Alfreddie Johnson and the Nation of Islam

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    Alfreddie Johnson and the Nation of Islam


    Fred Shaw

    Tampa Tribune
    Isaac Hayes plugs course on literacy - public housing program draws lesson from Scientology
    Aug 1995

    LA Times
    Literacy Drive by Group Uses Lessons of Scientology Founder Aug 1997

    LA Times Jan 2007
    Dream of NFL team spurs anger and skepticism

    Proposed Lynwood Development Draws Support and Criticism 2007
    Alfreddie Johnson-Hanan Islam-CCLA-Imperial Partners & Inglewood Promenade
    Scientologist Hanan Islam Director of WLC and CCLA
    and Alfreddies Campaign Mgr

    CW Press July 2007
    Lynwood defies order to hold recall vote

    LA Sentinel Sept 2007
    Recall Set in Motion /
    Alfreddie Johnson-Hanan Islam-CCLA

    LA Sentinel 2007
    Lynwood Residents Accuse Willoughby of Malpractice and Misrepresentation
    Alfreddie Johnson-Hanan Islam

    LA Wave Oct 2007
    Lynwood mayor, councilman ousted from City Hall;sc=1019&hn=wavenewspapers&

    LA Times
    Lynwood mayor, 3 council members voted out

    City Council Member to Replace Alfreddie Johnson; City of Lynwood Voter Information

    Lynwood Watch
    Angeles Field Lawsuit against city resumes (IMPERIAL PARTNERS) Alfreddie Johnson

    (Imperial Development)Alfreddie Johnson & Tony Muhammad Alfreddie Johnson Angeles Field&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=firefox-a&

    Lynwood Watch 2007
    Alfreddie Johnson (Incumbent)
    Alfreddie Johnson-Hanan Islam

    Lynwood Watch 2007
    Four Council members Recalled
    Alfreddie Johnson

    Lynwood Watch 2006
    Ethnic Transformation In Lynwood
    Alfreddie Johnson

    Lynwood Watch 2007
    Alfreddie Johnson Tony Muhammad Imperial Partners

    Lynwood Watch 2007
    Recall Proponents Submit Over 4,500 Signatures

    Lynwood Watch 2008
    Fraudulent Section 8 Vouchers Sold at World Literacy Crusade

    Lynwood Watch 2007
    Corruption Angeles Field-Lynwood Prominade-Tony Muhammad

    Lynwood watch 2006
    Imperial Patners partners

    LA Times 1987
    Local Elections : Lynwood Candidate Questioned About Claim of Having College Degree

    LA Times
    Renters in search of affordable housing get scammed March 2008

    it was Alfreddies WLC offices Hanan Islam was also involved they admitted to selling vouchers that were to go to the Homeless

    Final Call (NOI publication)
    Western regional minister marks 10th anniversary 2005
    Tony Muhammad & Imperial Partners

    Inglewood, California February 2, 2010 The City Council PDF
    Tony Muhammad and Imperial Partners

    Inglewood Promenade 2008
    Tony Muhammad and Imperial Partners

    Incident Changes Role of Minister
    Tony Muhammad Imperial Partners

    Inglewood overturns denial of permit to Scientologists (Tony Muhammad) 2010

    Final Call (NOI Publication) 2007
    California Exit exams fail students (Alfreddie Johnson WLC)

    Final Call (NOI Publication) 2010
    Psychiatry: An Industry of Death
    Tony Muhammad & Alfreddie Johnson

    Joint venture
    Art of Management, Inc.
    Alfreddie Johnson and Tony Muhammad

    will post more links
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  2. Triumph Member

    Angeles Field and Lynwood Promenade was a Multi-Million Dollar Development deal to build an NFL football field..(in the hopes of attracting an NFL franchise to Los Angeles)
    In Alfreddie Johnson district

    his actions in those dealings caused his being recalled from Office...along with two others.

    Tony Muhammad was in on the development deal..and would have received funds to rebuild his Mosque and a drug rehab center

    Tony Muhammad Royal Entertainment myspacepage
  3. Anonymous Member

    Not sure if want?

  4. He's either standing in a trench or he's even shorter than Cruise. (although I will grant that Cruise wears lifts, then again Alfreddie might too...)

    WTF is up with the cult midgets?
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  5. Triumph Member

    Alfreddie Johnson and Issac Hayes

    Afreddie spent alot of time an effort pulling Issac Hayes into Scientology
    there are several dozen of cult links promoting this

    Alfreddie spent an inordinate amount of Time with his nose burried in Issac's backside
    through their Scientology Connections

    here a just a few links

    Tampa Tribune
    Isaac Hayes plugs course on literacy - public housing program draws lesson from Scientology Aug 1995

    Isaac Hayes…The US mega star with Ghanaian royal blood
    A message to Brother Man Isaac Hayes
    Washington Post
    Scientology's Soul Man
    Cults Busts
    thats Alfreddie In the Ministers hes into the NOI Bow Tie Look

    Alfreddie with Issac and Chaka Kahn
    Tony Muhammad is mentioned here too..
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  6. Triumph Member

    Men Who Care (another Alfreddie Johnson Gung-Ho group) ISSAC HAYES Alfreddie johnson&cd=69&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=firefox-a&

    Isaac Hayes, Doug E. Fresh,Haywood Nelson (Dwayne Wayne), executive board Other board members include Chaka Khan, MC Lyte, Russel Simmons, Dr. Ben Chavis, Tommy Davidson

    Dr Ben Chavis was briefly the president of the NAACP who left because of a sex scandal in 1994

    since 1997 he is known as Dr Benjamin Chavis Muhammad of the Nation of Islam
    for a brief period he was given the post of Minister in Charge at Mosque #7 In NY City he left his post there because of another Sex scandal
    Benjamin Chavis Muhammad
    IS doing Dianetics auditing

    Scientology will look to exploit his connections..and he had enough baggage and ruin to exploit.

    Dr Benjamin Chavez Muhammad has all kinds of connections
    View attachment National%20Hip%20Hop%20Team%20Launches%20Vote%2020
    which rapper mogel will become fresh meat for Scientology?

    Benjamin Chavis Muhammad , Is a chief executive officer of the Hip-Hip Summit Action Network, a coalition of hip-hop musicians and recording industry executives

    the Village Voice
    The Shame of Mosque No. 7

    Ben Chavez was one of the organizers the Million Man March
    Issac Hayes was one of the speakers
    where ever Issac went Alfreddie was sure to follow
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  7. Triumph Member

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  8. Triumph Member

    Louis Farrakhan Kool Aid Drinker at least since 2006
    thats Alfreddie J (left) with Tony Muhammad (center) in the Pic

    no one bother to tell Louie L Ron Got his Physics degree off the back of Box of Cereal?
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  9. Anonymous Member

    geez, these guys are rollin' in it
  10. TC_appeases_AJ_v1.jpg

    So that's how Tom convinced Alfreddie to join!
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  11. Anonymous Member

    from the WLC web page Alfreddie Johnson and Hanan Islam making Bank off the NOI
  12. Anonymous Member

    Local kings? wtf?
  13. Triumph Member

    this will explain some of it
    Isaac Hayes…The US mega star with Ghanaian royal blood

    Scientology and Alfreddie scrambled Issac's brain

    He traveled there with Alfreddie on several occasions to pimp Scientology in Ghana
    the Ghana Royals also attended Issacs funeral

    Issac and Alfreddie had a front group called (NEKO TECH) to promote Scientology in Ghana

    they hooked a couple of Non-Scientologists for some Moneyz
    and folded when the moneyz dried up

    REV Alfreddie Johnson *
    Isaac Hayes (RIP)*
    Denzel Washington
    Tom Cruise*
    Bob Johnson BET-TV(RIP)
    Steven Segal
    Nancy Cartwright*

    its one of those front groups than disappeared when nothing that was promised was produced

    rich famous westerner comes promising $$$$ we make him a king..
  14. Triumph Member

    Alfreddie Johnson is the Founder of the World Literacy Crusade

    this document was published in 2006

    Scientologist Cheryl Duncan is a publicist
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  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Triumph Member

    Alfreddie Johnson & Hanan Islam
    Hanan is the executive director of the World Literacy Crusade (Scientology Front Group)
    Hanan was partners with Alfreddie in the American Health and Education Clinics (Narconon)
    Hanan was Alfreddies Campaign Mgr when he was elected in Lynwood
    Hanan CCLA Concerned Citizens of Lynwood Alliance started to protest Alfreddie being removed in a Recall election

    Community Empowerment Foundation Hanan Islam was an officer along with Alfreddie Johnson
    Hanan was an executive council member of Men Who Care,Another of Alfreddie's front groups

    Fraudulent Section 8 Vouchers Sold at World Literacy Crusade

    American Seminars Leaders Association
    Dr. Hanan Islam

    Hanan is connected to Alfreddies defunct True Faith Christian Center

    Whatever you find Alfreddie Johnson -Hanan Islam is not far behind.

    Hanan is not a Member of the Nation of Islam
    Hanan and Alfreddie Get their Freak On at a Chaka Kahn Concert in Clearwater

    Heres Hanans bogus profile at Find a CE

    Hanan Islam LinkedIn

    from Hanan's WLC Profile

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  17. Anonymous Member

    Alfreddie Johnson and Minister Tony Muhammad are shilling a book together
    written with Scientologist Sean Clowden
    Called the Power of Words. its nothing more than Scientology "Word Clearing"
    notice Alfreddie uses the "Lynwood Promenade Association of Contractors" reference along side his other list of associations
    the Lynwood Promenade Association of Contractors is in association with "Imperial Partners" debacle that got him recalled from his political office!

  18. Anonymous Member

    Heres The Nation of Islam West Coast Regional Minister Tony Muhammad page for the co-authored book
    Tony has alot of Celebrity friends and famous athletes

    " is the Founder of a real estate development company, BTM and Royal Entertainment, for the purpose of consultation and negotiation of various types of contracts"

    Minister Tony is also involved in the deal that got Alfreddie tossed out of Lynwood politics

    Personal Attack on Treasurer Sparks Fireworks at Inglewood Council Meeting

  19. Triumph Member

    Our Weekly
    Inglewood Promenade
    Sep 11, 2008

    LA Times
    Incident Changes Role of Minister
    Tony Muhammad says he wants to be a source of help to the LAPD, not controversy, in the wake of his alleged beating by police officers.

    The Wave
    Inglewood overturns denial of permit to Scientologists
  20. Triumph Member

    Rev Al Freddy=Rev Alfreddie Johnson
    Minister Tony Mohammad=Minister Tony Muhammad

    Alfreddie and Tony may have been trying to raise money for the Inglewood Scientology Building
    through their Connection with Imperial Partners and John McDonald

    as it relates to the WLC Document in Reply #14 (please read)

    the New Scientology Building is near the boundaries of the Imperial Partners Ingelwood Promenade Project
    Both Tony and especially Alfreddie had connections with John McDonald and Imperial Partners
    its the Angeles Fields project (Imperial Partners ) and shady deals in Lynwood that causes Alfreddie to be booted out of office.

    if you look at all the articles ,documents it certainly falls within the realm of possibility.

    its more likley they were raising money and negotiating to build next to the Nation of Islam Mosque that Tony Muhammad operates to place thier Dianetics operations in practice for the Nation of Islam..the mosque is also near the boundaries of the Imperial Partners Ingelwood Promenade

    or both projects..Mosque and Idle Morgue .together

    either way its money in the pocket..
  21. Triumph Member

  22. DeathHamster Member

    Where is Art of Management Inc incorporated? It's not listed in California.
  23. Anonymous Member

    they are vultures feeding on their own
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Since when is Alfreddie Johnson an "educational expert"?
    It says he has a Phd, has anyone checked his records?

    and also on the cover page of his book...
    the way the back page is written...
    It kind of makes it sound like "misunderstood words" are his idea. Also uses the word "knowingness".
    So COS is ok with him signing his name to the statements he made as if they are his own? Talk about squirreling the tech.
    I guess COS doesn't care as long as it is part of their dissemination?
    How long before Alfreddie cuts out COS completely? Me thinks he is building his base with Hanan, untill gets powerful enough to go on his own. Then he cut fees going to COS? just sayin'
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Alfreddie's stats from when he was running for council, says he has a BA from UCLA not a Phd
    A Phd requires 8 -13 years of college
    so... WTF?
    Does he even have a BA?
    anyone check?
  26. Triumph Member

    I imagine its something they tossed together recently just prior to Saviors day
    they had a booth to shill copies

    the book is now listed on Amazon and other sites
    Alfreddies partner in Crime
    theres some interesting stuff on a couple other threads on Hanan Islam edumucation background its from info she provides

    Dr. Hanan Islam claims of being a doctor appear to be shady
    and her educational background she provides is suspect at best

    1)Eden Institute (not really school of higher learning) they only hand out certificates for participation conflicting claims she got her naturopathic doctorate degree from here
    2)(edit)Rochville university (a Well Know Diploma Mill) she all claims a naturopathic doctorate degree from another source
    and the site dosen't seem to have any doctorate degrees or anything resembling a naturopathic doctorate degree listed
    She also claims a Masters degree from Rochville U in social work
    I saw no courses there that award Master degrees or offered a social worker course

    Roachville University is the kind of place that will stamp whatever certification you want as long as you pay $$$$$$ google it.

    3)Brenning Institute (drug rehab certification) registered addiction specialist-another shady connection alot of Narconon employees go that route-including Alfreddie
    4) a Metapsychologist certified through the Traumatic Incident Reduction Association.

    as for Alfreddie the one reference of his College education is a repeat of a claim he made in the LA Times of a BA degree from UCLA in the late 1980s

    checking for UCLA Alumni records brings up Goose Eggs when you search for Alfreddie Johnson

    its funny how he uses the claim of "Concerned Citizens of Linwood Alliance" that was created to protect his sorry behind when he was being run out of some kind of sterling accomplishment.
    it was created as an Attempt to keep Alfreddie in office... and keep him out of prison.
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  27. Anonymous Member

  28. Anonymous Member

    Someone told me that you can not obtain a Phd from UCLA
    hey Alfreddie.... where did you get your edumacation you boast about?
  29. Triumph Member

    here in this shameless puff piece Alfreddie says he Attended UCLA and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in History and Economics
    Alfreddie founded the Front Group Men Who Care on March 16th 2003 so this document was written around this time or later

    a Bachelor of Science
    Bachelor of Arts
    a PhD

    the manure keeps piling up..and the barnyard stinks
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  30. Triumph Member

    just in time for his election hes claiming he Has a Bachelor of Arts degree

    A Bachelor of Science degree is science based. It is designed to provide a balanced liberal arts education and a scientific, technical,

    Bachelor's of Arts degree is a humanities based degree.

    A PhD or doctorate is an academic degree or professional degree
    takes years to acquire

    when did he have time from 2005 to present day
    with all his flimflaming and creating a dozen failed front groups

    going by Info here that Alfreddie Provides he had a Bachelors of Science Degree in March 2003 according to the first document
    and a Bachelor of Arts Degree by November 8th of 2005

    fishy fishy

    was Alfreddie a Student at UCLA and saving the planet..running a full time ministry- giving speeches..appearing on TV..running his drug rehab..running the WLC claiming to run
    35 chapters from South Los Angeles to South Africa
    as well as 5 or 6 other confidence games..while representing himself as the VP of a Local NAACP-claiming hes a developer.running a political campaign and jet setting around the globe with his nose up Issac Hayes ass crack

    AhhhhaAHHhaaaHaaa NO
    Jack of All Trades-Master of None...

    then there is this gem this was before he even knew who L Ron Hubbard Was
    LA Times 1987
    Local Elections : Lynwood Candidate Questioned About Claim of Having College Degree

    so he goes from claiming he has a BA Degree in 1987
    to a BS Degree in 2003
    back to a BA Degree in 2005
    on his way to a PhD
    Hes confused.. or a Liar
  31. Triumph Member

  32. Perhaps Alfreddie Johnson earned his PhD the same way L. Ron Hubbard did. LRH earned his PhD the old fashioned way, he purchased it for 250 bux from a diploma mill named Sequoia University in CA that he helped form. "Dr." L. Ron Hubbard dropped the Dr. title from his name after this fraud was exposed.

    Did you know he was a certified C. E. (Civil Engineer) Oops, another lie, imean a Nuclear Physicist (1 more Hubbard Lie), WWII war hero with pictures of his 21 medals, 17 of which were stolen valor awards to himself, another disgraceful Hubbard Lie. He actually earned 4 regular service medals and was relieved of his command for firing live shells at a populated Mexican island in WWII.

    L. Ron Hubbard was a lying convicted fraud who Scientology tries to portray as great humanitarian. He died as a fugitive in hiding with heavy psyche drugs in his system. This great humanitarian also personally abused small children on the Apollo.

    He once ordered 4 year old Derek Greene to be placed alone in a dark nasty chain locker for 48 hours as punishment for chewing an incoming telex.

    L. Ron Hubbard was a revolting, absolute scumbag.
    Google L. Ron Hubbard / PhD
    Google: L. Ron Hubbard / Chlid Abuse

    If Alfreddie's PhD is actually bogus, it would be most worldly, most welcome in the world's most deceptive, abusive, controlling, phony scam religion invented by an utter, lying, abusive fraud named L.Ron Hubbard.

    Welcome all members of NOI to the World of Scientology and Xenu Dogma, Dr.? Johnson.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    ahhhh yes, I knew I lead you down the right path Triumph.
    My findings on his education were sketchy and parculiar. I knew you would dig a lot moar.
    Perhaps Alfeddie should change his name to All"fraudie"
    Me thinks his edumacation fantasies should be publically questioned
  34. Anonymous Member

    WHAT? This is an outrage! Someone should really put a stop to this!
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  35. Anonymous Member

    I'm going to x2 on the diploma mill. Though not absolutely true, you typically get a Master's on the way to your PhD. It does depend on the discipline but more often than not, you list your Masters on your CV.

    Back to working on my Doctorate...
  36. Good thinking, Batman.
  37. Anonymous Member

    lol! Holy edumacation fraud! ZONK! BAFF! FAIL!
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  38. Triumph Member

    there might be something to all the wild accusations on the "Lynwood Watch Blog pages".. those folks in his Old Hood may be on to somthin..

    accusations of twice convicted of credit card fraud
    charges of being a convicted felon
    his genysys program being a sham
    using his Mommy's house address to claim residence for political purposes.

    and his shambles of a politics career..
    dipping into public monies..
    doing backroom deals
    covering up sexual affairs of others..while acting Mayor-ish
    firing political thwart a recall election
    and mor

    they didn't like his partner Hanan much there either.

    its no wonder Alfreddie and Hanan moved their operations to Clearwater several months ago
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  39. Triumph Member

    its now All"fraudie" X he dropped his slave name when he joined the NOI
  40. firebug Member

    The BA in history from UCLA seems to be true. I cant find anything on his other claims
    UCLA yearbook 1984


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