    Anything to turn a buck for Scientology
    Fake Baptist Minister Alfrauddie running engrams off of Babies...

    Statue of L Con Hubtard left

    Scientology Handler Fu Mei Mathers spends her time making sure Women of the Final Call Inc stay on Scientology courses.

    a parade of Scientology Wales gives money at Saviors Day.

    Fu Mei with Rizza Islam at the Scientology produced Vaxxed video presentation in LA
    Vaccine Conspiracy Event at Scientology Los Angeles with Nation of Islam & Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

    Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by CommunicatorIC, Jun 18, 2015.

    Sacramento Bee
    Playing the race card on vaccines

    By the Editorial Board
    June 23, 2015 05:01 PM,Updated June 24, 2015 12:01 AM


    Khailada (Farrakhan) Mita (right) orange shirt
    all of Louis Farrakhan's Children are featured in Scientology PR and photos.

    Handler Fu Mei Mathers is mentioned in this Final Call inc article
    by Mother Tynetta Muhammad
    about her UFO sighting at Scientology's Flag Land Base in Clearwater

    From the Land of the Seminole and Osceola to the Clear Water Mecca of Scientology

    By Mother Tynnetta Muhammad | Last updated: Aug 19, 2010 - 3:16:37 PM


    When Fu Mei entered and noticed the large object, she recalled receiving a text message on her phone several weeks earlier from Reverend Al Freddie when he was in Atlanta and was describing to her a similar type object that he observed there glowing in the night sky. Our public relations host said that she had heard about these kinds of sightings, generally referred to as UFOs, but had not actually witnessed one before until then. It was hard for us to keep from observing with excitement this spectacular sight. After approximately 20 or so minutes, our host suggested that we go downstairs to the first level of the hotel to the outdoor pool area and terrace. She soon departed company with us for the night, and there we remained in that spot continuing to observe this rare sighting up to approximately 20 or 25 more minutes.

    Al Freddie is you know who..
    Big Brother and Big Sister are watching
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    Tony Muhammad and Rizza Islams vaccine activism is a Scientology Infiltration and Recruitment Operation

    the Architect of the Operation is Scientologist Lucy Cole OT 8

    The Anti-Vaccination Movement Is Working with the Nation of Islam to Scare Black Families

    Anna Merlan
    6/26/17 10:10AM


    Rizza and Tony have stated multiple times they knew nothing about vaccines until Lucy approached them


    its Scientology recruitment scheme and Scientology/Final Call Front Group
    orchestrated by Scientology for the benefit of Scientology.

    Scientology is involved in the anti-vaccine movement

    Underground Bunker

    Scientologist anti-vaxx group fundraises on the idea its big California loss was a win
    By Rod Keller | October 20, 2019
  40. Triumph Member

    • Slick Alfreddie
    • Pat Harney OSA
    • Tony Muhammad
    • Alim Muhammad and Fast Alfreddie
    Ebony Awakenings
    by Mike Rinder
    Ebony Awakenings 2010
    Some Christian pastors embrace Scientology
    From Diana Miller and Gary Tuchman

    Pat Harney — Scientology’s Last “PR”?

    February 22, 2017By Mike Rinder

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