Alexander Jentzsch, son of Heber has died.

Discussion in 'Media' started by 1957, Jul 5, 2012.

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    Probably not legally but their Thetans were separated.
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    You mean like with creative shooping? Like Xenu/Hubbard holding her on a leash, Jabba the Hut style?
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    I have a feeling that if she ever did get a sniff of fame now there will be someone on hand to remind the public of what she did. As Alexander's spouse, she would have given the order to bar Karen from seeing the body.
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    Having had so many girls to potentially choose from, the late Mr. Jentzsch could have done a LOT better...
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    No u.
    Alexander was in the Sea Org, plus the President's son. He could have had any girl we wanted from that selection.
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    Andrea Jentzsch
    [IMG] Andrea-J_3673.JPG
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  14. It's obvious Andre would never get any work "modeling" or "acting" in LA were competion is stiff and couldn't even get any in Houston. She's got a pasty duck look that not even the most flattering photos can hide - not to mention yet another lame ass fairy tattoo. Sad that after Alexander left the SO he had to put up with that shallow twit trying to pursue her vainglorious dream of being a model or some shit. Bet he had to pay for those awful portfolio shots and constantly reassure her she was really pretty!

    After the nasty, heartless way she handled Karen I can't but help think the SO is where she deserves to be. It's probably one of the few groups she could be considered "pretty" among (and thats obviously very important to her, in the big bad wog world shes barely average in looks) and she seems cold and cruel enough to follow CI the way she's supposed too.

    Just remember this is what the SO personnel is composed of. One day she was supposed to be clearing the planet and have ultimate ethics presence, giving her power over the lives of others culties. The minute she's out of the SO she's getting stupid tramp stamps and paying a photographer to snap photos of her in a bikini playing with her nappy hair. I can't imagine many of the young people recruited into the SO want to be throttled into LRH's conformist navy fantasy bullshit. The SO now, because so much of it is second gen Scios, are a bunch of kids being convinced to play a serious roles in a Space Opera they dont understand nor ever wanted. It's different from 30 years ago where you had the loonies who willingly and passionately CHOSE to join the SO. (Like Herber, Karen, and Marty) I'm thinking getting the recent, current batch of SO recruits to blow may be much easier work than in previous decades. The only thing probably holding most of them in is fear of disconnection and disappointing their parents (& oh yeah they get to be DBs if they leave too). The fanatical belief in LRH was for their parents, I don't think it's the case with many of them (though they would be afraid to admit it). I think getting rid of the SO or ensuring their ranks thin majorly in the next few years might be pretty easy work.
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    Ugly outside and ugly inside.
  16. Etain Member

    Much as I don't like harping on girls over their looks, I agree that these pictures are lousy. A good photographer can make even an otherwise 'plain' girl look pretty and appealing to the eye. There is nothing here that makes her even remotely appealing to anyone. They remind me of the kind of pictures a teen girl would take of herself with her iphone.

    Really, she looks bored and stiff. And stiff as a board. The top shot just makes her look like she's scratching her head. The tattoo doesn't help much, either. The swimsuits don't flatter or add anything. they cover her essential parts, nothing else. A model should look relaxed, comfortable and visually appealing.

    FAIL on all counts.
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    Enough already.
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  22. Etain Member

    THIS. She's posing for the camera but... there's no life in her.

    Then again, she's in Scientology. The life is sucked out of you.
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  23. alexander he wanna de attention ho jes like momma.
  24. Anonymous Member

    I see airbrush work on those pictures.
  25. Anonymous Member

    HELLo OSA failtroll
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    Alexander Jentzsch and Jazz great, Chick Corea
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    Sadly and reluctantly, I have to disagree. Having known second and now third generation Scientologists, in my experience they are indoctrinated in a way their parents (and now grandparents) never were. They grew up in the Church. They grew up completely within the bubble. Unlike their parents, they have known nothing else. They have learned from the earliest age that they are different from, and superior to, mere wogs. The have learned from the earliest age that they, and only they, have the Truth.

    Unlike their parents, many, if not most, have never attended a public school or a non-Scientology private school. My impression is that any sort of public education has been and is increasingly, albeit unofficially, frowned on.

    It is amazing how isolated they can be in a city as large and diverse as Los Angeles, but they are.

    They are, in large, fanatical in a way most of their parents never were. There are, for example, a large number of second generation Scientologists whose parents were never on staff.

    Marty mentions something in his book and/or a blog post that is consistent with what I've heard elsewhere. It is that DM has made it a policy to generally recruit only young, second generation Scientologists with no, or little, formal education into the CMO because they are the most fanatical, or can be made the most fanatical. DM's ideal CMO persona is "Chrome Steel." That is most easily molded starting with uneducated youth who have no experience with the outside world.
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    Andrea's looks are fine; y'all are hating a little here. She's not model material (IMO), but she's certainly not ugly -- on the outside. I do agree with the assessment that the photos are lackluster and she is lackluster in them. Whatever it is she's born to do, it's not that.
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    A lady offered to speak with me while I was looking at Andrea's photos:D
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    FFS! She looks like a bag of antlers.
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    ...and you JIYP?
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    Move on.
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    i'd hit it with two sticks.
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    Alex Jentzsch died way too young, under suspicious circumstances. His mother wasn't allowed to view his body due to Scientology policies on disconnection. But of course as soon as pictures of a woman are posted, all discussion turns to whether or not she is good looking enough.

    Pictures of women, derailing the internet since 198_.
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    Very ordinary looking skinny bitch.
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    " . . . oh, okay. Fuck off, kid. I thought it was a poppy . . . "
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    I might be crazy but I'm no fool, I'm not giving some lady I don't know on the internets my credit card #!!!
  39. JohnnyRUClear Member

    No, I was asking if you got rly excited because a lady wanted to speak with you.
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    ok we get it.
    she is pale, boring, hired a bad photographer, the camera hates her and she has two aspirins on an ironing board.

    She is also another victim of the cult
    Back to the death of Alex plox?
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