Alex Gibney: Going Clear

Discussion in 'Media' started by DeathHamster, Nov 24, 2014.

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    heh heh heh
    They mad
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    Church of Scientology Goes to War with HBO

    Although on the Breitbart site, there is a Disqus comments thread developing.

    A couple of ".... I'm not a scientologist, but..." comments posted, but so far, the venom is mostly directed at HBO, which figures, and is probably a tell for the cult posters.

    The article presents nothing new but does reflect back on the stories from Nov. 2014 about HBO "... hiring 160 lawyers..."

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    The Scientology corporation is caught in a Chinese finger trap.

    The more it tries to get out by advertising itself, the tighter the trap closes.
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    I can't believe the clams hasn't gotten the Streisand effect thingy yet!
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    Me neither. Repeating the same mistake and expecting different results is what makes them such a lulzcow though. I look forward to their expose documentary.
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    I see it completely differently. I see DM as a non-believing CEO of that organisation who is keeping it running and keeping himself in luxury by deceiving and fleecing the chumps. This full-page ad is perfect for getting the whales all fired up and willing to contribute more. He will wait until after the documentaries have aired and then tell the bivalve faithful that he is going to out-create the entheta with theta from the KCET studios and he will ask the whales for a few hundred million dollars to help this along.
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  12. Quentinanon Member

    I think the future terrifies Miscavige, so his way to lessen his anxieties is to buy real estate, build idle orgs, and incessantly pitch his cult flock for more money. He knows that without the protection of brainwashed cult members, he is just a little punk with no academic or career credentials who lots of people despise. He could not survive the real world where he has to fend off predators and negotiate his relationships.
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  13. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Scientology stupid, the gift that keeps on giving.
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    love it
    "Scientology stupid" should become a catch phrase like Tom Cruise Crazy
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  15. Scientology vs. HBO May Also Be the End of Tom Cruise at Warner Bros.

    A short but very good "insider" article raising a lot of issues.

    Roger Friedman at Showbiz 411:

    Scientology vs. HBO May Also Be the End of Tom Cruise at Warner Bros.

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    When “Going Clear” is finally seen, we’ll see just how much of it takes in Hollywood. That may put HBO’s parent company, Time Warner, in some trouble. HBO’s cousins are Warner Bros, movie studio and CNN. Also still in the family, although at arms’ reach, are the Time Inc magazines including People and Entertainment Weekly.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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  16. Compared to 5 years ago, I do not see Ronbots in comments. Are there none left?
  17. BigBeard Member

    ^^^There was one in the Yahoo Finance comments on the Business Insider story. He didn't last long.

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  18. Anonymous Member

    The ronbots seem to be in very short supply. What I see most of these days are the lame "... I'm not a scientologist, but..." kind of thing where religious freedoms are promoted. But even those are scarce.

    There may still be a nest of ronbots on the Soda Head site. I haven't checked in a long while because the UI there is the product of weapons-grade-stupidity.
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    Yeah, that one got buried quickly and deeply.
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  20. The Wrong Guy Member

    Today this was posted on Facebook, here:

    Tory Christman

    1 min ·

    To the "church" of Scientology members, or anyone confused by the creepy article Scientology wrote against the upcoming Documentary about Scientology's attack on Alex Gibney and his documentary, my 15 cents:

    This IS long...but gives some facts from someone who was "in", worked blindly, thinking I was "Helping Scientology and mankind" when nothing could be farther from the truth, finally woke up in July of 2000 and escaped out..... and is now out:

    Having been one of OSA's pawns, I can tell you this, without a doubt: 1) OSA tells their members they are merely the "PR and Legal end of Scientology. "Fair Game" ...a policy stating: "You can lie, cheat, steal, destroy someone utterly" by L Ron Hubbard) has been CANCELLED: FALSE! The name only was cancelled. Fair game they proved with this article they use to this day!

    2) They use members such as myself when "in" (a "True Believer" per academics who study Cults) to call in radio stations distracting OFF of "Scientology". I also wrote to magazines telling them how happy I was, how Scientology works, how wrong their critics are. Of course their members (Self included when I was "in") are NOT allowed to read or talk with ANYONE critical, except to "prove" they are wrong. It's actually a "High Crime" per L Ron Hubbard to even LOOK at facts they insist, as above, are "False".

    3) They say they'll meet.....but will they meet with "dave"? HELL NO. All they can do is spread false generalities. I know, they've done it about me for 14 years now. Their lies about me are up to this day. How can you tell who is telling the truth? *I* (and most ex's and critics) will meet and talk with them, any day. They will ONLY talk with whom they choose and when.

    4) They claim a "couple" tried to sue them and lost. Naturally they ignore the FACT that people are locked up, to this day. L Ron Hubbard said: "Get them in court, keep them in court, bankrupt them". Did they answer about the people in the Hole?

    Read Marc''s book, "BlownforGood" from cover to cover and come back here and tell us what you think. The truth is, they CAN'T read his book. The people writing those letters are people who CAN'T actually LOOK, and LEARN the FACTS: I was one of them. I speak from 20 years of experience with these people. The worst part is the vast majority (Myself included when I was "helping them") have NO idea of their dark side.

    One of their standard "Handles" for critics is "That's old. That happened a long time ago....we don't do that any more". Really? WELL THEN WHY DO THEY STILL HAVE UP FLAT OUT LIES ABOUT PEOPLE AND REFUSE TO SPEAK WITH THEM? Answer that and you know they are brain washed liars who have no clue about the FACTS.

    $cientology says: "Not only is the credibility of these sources utterly lacking, each one was expelled from Scientology for malfeasance, lying, and conduct unbecoming a Church member."

    First off, this is another of their new tactics:

    "We kicked them out" (they were "expelled"): BS. As an example, I left Scientology on my own. I ended up having to ESCAPE OUT as they:

    a) Cancelled my van to LAX

    b) The Vice President of $CIENTOLOGY was at LAX and told me: "We know where you are going and you are NOT going there".

    c) The Flight I was going on was cancelled (coincidence? Maybe, maybe not).

    d) She followed me, carrying my suitcases around LAX until my new friends bought me a 1st class ticket so I could "Go into a special lounge she cannot get into and thus be able to safely get onto the plane".

    e) Had my then husband meet me in Chicago O'Hare---saying "We need to go on a vacation" while I was changing planes. He *said* he was alone...which I knew was false. Once I would not agree to this supposed "Vacation" (which I knew was they were going to take me and lock me up somewhere...but I also knew he knew nothing of this, as he was born into Scientology and rarely helped with OSA)....OSA arrived there to try, again, to stop me. When I wouldn't agree to be stopped, they insisted I take piles of paper "Telling you how evil these people are". LOL That worked! Sadly he remained "in", remarried and has up flat out lies about me, no doubt fed to him by OSA.

    f) Had a gang of OSA ops and Scientologists meet me at Tampa Airport, at 1:45 am, as I got off the plane, screaming. Thankfully, my new "SP" friends had called the Tampa Police, predicting this and the POLICE and my new friends helped get me safely out of the Airport.

    g) They have written FLAT OUT LIES about me since July 2000 when I escaped out.

    h) They declared me "SP" without ANY of the tools Hubbard said someone was supposed to have before being declared "SP after Mark Bunker put up a video he had made about myself. It was the 1st video of me after escaping out: Again, I had told Stacy: "I am not going to picket, speak out, or make videos----I'm leaving under the radar". She said "We're only doing for you what I wish someone had done for me when I left the Sea Org". I was NOT planning on picketing and did not even consider I was...but I felt like the least I should do is TRY to educate the staff. I'd only been "out" 2 weeks or so.

    Note: A KEY point of all of the above, re being picketing and my finally speaking out seriously is not shown on this video, but was what happened. As you can see, a staff member is filming us. I get hot and tell Bob Minton I'm hot. He says (and you can see it): "It's Hard working being a suppressive, Tory". smile emoticon You don't see that he tells me to "Go over to our van, turn on the air-conditioning and cool off". I do ...and in the van I see the OSA op still filming me, from across the street. I wave to him, sort of saying "I know the drill, man. I was doing that a few weeks ago".

    BUT: Here is the KEY Point. He walks across the street----puts his camera ON THE WINDOW.

    AT THAT SECOND I thought to myself: "I have free speech, too, and I have a few things to say".

    That was the beginning of a great friendship with you ALL

    i) On my SP Declare it says on the back "Her ONLY terminal is the IJC" (International Justice Chief). In 14 YEARS no one will answer me who is the "IJC". I doubt it even exists. They are liars, phonies, mind controlled people who actually have NO idea about the FACTS they are trying to "Dead Agent" (Make dead, per Hubbard)...except for a few at the top, who naturally refuse to talk to anyone with questions.

    Good luck, $cientology. As I've posted for years now: Tick Tock, Tick Tock: Time is on **our** side.

    Thank you to Alex, Tony and ALL here for helping expose this insidious organization pretending to be a "religion" and their many abuses!

    As I always remind people: "Trust me on this, $cientology will ALWAYS prove what we do and say to be TRUE.

    This article, where they try and fail to once more slime someone exposing FACTS and true actions about them, does just that. Love to all of you smile emoticon Tory Christman aka; Magoo!

    Their handle re myself? "Oh she's a nobody". Really?

    X_OT 7 (top is OT 8)

    X-Sea Org (briefly, only out due to they insisting I get off of my much needed medication for Epilepsy which they *nearly* killed me doing. My Mother saved my life, insisting I get back on my medication. Last seizure was in 1979, after OT 3 when I again tried, due to their "Tech" to get off of my medication. The Doctors said to me: "5 more minutes and you would have been DEAD".

    X-Grad 5 Auditor, Flag Trained and Interned Security Checker, FPRD auditor

    OSA Volunteer for 20 years off and on. In the 90's I was asked by my previous auditor and then friend, Bill Yaude, to Help handle the critics on the Net. Knowing *nothing* about the Net, and trusting him, I opened up phony accounts for them. This was Run out of OSA International, headed up by Gavino Idda. Once I finally LOOKED on the Net and saw they were basically trying to stop free speech with this "Top Secret Group that NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT Except us" (And we had to sign a waiver saying we would NOT tell ANYONE about these actions, including David Miscavige, RTC Executives, ALL auditors, ALL Ethics Officers, OR pay $100,000" I know, it sounds insane, it was insane....but as Bill said to me when I said: "This sounds like the old Guardian's office actions" (Where 11 people went to JAIL, including Hubbard's wife). He said "Tory, look at me. You KNOW I would *never* do anything illegal". With that, he got me.....or did he? smile emoticon Once I saw what they were *actually* doing (trying to stop free speech) I quit, still planning on staying in Scientology. BUT.. Bill told me: "Ok, just meet us at the apartment, to De-brief". Once there, it ended up like a spiritual RAPE and I ran out, crying, after 2 hours of they verbally attacking me, including my "friend" Bill. Bill came running after me....TOO LATE! Happily I'm out and willing to tell people what I did. They're NOT happy about *that*.

    Lastly I was assigned to be the President of the "Scientology Parishioner's League" whose purpose was to "keep L Ron Hubbard's name clean in the media. (That worked, eh? LOL). Thankfully I woke up a few months after being ASSigned that and soon after escaped out. Full story on YouTube at ToryMagoo44
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    smile emoticon
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  22. DM is a true believer just following LRH's orders:

    But then, as Scientology's founder L. Ron Hubbard himself wrote:

    The DEFENSE of anything is UNTENABLE. The only way to defend anything is to ATTACK, and if you ever forget that, then you will lose every battle you are ever engaged in, whether it is in terms of personal conversation, public debate, or a court of law...
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  24. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology's Insane PR Tech and Upcoming HBO Documentaries

    Published by ToryMagoo44 on January 20, 2015

    This weekend Sundance will show Alex Gibney's HBO Documentary featuring 8 Scientologists who were "in", are now out and sharing their stories. $cientology being the "brilliant people" they are (not) took out a FULL PAGE AD in the New York Times AGAINST Alex. Thank you, "Dave" and the "Members of C of S" who supposedly paid for this article. We critics and ex-$cientologists appreciate you say constantly proving what we say is true. :)

    Love to ALL :)

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  25. The Wrong Guy Member

    What to watch for at the Sundance Film Festival | The Associated Press

    The Simone documentary and the comedy "The Bronze," co-written by and starring Melissa Rauch of "The Big Bang Theory," are among the opening-night films. Lily Tomlin is a misanthropic granny in the closing night's drama, "Grandma." Other offerings of interest: Noah Baumbach's latest, "Mistress America"; a drama starring Sarah Silverman called "I Smile Back"; Kirby Dick's documentary about campus rape, "The Hunting Ground"; Leslye Headland's new comedy, "Sleeping With Other People"; Jack Black's Sundance return in "The D Train"; the premiere of Alex Gibney's documentary "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief"; and the Korean coming-of-age comedy, "Seoul Searching."

    25 Most Anticipated films at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival | HitFix

    This year's Sundance will also find two Cobie Smulders movies ("Results," "Unexpected"), two Kristen Wiig movies ("Nasty Baby," "Diary of a Teenage Girl"), a potential Keanu Reeves comeback vehicle ("Knock Knock"), another Josh Charles indie ("I Smile Back"), Ewan McGregor as Jesus ("Last Days in the Desert"), Taylor Schilling's first film since breaking out on "Orange is the New Black" ("The Overnight") and a very curious doc about Scientology and Hollywood, among other topics.

    15 Films We're Looking Forward To At The Sundance Film Festival | LAist

    Documentarian Alex Gibney makes his umpteenth appearance at the Sundance with this juicy film about the church of Scientology. Based on Lawrence Wright’s 2013 book, the film features on-camera interviews with the likes of filmmaker Paul Haggis, who left the church in 2009, and is already the focus of several critical ads. For those that won’t be on the ground in Park City, HBO will start airing the doc on March 16.

    Sundance 2015: The 13 Films Indiewire Can't Wait to See | Indiewire

    As far as we're concerned, Alex Gibney plus Lawrence Wright plus Scientology plus controversy equals gripping cinema.
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  26. The Wrong Guy Member

    How Scientology responds to adversity: A classic example from its golden era

    By Tony Ortega

    With just days to go until the beginning of what may turn out to be the biggest challenge the Church of Scientology has ever faced, we’re watching in awe as the organization fires back on several different fronts.

    With Alex Gibney’s documentary “Going Clear” opening Sunday at the Sundance Film Festival and then airing March 16 on HBO, we’re seeing church leader David Miscavige respond with a full page ad in the New York Times, an advertising blitz on network television, and other major pushes to get Scientology’s message out on its own terms.

    It turns out, there’s plenty of precedence for this. As former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder pointed out to us, this is exactly the way Miscavige responded to a previous threat — the devastating 1991 TIME magazine cover story about Scientology by journalist Richard Behar. Scientology ran full page ads in USA Today, pursued a major legal onslaught with multiple lawsuits that lasted for years, and denuded whole forests so it could counter the bad publicity with its own publications to ‘set the record straight.’

    And Miscavige was just following earlier examples by the organization’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard, and we have a great example to prove that today.

    Continued here:
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  27. The Wrong Guy Member

    16 Must-See Documentaries At The 2015 Sundance Film Festival | Huffington Post

    Lawrence Wright's 2013 book "Going Clear" exposed the list of women (including Katie Holmes) allegedly lured by the Church of Scientology for auditions to become Tom Cruise's wife. That same book is the source of an already controversial documentary from Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney ("Taxi to the Dark Side," "The Armstrong Lie"). HBO, which produced the movie, had about 160 lawyers look at it, but Scientology officials have attacked its contents nonetheless. We're in.

    Sundance ’15: Courier ushers in new wave of culture docs | Realscreen

    ...when asked what Sundance selection we’ll be discussing a year from now, Courier points to a veteran of the festival.

    “Possibly Alex Gibney’s Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief,” he says. “Because it goes inside the Church of Scientology, so everyone is going to want to see this movie. And it’s Alex Gibney, so it’s very thorough, it’s very, very smart, and it’s very entertaining. He’s very daring.”
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  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    Bombshell Scientology Film Revealed: Alex Gibney on Cruise, Travolta and 'the Prison of Belief'

    By Kim Masters, The Hollywood Reporter

    He's tackled Enron, Eliot Spitzer and Lance Armstrong. Now, the Oscar winner is taking aim at the controversial church (and its lawyers) as he reveals that a private investigator has been asking questions about him: "This Scientology thing — that just takes a huge set to take them on," says Armstrong. "But he has the courage to do it."

    Here's the last paragraph:

    His latest handmade project, he acknowledges, is likely to bring as much blowback or more than he's experienced on any of the others. But he feels that the message of this film applies well beyond Scientology or any one organization. "You can see how abusive institutions get when they have a lot of power and money and when they become guided by a small group of people at the top, perhaps even one person," he says. And then there's a theme that resonates across any number of religions: "It's really hard-wired into all of us, the psychology of wanting to find certainty in faith that allows you to do the most reprehensible things because you believe the ends justify the means."
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  30. i am just gonna say it .... i think the HBO documentary on the cult is great BUT I do not think HBO is the best outlet for that. Most eople that watch HBO just want tits and ass and not a serious, deep documentary on a cult. I hope I am wrong, but I think it will not get much traction there, unfortunately :(
  31. Anonymous Member

    Not being a consumer of TV, I have no idea, but I think that you could be correct.

    However, it is also a Documentary Film that can play in theaters and will commence doing that at the Sundance Film Festival in a couple of days. :)
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  32. Missfit Member

    HBO has really stepped up their game in the past 10 or so years, They air hard hitting shows, miniseries, and documentaries...not just Cat House and Taxi cab confessions anymore. People have been taking HBO and its programming more seriously than ever. That being said, documentaries are often difficult to pull audiences in for because they are very specifically focused and a lot of people aren't interested. But that's not an HBO problem, it's a stylistic and subject problem.

    My guess is that if HBO does decently with holding back the midget's threats and bullshit, channels like A&E, Sundance, and History might take a stab at re-airing it in the future.

    Also, with HBO being one of the first companies to have an all access pass, meaning watching from any device, they have wrangled in a lot of people who weren't HBO watchers before. The audience has expanded greatly and therefore more of a chance for more people to see it.

    All it takes is some serious buzz from Sundance and the media for something like this to skyrocket onto a more mainstream avenue. I'm keeping my tiny paws crossed for that. But even if it doesn't, I still think it will do pretty well on HBO.
    That's my 7 cents.
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