Alexander Jentzsch, son of Heber has died.

Discussion in 'Media' started by 1957, Jul 5, 2012.

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    Is it? That's news to me. Dox?

    They kept Scientology "working". VWD.
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    look it up
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    No, that's not the way it works. You made the assertion, you provide the dox, or shut the fuck up.
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    no i didn't
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    Yet more proof that as vicious as this organization is to its real and perceived enemies, you are FAR, FAR safer being an enemy of this cult than its friend.

    Scientology is too incompetent to hurt its enemies at this point. It seems pretty good at killing its friends, though.
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    The psudoephidrine is also technically 'OTC', but generally has to be signed for. I'm sure it's no biggie and he just had allergies, but it would be intriguing to know if he was the one who signed for it.
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    Yes but how on earth did he have Oxycodone and Methadone in his system unbelievable. Also that those disgusting people allowed this young man to die is Totally inexcusable. While a criminal action cannot be filed a Civil action could be brought possibly by the parent.
  12. YouSeeNothing Member

    Methadone tends to be prescribed to ween someone off of opiates, such as Hydrocodone, and is more addictive than heroin. It does seem strange that he would be prescribed both for pain. Perhaps he was trying to withdraw from Hydrocodone (Lortab/Vicodin)?
  13. failboat Member

    Karen wasn't given access to the body, remember? The in-laws prevented her from taking any sort of custody over his remains; they prevented her from even seeing him. She would have needed their cooperation to get private medical examination.

    It also seems like you're speaking in the future tense, "She should have a private autopsy done." Alex was cremated, so it's too late.
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  14. YouSeeNothing Member

    I believe the pharmacy records are going to be vital in the final determination.
  15. Anonymous Member

    a lot of people cheat inside the cult, this is rule nuumber one , they do not know everything about their slaves
  16. Anonymous Member

    Because he took both?
  17. Anonymous Member

    Why does it seem strange?
  18. YouSeeNothing Member

    Seems strange because I always associated methadone with opiate withdrawal. For chronic pain, Oxycontin or Fentanyl seem to be the go-to, extended release meds and Hydrocodone for breakthrough pain. Only going on personal experience with friends and family and for all I know, Methadone may be the new chronic pain med.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Just and FYI Oxycontin is 100% more addictive than Vicodin/Hydrocodone the same goes for Fentanyl which is Very addictive. If a doctor is prescribing those drugs first without using less powerful/addictive yet therapeutically available drugs Vicodin, Tramadol I would find another physician.
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  20. YouSeeNothing Member

    Thanks for the FYI. Unfortunately, it's too late for a very close relative. They were diagnosed with fibromyalgia 15 years ago and have since been on a combination of Oxycontin, Fentanyl lollipops and Dilaudid--daily.
  21. Anonymous Member

    It was just that you said Go-To drug, I could see with an auto-immune disorder such as fibromyalgia in later stages it would be called for and prudent, my apologies.
  22. YouSeeNothing Member

    No apologies necessary. :) I should have been clearer about my experience.
  23. muldrake Member

    I don't know how common it is, but I have seen methadone prescribed for chronic pain before. It is quite long-lasting, one of the reasons it is often prescribed as a heroin substitute. What I find disturbing is the use of multiple narcotic medications. It looks like a Conrad Murray cocktail. Who was prescribing him all this shit?
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    Oh for fuck's sake, I asserted nothing or did you miss the 'could' in my post? You want proof methadone is used as a painkiller, it's only a Google away.

    After that I'm just a sufferer of chronic back pain that often leaves me unable to sit up without pain so I got a regular little pharmacy of my own going on here.

    Opiods (Tramadol), dihydrocodeine and not Gabapentin but Lyrica, which is the same kind of thing. They sound dodgy but it all makes sense to me. Took a while for the Doc to convince me about the Lyrica but it really worked and blocks the nerve pain that goes from hip to ankle and makes you want to chew your leg off.

    Look, I'm not a medical professional and all I'm trying to get across is that I believe Alexander didn't have a drug problem and that the list of medication would be normal for someone who had damaged their back in an accident, even if it looks a bit shocking to a healthy person.
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    Andrew Weil. Can't stand that fucker.

    Lots of people wind up on opiates long term for pain. It is dangerous. The tolerance can be a big problem. But on the other hand, chronic pain also sucks. Sometimes there is no perfect solution.
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  27. The Wrong Guy Member

    From Tony Ortega on Facebook:

    DOX: We have the autopsy report on Alexander Jentzsch, son of Scientology president Heber Jentzsch. As we were told, he died of taking methadone while suffering from pneumonia. But small details in the report remind us what a stupid situation Alex was in because of Scientology policies.

    DOX: Autopsy Report of Scientology President’s Son, Alexander Jentzsch | The Underground Bunker
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  28. Anonymous Member

    it's heartbreaking, no matter how you look at it.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    unless one is a Scientologist
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  30. HOLY XENU. Hubbard was telling the truth. But he left out the role his cult would play in these deaths he so accurately predicted/intended.

  31. Random guy Member

    Died from pneumonia. In the middle of a industrialized country, in the bedroom of a well off family. The stupidity is astounding.
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  32. jensting Member

    That's what I thought. And then I thought "surely public health-care in California is not as bad as making pneumonia a fatal condition if within reach of a hospital?!?"

    and how did he get that methadone, again? Would a person qualified to prescribe it not know to do a general health check (including listening to his lungs?!?)

    Just sad. And avoidable. And it's difficult to think how it could have happened except for L Ron Hubbard's disconnection policy as enforced by David Miscavige and Tommy Davis.
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    Why can't others see this? Unbelievable!
  34. The Wrong Guy Member

    Five years ago: Scientology’s ‘disconnection’ and the death of Alexander Jentzsch

    By Tony Ortega, July 3, 2017


    Today, five years after Alexander’s death, Chris Shelton has put together a video to remind us of what Karen lost, and what she went through after her son’s death.

    Says Chris: “Alex Jentzsch was a friend of mine in the Sea Org who died just as I was starting to get my head out of Scientology. On this fifth anniversary of his death on July 3, 2012, I wanted to put together a memorial befitting him. His mother Karen De La Carriere and her husband Jeffrey Augustine were kind enough to do interviews with me at their home and dredge up some pretty bad memories in the process. I think the final result was worth it. Alex was one of the good guys.”

    Alexander Jentzsch: A Scientology Tragedy in 3 Acts | Chris Shelton

    Alex Jentzsch, the son of Heber Jentzsch, died on July 3, 2012 at 27 years old. He was one of the good guys in Scientology and his whole story is a tragedy. This video is my memorial to him.
  35. Does Karen number one feel any remorse for donating her son to the cult that killed him?
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  36. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology’s reclusive ‘president,’ 82-year-old Heber Jentzsch, tells a niece he’s doing fine

    By Tony Ortega, May 14, 2018


    Tammy Clark tells us she sent a letter to her uncle Heber Jentzsch in November, hoping to find out how he’s doing as he turned 82. This week, she received a reply. But she’s suspicious about it.



    More at
  37. TrevAnon Member

    Yes, we know.

    If you're the real Andrea Jentzsch a far better way to get attention would be to leave the cult and speak out.

    Otherwise STFU.
  38. I need attention AND MONEY!


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