Alex Gibney: Going Clear

Discussion in 'Media' started by DeathHamster, Nov 24, 2014.

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  2. ^^ Quote from the comments I like
    "scnethics [COLOR=rgba(0, 39, 59, 0.498039)]a day ago[/COLOR]
    I hope Gibney has made a documentary that will entertain a wide audience. It's extremely difficult to explain to people never in scientology how a sensible and otherwise bright person can be trapped in scientology, while having no idea that they are trapped in anything. It's hard to get atheists and agnostics to see how scientology is different from other religions, and it's difficult to explain to religious people that there is more wrong with scientology than just that it disagrees with their own faith. I hope this movie will make these conversations easier and spread awareness of how sinister the whole operation is.
    Scientology is designed to interact with outside world. The more trouble it has getting the outside world to cooperate with it, the easier it becomes to save people from it. I'm hoping this documentary will make a big impact on the overall effort to de-claw this evil cult.
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  3. I just know the HBO docu will be better than the BBC as Karen de la Carriere was way too invoilved on the BBC one and will end up being a DM bad, LRH good type of documentary as she keeps on auditing for the Freezone.
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  4. Heey Dude that is obvious

    Now fuck off
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  5. KKS, DIAF and go back to ESMB
    This message by ohnoes!! has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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    Who are the 8 Scientologists profiled in ‘Going Clear,’ premiering today? We have a guess.

    By Tony Ortega

    Our countdown is finally over, and today we learn just who is in Alex Gibney’s HBO documentary, Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief. But even though the premiere is still several hours away, you didn’t think we were going to head for the theater without at least taking a guess who’s in the movie, did you?

    Now, we want to be clear about this. We were interviewed for the film, we think we may have a couple of lines in it, and we answered a few other questions for the folks turning Lawrence Wright’s epic 2013 history of Scientology into this project. But we were never told who the film was focusing on, and we haven’t seen a screener. What we do know is what HBO has said about Going Clear, that it tells the stories of eight former Scientologists and the abuse they experienced in it or witnessed.

    But which eight? We’ve come up with our list based on asking a few questions and making some educated guesses. For all we know, we could be way off. But we’re very much looking forward to finding out today who’s really in the movie and then updating our list.

    So here they are, our guesses, in alphabetical order:

    Jason Beghe: Plays the starring role in NBC’s Chicago PD after his character in Chicago Fire proved to be such a strong part of the series. Jason left Scientology in 2008 and became the first former church celebrity to speak out loudly about what he considered its abuses. “Let’s see a motherfucking Clear,” he famously said, denying that Scientology has ever produced the superhuman abilities it promises.

    Tom DeVocht: Once ran Scientology’s building operations in Clearwater, Florida and was a close associate to church leader David Miscavige. Told the Tampa Bay Times after his defection that Miscavige makes fun of Tom Cruise behind his back and has even showed Cruise’s private auditing session videotapes to others in order to mock him.

    Sara Goldberg: Profiled in a stunning Tampa Bay Times piece by Joe Childs, Sara suffered one of the most blatant (and very recent) examples of “disconnection,” the toxic Scientology policy that rips families apart.

    Paul Haggis: The focus of Lawrence Wright’s 2011 New Yorker story that grew into Wright’s book, Haggis is an Academy Award-winning director and screenwriter and father of two lesbian daughters, and he could no longer ignore Scientology’s deep-seated homophobia.

    Mark “Marty” Rathbun: Once the second-highest ranking official in Scientology, Rathbun was Tom Cruise’s auditor before he defected in 2004. When he began to speak out in 2009 with criticisms of Miscavige, he became the target of an intense years-long intimidation campaign out of Scientology’s classic mold.

    Mike Rinder: Former top Scientology spokesman who lost his family to disconnection when he decided he could no longer endure stints in the church’s internal prison for executives and extended periods working closely with Miscavige.

    Spanky Taylor: One of the surprise stars of Wright’s book, she worked closely with John Travolta in his early days in Scientology, and she ended up being treated horribly as she was trying to raise a young daughter.

    Hana Whitfield: Worked closely with L. Ron Hubbard in Scientology’s early days, actually captaining one of his ships as he ran the organization from sea in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

    If you were following things here at the blog last night, you know that some of these folks are here in Park City to see the premiere.

    Continued here:
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    ‘Going Clear': The Controversial Scientology Documentary Premieres At Sundance Today | Decider

    Based on Lawrence Wright’s National Book Award-winning book of the same name, documentarian Alex Gibney’s Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, which premieres at the Sundance Film Festival this afternoon, explores the practices and alleged crimes committed by the Church of Scientology, which is often accused of posing as a glorified cult. Founded in the mid-1950s by science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology has become one of the wealthiest, most controversial religions in the world.

    After Hubbard’s death in 1986, David Miscavige became the head of the church. Since Miscavige’s reign, damaging rumors about the organization have surfaced, with former members shedding light on potential human rights violations, physical and emotional abuse by top executives (including Miscavige himself), imprisonment, brainwashing, and even third-degree murder against one of their own — Lisa McPherson. Notorious for its ties to Hollywood producers and A-list stars, including Tom Cruise (who had Miscavige as his best man in his weddings to both Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes), John Travolta, and more, Scientology, has been fighting accusations for years while also ensuring their most popular and powerful players remain on their team.

    The film, which is creating a lot of buzz to say the least, seeks to explore these alleged crimes as well as the culture of Scientology. Gibney, who is seasoned at working with high profile subjects, has reportedly interviewed former members Paul Haggis, Leah Remini, and Lisa Marie Presley, along with ex-members of Scientology’s administrative branch and those who belonged to the prestigious Sea Organization.

    Continued here:
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  8. 495

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    Waiting for in depth review with bated drool
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    ‘Going Clear’ premieres at Sundance, and we watched in awe with the celebs | The Underground Bunker

    Going Clear is not only the single best film or television show made about Scientology, it’s masterful storytelling and it packs a serious punch squarely at the people who have allowed the organization’s abuse to go along for so long.

    Tom Cruise and John Travolta, you are now on notice.

    Scientology Doc ‘Going Clear’ Claims the Church Split Up Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman | The Daily Beast

    Alex Gibney’s Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief is arguably the most hotly anticipated film premiering at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.
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    Sundance: Scientology Film Subjects Called "Brave," Get Standing Ovation | The Hollywood Reporter

    Gibney, speaking after the film, said that the filmmakers reached out to the major networks to license footage but they all refused out of fear of the Church.

    Gibney publicily thanked his subjects for their bravery in speaking out. "For a film like this to get made, people have to come forward," he said. "That is the only way to encourage the end of abuses."
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    Scientology Doc 'Going Clear' Documents Church Abuse, Details Cruise-Kidman Split

    One of the film’s focal points is Tom Cruise, the Church’s most high-profile member. In archival clips — including footage from a lavish birthday party thrown for Cruise by the Church in the early oughts — the actor is portrayed as a close friend of Miscavige, whom one former Church member says committed several acts of physical abuse. The film essentially calls on Cruise — whom Gibney and Wright claim has personally benefitted from the Church’s cheaply paid labor force — to renounce the Church and Miscavige, and help end the abuse.
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    Sundance Review: 'Going Clear' is a great Scientology explainer, but not much new

    It’s one thing to read former Scientology members’ scattershot tales of abuse, intimidation and mind-control, and quite another to see them pour out their hearts onscreen, which is the principle offering from Going Clear: The Prison of Belief, Alex Gibney’s exquisitely well-constructed documentary that will pack a wallop for those unfamiliar with the sordid tale, but do little to enlighten those who know it well.

    A pastiche of fascinatingly candid talking heads, news footage and archival video of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and his forceful, reptilian successor David Miscavige, Going Clear premiered Sunday afternoon at the Sundance Film Festival to a rousing standing ovation as a large contingency of the documentary’s filmmakers and interviewees took the stage — plaudits that were as much for their courage in the face of the church’s harassment campaigns as they were for Gibney, the decorated director of The Armstrong Lie, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, and Wikileaks: We Steal Secrets.

    There’s something impactful about seeing mature, intelligent, well-spoken men and women onscreen — who seem like perfectly reasonable, critical-thinking human beings — speak at length about their experience in an organization that is anything but. Most of their stories, however, have been out for years; stories of being essentially imprisoned, beaten, brainwashed and financially ruined at the hands of charismatic but deeply paranoid and power-hungry church leaders.

    Continued here:
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    ErikDavis @ErikDavis · 5h 5 hours ago
    In line for my 12th #Sundance15 movie, Alex Gibney's "bombshell scientology doc GOING CLEAR.

    ErikDavis @ErikDavis · 4h 4 hours ago
    It is a madhouse at The Marc for this Gibney doc. Never seen it this crazy. #Sundance15

    ErikDavis @ErikDavis · 2h 2 hours ago
    GOING CLEAR plays like a horror movie, with so many awful, scary stories told. HUGE response from crowd. #Sundance15

    ErikDavis @ErikDavis · 2h 2 hours ago
    Ex-Scientology leaders reveal they've been followed and photographed at Sundance by the church. #Sundance15

    David Fear @davidlfear · 3h 3 hours ago
    The way that volunteers linked hands and formed a protective circle around ex-Scientologists post-screening was scary #GoingClear coda. #Sundance2015

    ErikDavis @ErikDavis · 2h 2 hours ago
    GOING CLEAR basically puts it on Cruise as the only one who can end this. Lots on how church ruined his marriage to Kidman. #Sundance15

    ErikDavis @ErikDavis · 2h 2 hours ago
    GOING CLEAR's saddest moment: when a woman described the day her daughter cut ties with her because the church forbid their relationship
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    Viral begins, and its so frikken delicious!
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    The rage and butthurt has erupted and started to echo on the Internet.

    Delicious! Lip-smacking good!
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    Oh they mad! any bets on how many of the spin-doctors have even watched the movie? My guess is like, um, less than 9,000%. Davey's gang is probably going bananas figuring out how to stop people sheeples from watching, guess in one way its actually good for cult, all the entheta bs gonna have to be cleared (what-ever), means it'll be a rather costly viewing.... bwah-ha-ah-ha-ha-ha!
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    Sundance: Alex Gibney’s ‘Going Clear’ Takes on Scientology | Variety

    By Brent Lang, Senior Film and Media Reporter


    Gibney said that Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon is pressing the IRS to review Scientology’s tax exempt status, but most of the people gathered on stage seemed skeptical that change would come from government agencies.

    “If you are a U.S. Attorney or any form of prosecutor in the United States and you want to take on the Church of Scientology in a case like this, make it your career,” said Mike Rinder, a former senior executive in the Church of Scientology.

    “There is a cost benefit analysis that every prosecutor and every overworked law enforcement agency goes through to decide are they going to devote enormous amounts of time and resouces to attempting to prosecute this sort of crime or are they going to get murderers off the streets,” he added.
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    Scientology afraid of HBO Going Clear

    Published by michaelbennitt on January 25, 2015

    Scientology, Inc. is in nuclear panic mode over Alex Gibney's HBO documentary Going Clear.

    For on-the-scene coverage of the Going Clear movie premiere at Sundance this weekend, go to Tony Ortega's Underground Bunker.
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    ‘Going Clear': Alex Gibney’s Utterly Devastating Look At Scientology

    Based on the book of the same name, Alex Gibney’s Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief is an absolute and utterly devastating takedown of Scientology.

    Before even discussing the film, I need to write a little about the vibe surrounding this Sundance Film Festival screening: It was absolutely bananas. I’ve never seen anything quite like it in my (admittedly modest) four times at Sundance. Security was tight, because the ex-members of Scientology who were in the film and featured in the movie still fear for their safety.

    The documentary itself doesn’t just pull punches, but delivers steroid-enhanced blows. Going Clear has one “clear” message: This is an evil and vindictive organization.

    Continued here:
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    'Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief': Sundance Review | The Hollywood Reporter

    By Leslie Felperin

    Here are the last two paragraphs:

    In the end, the main point of this deeply admirable documentary is to reach and enlighten that broader audience in a way that far too many publications and media outlets have been afraid to do. Experts who have never been part of the church, such as campaigning journalist Tony Ortega and the Hollywood Reporter’s own Kim Masters offer astute analysis and factual context about why the organization has recruited within the entertainment industry and has managed to survive innumerable legal battles, although new cases may turn that tide.

    The doc ends on a hopeful note by reporting that according to best estimates the numbers of followers has dwindled to approximately 50,000 at best worldwide. That said, an organization that’s managed to retain its tax-exempt status based on its classification as a religion according to the IRS with access to some $3 billion in assets, is still a fearsome beast to contend with. Money like that can buy a lot of lawyers. But survivors, “suppressive persons” and the “disconnected” families of people who have all suffered from Scientology’s unholy war against its enemies will take enormous comfort from the fact that at least one film has now dared to say what only a few years ago seemed impossible.
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    John Alex Wood is the moonbat on the right side of this pic, amirite?

    the way to happiness.jpg
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  33. New York Post: Tom Cruise and Scientology big had Nicole Kidman's phone tapped

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Gibney also has a scoop, never before reported as far as I can tell and one that even Wright told me he did not know: That Cruise suggested to his handler Rathbun that Scientology forces tap the phones of his then-wife Nicole Kidman.

    Rathbun thought this idea was absurd but passed it along to church leader David Miscavige, who enthusiastically ordered him to proceed. Rathbun says he did indeed have Kidman’s phones tapped.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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  34. Night Owl - John Alex Wood at the IAS event last year in EG, but I still love that pic of the three happy scios thanks for posting it.[IMG]
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