Alfreddie Johnson and the Nation of Islam

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    Rizza Islam Is employed by Citizen Commission on Human Rights aka CCHR as a Youth Ambassador in its Los Angeles branch

    Rizza Islam tips his Scientology hand in videos like these.
    talks about a closed-door meeting in LA (approx 2 years ago) on Marijuana
    This would have only been at a CCHR Briefing for Rizza Islam.

    they would hold several dozen briefings a year
    that Rizza Islam must attend and promote,
    also attending Gala and fundraising events.

    Rizza Islam's place of employment after the World Literacy Crusade folded.
    Rizza Islam would have attended hundreds of pre-briefings on the public briefing
    Rizza Islam was also a tour guide for its Psycharitry Industry of Death Museum

    the indoctrination Is hardcore at the CCHR


    THE U.S AGENDA BEHIND MARIJUANA -(embellished BY Scientologist) RIZZA ISLAM


    MARIJUANA + 420 - JUST SOME (made up) FACTS (By Scientologist) Rizza Islam

    Goofball Rizza Islam says smoking Marijuana will make you gay (Big Pharma)

    Scientologist Rizza Islam is radicalized courtesy CCHR
    Rizza Islam rants are firmly Rooted in Scientology's Psy-Op CCHR propaganda.

    Rizza Islam was given the status of Elite FSM when he started his new job at the CCHR

    Rizza works closely with old WLC scammer Fred Shaw Jr at the CCHR

    all in the family.

    Trotted out Scientologist scammer (Not a Doctor) Hanan Islam in 2018 to get the CCHR message on the dangers of Maryjane to the Final Call Flunkies.

    Why Do Scientologists Lie?

    January 3, 2017By Mike Rinder
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    Rizza Islam shilling Scientology

    Scientology Press release
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    Hanan Islam was also a founder.

    Hanan was dumped when she got popped for her role in the Medi-Cal fraud case.

    Tony Mo recently changed his name to Abdul Malik Sayyid

    Scientology controls the United in Peace.
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    Scientology quack cure Purification Rundown

    Rizza Islam is shilling the program to make money for Scientology and Scientology FSM kickbacks for himself.

    Alfreddie, Hanan, and Rizza pimped the same Scientology Purification Rundown at the World Literacy Crusade

    the WLC was pushing this dangerous and toxic Scientology quackery on children
    having a sauna at the WLC in a garage.


    Rizza Islam showing off his Scientology purification Rundown Certificate


    Wikipedia Scientology Purification Rundown

    Scientology FSM

    Rizza Islam (dork on the left) getting sum FSM $$$ for luring suckers into the Purification Rundown.
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    Above, Student Minister Tony Muhammad and Rizza Islam demonstrate Scientology TRs, or Training Routines to members of the Nation of Islam last week in Atlanta, Georgia. Muhammad is one of the top members of the NOI, possibly second in command after Minister Louis Farrakhan, and Islam is the son of Scientologist and Baptist Minister Alfreddie Johnson. The event was entitled How to Settle Down to a Good Choice as a Man! Are Men Who Refuse to Marry Women Suspect in 2015?
    The Nation of Islam usually segregates events by gender, but in this case, couples are using Scientology to improve their relationships using TR-0, 1, 2 and 3 which are exercises designed to allow you to be there, get your communication across, receive a communication and acknowledgment.

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    Scientology owns, controls and finances the Peace Rides.

    its purpose is to Body Rout New Public into buying Scientology Services.
    and improve Scientology's public relations.

    cut and paste code below

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    Louis Farrakhan spoke at an annual Moonie sponsored event shilling Scientology
    LF discusses how Alfrauddie Johnson pestered him for years to try Scientology

    in video # 3 Alfrauddie is brought to the podium

    video #! Calypso Louie is encouraging Victims of Molestation and sexual assault to use auditing to recover from trauma'

    the problem
    Scientology covers up this type of criminal behavior
    and clams the Victim of Sexual assault is at FAULT (the victim did something to PULL IT IN )

    Vote for the most startling statement on the ‘Scientology and the Aftermath’ finale

    By Tony Ortega | August 27, 2019

    Scientology’s cruise ship and kids: Raped on the Freewinds at 12

    By Tony Ortega | May 7, 2019

    By Tony Ortega | August 14, 2019

    Scientology policy is to investigate rape victims seeking help, 1963 document reveals
    By Tony Ortega | April 9, 2019
    EXCLUSIVE: Scientology tried to derail Remini series by calling 14-year-old ‘aggressor’ in rape
    By Tony Ortega | December 5, 2016

    Powerful testimonies about child abuse in Scientology keep coming to light
    By Tony Ortega | August 13, 2019
    Mirriam Francis: Picturing Scientology parents who abandon their children to abuse
    By Tony Ortega | October 26, 2017 abuse&submit.x=0&submit.y=0
    How Scientology created its own prison for children who chafed at lifetime service
    By Sunny Pereira | May 24, 2019
    Why Scientology is a haven for sexual abusers — it’s the way L. Ron Hubbard designed it
    By Tony Ortega | August 9, 2018
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    Operation Whack a Mole

    Left to right Alfrauddie Johnson..the Late Isaac Hayes and Fraud Shaw jr.

    World Literacy Crusade exploiting the legacy of Isaac hayes since 1992

    keep your children far away from these VULTURES
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    Ebony Awakenings Is a Scientology Front Group
    they hold phony an Awards Gala

    they held an event 35 years ago then it was shelved after a couple of years
    Scientology pulled it out of Mothballs to schmoose Louis Farrakhan and give him an award around 2008

    In 2011 Scientologist Rizza Islam got a useless award for his role in Helping Alfrauddie and Hanan Islam rip off Medi-Cal


    the activities were forcing Scientology on Children


    in 2011 Hanan Islam took over a Charter School in Florida and forced Scientology on children enrolled in the School.

    staffed the school with Scientologist, most had no teaching credentials

    Rizza Islam was a tutor at the Charter School

    Hanan Islam used a shell company called Art of Management ..which she previously created to promote Alfreddie Johnson and Tony Muhammad

    the majority of Children in Charter School had to repeat the grade. due to Scientology Study Tech
    Scientology's Fraudulent Study Technology

    Controversy over Scientology influence clouds future of Pinellas charter school
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    taking Hucksterism to a whole new level
    Rizza Islam with Hanan Islam
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    Alfreddie Johnson's click farm brigade 1.27k followers for 11 POST! heh who you foolin REV

    its a trend with Scientologist to inflate their followers by purchasing click farm followers

    loaded with non-English speaking followers from 3rd world countries who have never heard of Alfrauddie

    compared to 122 followers on Facebook


    people buy click farm followers on facebook as well ..Alfrauddie Didn't read the memo

    Rizza claims 302K followers.. he wishes .. he buys click farm friends too


    want to inflate your followers
    do what all wannabe Scientologist Celebrities do buy them

    50K Instagram followers for free


    CEwjzfo.png _rizzaislam

    Rizza and Alfrauddiie are big with 15-20 yr old males who live in Indonesia, India, and Pakistan, various places in Africa and South America
    with way too many followers who've accounts have been deleted to count in this lifetime
    and a small but dedicated following white and female satanist
    white males in their 40 and 50's
    and LGTBQ and pansexuals.

    and those occasional and pesky Justin Bieber fans


    Scientology’s new ‘STAND’ front unleashes bot army on Twitter — and gets zapped
    By Tony Ortega | August 25, 2017

    Scientology’s blatant social media fraud fuels attacks on Leah Remini and Mike Rinder
    By Tony Ortega | July 9, 2018

    Creepy Scientology Pervert Ed Parkin Uses a Young Girl in His Ongoing Social Media Fraud

    By Scientology Money Project on June 25, 2019

    Scientology Using the Photos of Nude Model Lana Brooke & Pretending She is a Scientologist Named Christiana Michael

    By Scientology Money Project on May 26, 2019
    Creepy Scientology Pervert Ed Parkin Uses a Young Girl in His Ongoing Social Media Fraud

    By Scientology Money Project on June 25, 2019

    More Scientology Stock Photo Fraud!

    By Scientology Money Project on November 21, 2018

    Scientology’s Social Media Fraud Campaign Tries to Defeat Google Reverse Imaging

    By Scientology Money Project on July 18, 2018

    Scientologist Stacy Francis: Using Fake Twitter Followers to Attack Leah Remini

    By Scientology Money Project on July 6, 2018

    Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley & Other Scientologists Lose Fake Followers in Twitter Fraud Purge

    By Scientology Money Project on July 14, 2018

    Fake Stock Photo Scientologists Support Taryn Teutsch’s Fake News Attack on Mike Rinder

    By Scientology Money Project on May 12, 2018

    Church of Scientology Engaging in Social Media Fraud to Attack Leah Remini and her Show

    By Scientology Money Project on August 28, 2017
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    Rizza Islam aka Ronnie Edward Stevens had a court date today and Is Scheduled to return on Sept 17th
    Rizza posted a repeat of his Kamala Harris video.
    Kamala Harris was the attorney general of California when Charges were brought against his Mother and siblings.
    She is now a US Senator for the State of Cali and running for President.

    the same video was posted the day of his last hearing in August


    Hanan Islam was previously scheduled for the 12th
    Sept 17 date was added to the schedule

    Beverly Bayon Washington was previously scheduled for the 12th
    Sept 17 date was added to the schedule

    Zakiyyah Islam and Nimat have no scheduled Hering dates
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    Tony Muhammad Is miles ahead of Rizza Islam and Alfrauddie Johnson in being a semi-well-known public figure
    he hasn't caught the BUY INSTAGRAM followers bug.

    His Instagram account increasingly becoming an advertisement for Scientology
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    After more delays and continuances, all five of the defendants were back in Judge Tynan’s court yesterday, and they did not like what he did next.
    Judge Tynan ordered the case moved upstairs to the 9th floor and the courtroom of Judge Michael Pastor for the long-delayed preliminary hearing to take place.
    The defendants were apparently aware of the reputation of the courts of the 9th floor and Pastor in particular, who is known as a no-nonsense adjudicator who becomes thoroughly versed in complex cases and moves them along without delay.
    The defendants were so upset to hear that their case had been moved upstairs, they deserted the courtroom en masse.
    Judge Tynan said he would swear out warrants and revoke bail for the defendants if they didn’t immediately make their way to Pastor’s courtroom.

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    Fake News courtesy of Scientologist Ronnie Edward Stevens aka Rizza Islam was posting the same day he posted his video on Instagram and never skipped a beat.

    claims he was banned on Facebook for 30 days, No he wasn't

    he just didn't post to his account for 11 days.. which is normal for his posts there.
    Infinity is a Scientology term

    and he wasn't blocked on his Rizza Islam Humanitarian page either
    Sept 12th 3 posts
    Sept 11th 1 post
    Sept 5th 3 posts
    Sept 4th 1 post
    sept 3rd 1 post

    Rizza Islam just enjoys the manipulation games
    Humanitarian is a Scientology term/

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    Rizza Islam is fibbing

    Momma came to town because if She didn't show up in Court on the Sept 17 in judge Tynans courtroom she was going to Jail
    and the reason all the defendants showed up in court after blowing off the last 5 court date
    This was the reason they all showed up, they didn't have a choice.

    while Hanan's lawyer claimed she was on her deathbed. (cancer)
    going so far to waving her HIPPA rights to disclose her medical records to the court on a previously reported court date.
    the case was moved upstairs to Judge pastors court. who handles complexed cases. ( one example: Conrad Murray- Michael Jackson Death trial)
    and she will stick around because the LA courts have had enough of the shenanigans.
    Hanan appeared in LA at her son's appearance in the premiere of Hidden Colors 5
    While her lawyers were telling the courts She was too ill to travel
    and Rizza posting the evidence of this sham on his Instagram page (this was dumb)
    Hanan for showing up in LA at a public gathering that was publicized (even dumber)
    and could be the reason why your ALL sitting in a tougher Judges court.
    (and the above stupid stunts could add more charges if the case goes to trial)

    and it certainly could be the central reason your cases were moved to the Big Boys courtroom.

    and Judge Pastor's not a magistrate to play with.

    it hasn't cost these hucksters with pro-bono Scientologist Lawyers a dime and all the previous deceiving /delaying in the lower court got them bumped in Judge Pastor's courtroom. (4 years of it)

    even their Lawyers understand the seriousness in turn of events that have occurred.

    the Lawyers for the children already threw Hanan under the bus when they claimed she was the person who took all the Medi-Cal Money.
    (as previously noted in a previous article by Tony Ortega)

    if convicted the state is likely to go after full restitution. you might want to think about how your all going to pay it back.
    (Hanan Islam previously told Judge Tynan's court she had no means to pay it back)
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    Hanan Islam has been watching and following Sovereign Citizen videos on her youtube channel.

    still grasping straws even the judge admonished Hanan and Rizza in court twice.



    for the airmchair doubters after the latest court reporting

    Heres your sign.
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    Scientologists Hanan Islam Tony Muhammad, Izzy, and mary Ann Chait 2012

    Izzy uses the term Schwartze a racist German -Yiddish term for BLACKS
    The Scientologist who sold a hot dinosaur skull to Nicolas Cage
    By Tony Ortega | December 22, 2015
    Joey Chait’s sentencing memo: Abused in Scientology’s Sea Org and in fear of wealthy dad
    By Tony Ortega | July 18, 2016

    also see
    Alfrauddie with Izzy Chait
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    hide your children from Rizza's covert Scientology preditory recruitment games
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    the defendants in the Medi-Cal case Hanan Islam, Rizza Islam, Zakiyah Islam, Nimit Islam, and Beverly Bayon Washington

    the defendants are divided into 2 categories.


    the correct term I will use is called WOBBLERS these are defendants facing misdemeanors or minor felonies who are working on a plea deal with the prosecutors pre-trial

    the WOBBLERS, in this case, are Zakiyah Islam, Nimit Islam, and Beverly Bayon Washington

    the second two: are facing FELONY counts at Trial. and are not working with the court to resolve the case.

    Hanan Islam and Ronnie Steven Islam facing felony charges if their cases go to trial.

    they are not cooperating in their cases and will be charged as FELONY

    Hanan and Ronnie Steven Islam aka RIZZA ISLAM used another Sovereign Citizen ploy wanted to have a FARETTA WAIVER

    for their Preliminary Hearings in Judge pastors courtroom.
    (they are telling the court they want to ditch their lawyers and represent themselves) hurr durr.
    they have to prove they are intelegent and have no mental Ilness, and other rules
    (the Judge can deny thier FARETTA WAIVER REQUEST)

    given the complexed nature of the case the waiver would likley be denied.
    the law applies in all of California

    HANAN and RIZZA wanted to basically represent themselves in court by waiving their rights to Legal council in their courtroom cases.

    lawyers can be retained outside the courtroom

    they would still retain legal counsel outside the courtroom with their current Lawyers
    (they can't help you in the courtroom when you fuck up)

    quote: guarantees that a defendant in a state criminal trial has an independent constitutional right of self-representation and that he may proceed to defend himself without counsel when he voluntarily and intelligently elects to do so; and in this case, the state courts erred in forcing petitioner against his will to accept a state-appointed public defender and in denying his request to conduct his own defense. : end quote

    quote: the law stated defendant in a state criminal trial has a constitutional right to proceed without counsel when he voluntarily and intelligently elects to do so. : end quote

    the defendants Hanan Islam and Ronnie Steven Islam were going to be facing felony charges in Judge Tynan's courtroom

    in their Preliminary Hearings if the case went to trial.

    (even their staged walkout on when they were ordered to appear in Judge Pastor's courtroom by Judge Tynan was a kookie Sovereign Citizen ploy)

    you're in a criminal court facing an order to appear in court, not for a traffic violation you wouldn't have gotten out of the building!

    the 3 other cases are defined as WOBBLERS in the case

    Zakiyah Islam, Nimit Islam, and Beverly Bayon Washington would likely be facing Mistomenors with a plea-deal of lesser charges

    when the Pleminary Hearings were moved to Judge Pastor's courtroom because of the circumstances uncovered by the Prosecution.

    interestingly Zakyyah Islam chances of a Mistomenor ended and now becomes a likelihood of facing Felony charges if and when the case goes to trial, barring a re-worked plea agreement.

    with the Pleminary Hearing moved to Judge Pastors Courtroom. the prosecution told the court it wants to bring felony charges.
    (Zakyyah can still continue work out a plea deal with the prosecution)

    Nimit Islam and Beverly Bayon Washington will likely remain misdemeanors

    Nimit Islam and Beverly Bayon Washington lawyers only addressed the court on a few issues.
    they weren't part of the sovereign citizen mess Rizza and Hanan tried to pull

    Nimit Islam and Beverly Bayon Washington will still be looking at misdemeanors if the case goes to trial.

    Zakiyah Islam, Nimit Islam, and Beverly Bayon Washington did not ask the court for a FARETTA WAIVER.and have told the court thru their Lawyers told the court they wished to retain their personal Legal counsel. and didn't wish to claim the Sovereign Citizen arguments before the courts that Hanan and Ronnie argued.

    Faretta Waiver can't be used as an excuse to delay the Preliminary Hearings.

    Rizza's personal lawyer Gary S Brown a Scientologist passed away their case started to unravel
    (Mr. Brown was also the lead lawyer for all 6 defendants including George Newbey III who previously plead guilty to lesser Mistomenor charges)

    after Hanan Islam was doing her sovereign citizen hokie 3 Sherrif deputies were ready to place her into custody. and was real close to being cuffed taken into custody..untill the judge intervened

    Rizza Islam spoke after this.
    that's when the FARETTA WAIVER nonsense was stated in Rizza's address to the court.
    Rizza's and Hanan Islam's legal counsel addressed the FARETTA WAIVER with their clients.
    (Hey dummies you wanna lose the case knock it off)
    there was also an argument by one of the Lawyers that continuance forms weren't submitted.
    when the case was moved to his court.
    Judge Pastor told the lawyer those arguments would go under OATH and that argument was dropped by the Attorney.

    the 5 Lawyers wanted the possible pending Trial to move into a different court than Judge pastors courtroom. and he shot that down. if there Is a Trial it will happen in Judge Pastors courtroom.
    Judge pastors courtroom will fast track these Pleminary Hearings quickly to trial
    All 5 defendants if they ALLL go to trial are looking at full Restitution of the 3 million ( if convicted in trial and lose an appeal.)
    Hanan Islam and her 4 children have told the courts they are indigents
    (and that they ALL have NO JOBS or INCOME as a MEANS of paying restitution)
    Zakiyah Islam Is under the Bus because of her Mother Hanan and Rizza chose to thumb their noses at the court.what was likely a misdemeanor will become Jail Time if she Is convicted.
    the Islam Family helped Alfreddie Johnson slip justice so far by running interference.
    its Alfreddie that should be facing felonies alongside Hanan and Rizza.
    and the Islam children would have walked with Mistomenors and court-supervised 5-year probation. (including Ronnie)
    even Hanan Islam could have had her charges reduced. if she cooperated
    and worked with the Prosicuiters in a plea deal.
    (and maybe even get a reduction in restitution for her role provided she tells them how Alfreddie unlawfully profited from the scheme)
    and the Islam children could have/might have gotten a break on restitution.
    instead, you're on the hook for the little bully and tyrant who exploited and bullshitted you all.
    All for Alfruddie's silly Scientology cult that protects him and abandoned the Islam's
    HANAN and RIZZA Barking their repeated Scientology TR's at the judge thinking he was going to bite. FAILED.
    Rizza being Rizza trying to impress upon Judge Pastors his superior intellect, backfired.
    Hanan Islams barking at people in the courtroom was admonished by Judge Pastor and was told to sit down and shut up. this happened before the hearing took place.
    (duh! it's a PUBLIC HEARING)
    when your convicted Scientology automatically declares you a Suppressive Person for a felony conviction.
    and you're already been cut off from Scientology services. because you potentially place Scientology in legal jeopardy
    Hanan and Rizza Islam are mired in an Ethics handling cycle, Sec checks, lower conditions, and formula of Liability - Interrogations and all the other B.S that comes with Scientology.
    which your on the hook paying Scientology money you don't have for the privilege of being psychologically manipulated.
    with the purpose to cover Scientology's and Alfreddie's asses.
    RIZZA you slumped down in court in your chair like a defeated man when Judge Pastor put things into perspective. and shot down your Sovereign Citizen and FARETTA WAIVER crap you got from the internetz.
    Scientology cut you loose RIZZA, you're a liability.

    must say seeing Hanan wearing that shiny lilac Islamic getup in court was really a hoot.
    purple in the picture you posted looks is better on her.
    P.S Scientology's OSA's lawyer Ken Long stopped attending your hearings because it's over for them.
    P.S there are already 3 convictions in this case.
    If you're in LA I recommend you attend this Scientology circus sideshow
    as well as witness the professionalism of Judge Pastors court.
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    cut and paste URL if your viewing this page on the Wayback Internet Archive
    (SP's) the enemy is everywhere.. paranoid much Rizza?

    Mr. I'm smarter than you, gonna fire his Lawyer and tell the judge how the law works

    don't make too many travel plans - a rapid-fire succession of court dates await.
    Judge Pastors will get you to the trial quickly

    if they are convicted and lose their appeal
    Hanan is looking at 60 to 120 months in County Jail
    Rizza is looking at 24 to 48 months in County jail

    you'll have to take a real job to pay off the 3 million in restitution.

    because you can't implicate the real culprit behind your schemes Alfrauddie aka Under Cove Lover Bubba Baby?


    Instagram is deleting my videos! heh! hogwash

    word clear footbullet
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    Alfrauddie Rolling out another Scientology flavored scam
    (everything he does turns out to be)

    hes been using the phony title of Spiritual Tycoon moniker for several years
    Midget in the center Is David Miscavige Scientology Poobah

    Scientology Buffoon
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    World Literacy Crusade (WLC) is a non-profit organisation formed in 1992 by the Rev. Alfreddie Johnson to fight illiteracy, and supported by the Church of Scientology.[1][2] The group uses "study technologies" and "drug rehabilitation technologies" developed by L. Ron Hubbard, the Church's founder.[3][4] It has been characterized as a "Scientology front group",[5][6] and has been promoted by celebrity Scientologists such as Isaac Hayes and Anne Archer.[1]

    Registered by Mommy the phony doctor
    Supported by Scientology.
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    Loose lips sink ships
    Rizza trying to keep a lid on his criminal background
  38. Triumph Member

    staff= daughters & Scientologist Henry Ospita former WLC lackey and purveyor of quack Scientology cures
    healing retreats = empty your bank accounts for quack therapies

    link for Wayback Internet Archive (cut and paste into your browser)
    fake fraudulent doctor heal thyself
  39. Triumph Member

    H.S. Dropout - Community College Dropout Rizza Islam playing Doctor on Scientology 2018
    Smart Way Phonics Is based on Scientology Study Tech
    Compton College/El Camino College is a jr college
    in California, you don't need a GED to attend a Jr College.

    Scientology's Fraudulent Study Technology

    its underlying purpose is to introduce children to Scientology terminology and training.

    FCAT scores at Pinellas charter school that used Scientology 'study tech' are among lowest in Tampa Bay

    DUNEDIN — When Hanan Islam and her management company took control of the struggling Life Force Arts and Technology charter school here last summer, she passed out lesson plans based on the work of the Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.
    She said Hubbard's "study technology" would enlighten children and help save the school. But grades from Florida's standardized FCAT test released Thursday show that, in one year under Islam's management, Life Force students' education suffered.

    Life Force's third- and fourth-graders scored the lowest or second-lowest passing rates in math, reading and writing of more than 300 elementary schools across Tampa Bay

    there Is a reason Rizza Islam was a drop out = Scientology Study Tech

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