Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by MSAnon505, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. MSAnon505 Member

    Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    October 30th. What started out as a flash raid turned into the definition of enturbulation. I got there at about 11:50 and broke out my signage. Shortly after, Bipolart showed up and informed me of a little incident on the way there that would turn out to have some implications later- when she was approaching the org (in full mask) to where we were raiding, she had the audacity(!) to wish a Scilon outside a happy Halloween. Just being friendly, ya know? And apparently the Scilon even returned the greeting before realizing that said Scilon had just been courteous (OMG,perish the thought!!) with a member of Anonymous. Now remember that, because it IS going to come into play later.

    The raid was going quite nicely. Quite a few Scilons going in and out of the org. Lots of honk love, plenty of waves, a couple of people stopped by to ask about us- one guy asked to take a picture of me with my sign. Needless to say, I was more than happy to oblige him. Now this next part I kinda have to laugh at- a couple of old ladies pulled up alongside us and told us something along the lines of how we were wasting our time out here because nobody could see our signs. Hmmm... I just looked at the video Akuma shot last week from our old corner and the signs came through pretty damn clear there. Anyhoo.. when Bipolart came back with the response “We don’t see being out here as a waste of time at all,” (feel free to correct me BiP) that definitely seemed to stymie the little ol’ ladies. They just reiterated the same thing and then drove off. I dunno.. maybe they just need some stronger glasses. Anyways, I could swear I saw them again driving by later on.

    Okay.. now here’s where it gets fun. What would a good flash raid without a visit from Albuquerque’s finest? You ever notice how when it’s just a small number of us, the cops get called, but when we turn out en masse, they tend to leave us alone? Well, this time things got taken to a whole new level. They didn’t come to talk to us first- but we both knew when those two cruisers pulled into the org that we’d be seeing them soon enough. And sure enough, they came across the street and we started talking. Apparently the Scilons got all butthurt and bawwwwy about BiP even daring to set foot on their hallowed ground. Funny, I thought that the sidewalk was public property. Apparently they bitched about her being on the paved part. Well, geez.. when you kinda HAVE to walk on that little patch of pavement to get from one side of the sidewalk to the other.. anyways, the Scilons decided they were going to take the next step and have Bipolart and I cited for criminal trespass. Yep, they pulled that card out of their deck. We got ID’d. While the officers were filling everything out in the cruisers, we could see a female Thetan meat sack (oops, I meant woman) staring OT daggers into us, not realizing that we were not intimidated one iota. Can't confirm that's the one who called the cops on us, but I'd be willing to lay down money on it. Anyways, the officers came back and pink-slipped us. We can now no longer go back onto Scientology property. And here’s the kicker.. the complainant actually referred to herself as REVEREND. But it doesn’t end there. Oh, no, this is where it really gets fun.

    Turns out the officers were actually interested in why we were there. JB, CaptKirk, you remember the cops we had the last time that gave us a little attitude? Complete opposite this time around. We got a couple of good ones. The young female officer even read the Second Chance flyer we provided- although she had to return it, which I can kinda understand. Apparently when they asked the Scilons about what the deal was with Scientology, they clammed up. Naturally, we were MORE than happy to tell the story. Xenu, all religions are implants, Fair Game, the RPF, the whole damn deal. And here’s the kicker- I told the officer about YFTC and she actually wrote the site down. Methinks she’s actually going to investigate- I think it’s safe to say we’ve inoculated a couple more of our finest. After they left and we looked at our lovely little pink slips, that’s when we really started laughing our asses off at the “Reverend” bit.

    About a half hour or so later, we wrapped up- partially because it was getting to be about that time and partially because we couldn’t stop laughing our asses off at how much we enturbulated the hell out of the Scilons today. Wow.. we actually got pink-slipped. Two people and a couple of signs. And yes, this time we had a camera. Bipolart caught some video, which I’m sure will be shared once it’s edited.

    Today was beautiful. Their fail was our win. TOTALLY. FUCKING. EPIC.
  2. amaX Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    BEE-YOO-TEE-FULL! We were just talking with a CPD officer today and told him that Clearwater seems to be one of the only towns that doesn't have a recurring problem with their police force.

    Well done, A-B-KURKEE.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    Thanks op.
    I love reading about sci faggotry and the inescapable cult fail that happens.
    Clam's call cops = Cops that are informed about cult.
  4. Bipolart Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    MsAnon said it perfectly. Here are the videos:

    I shall endeavor to improve my video skills, as they are kinda sucky right now.
  5. MSAnon505 Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    You rock. :)
  6. Radio Paul Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    public easement n. the right of the general public to use certain streets, highways, paths or airspace. In most cases the easement came about through reservation of the right when land was deeded to individuals or by dedication of the land to the government. In some cases public easements come by prescription (use for many years) such as a pathway across private property down to the ocean. Beach access has been the source of controversy between government and private owners in many seaboard states. (See: easement,

    While the cop might have been cool I would look up the laws in that county and state for it. If it stands I would find a cheap lawer and have them contact the PD and return the Criminal Trespass Notices.
  7. Radio Paul Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    A great piece on Wikipedia: Read more here.
    Easement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Public and private easements
    A private easement is held by private individuals or entities. A public easement grants an easement for a public use, for example, to allow the public an access over a parcel owned by an individual.

    What does that county have listed on their books?
  8. RightOn Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    hey you guys rock
    COS wasting more tax payer's dollars.
    They should get fined for making stupid complaints
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game


    ***Sparrow on a Stick*** FTW!

    This mighty totem guarantees footbullets, lulz and false charges.

    A MUST HAVE for every RAID.

    Where can I get one?
  10. Bipolart Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    I printed out a picture of a sparrow, glued it to cardboard, covered it with good tape for protection, and taped it to - you got it - a stick.

    I encourage the usage of the Mighty Sparrow Totem.
  11. Bipolart Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    The Criminal Trespass Notification. LOL

  12. Radio Paul Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    Jack Allread is husband of Church of Scientology Colorado's DSA/OSA Patricia Allread: Jack & Patty Allread - Scientology Service Completions , Jack & Patty Allread - Scientology Service Completions

    Looks like Patty is married to a man that was tied to killer Rex Fowler:

    Fowler's full-time senior employees/partners are mostly scientologists
    Andrew Anderson: Scientology - Andrew L. Anderson a Scientologist - find out what I have gained from Scientology...

    Annie Goth: Ann Goth - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

    Bob Read: Runs this company doesn't look to be a culty nor an employee Readware Technology Home

    Charlie Parker: Doesn't look to be an employee runs a wise business but is a culty. Charlie Parker
    Dan Deleew: Not on their linkedin...maybe a culty spelling suspect Scientology Statistics - Impact 105 Sponsors and Crusaders
    Jack Alread: Jack Allread - Scientology Service Completions

    Jack Allread is husband of Church of Scientology Colorado's DSA/OSA Patricia Allread: Jack & Patty Allread - Scientology Service Completions , Jack & Patty Allread - Scientology Service Completions
    Jack Allread is a full-time "project leader" for Fowler Software Design. His wife is Patty Allread. She is OSA terminal in CO.
    Rogues Gallery
    Rogues Gallery - Encyclopedia Dramatica
  13. MSAnon505 Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    Holy crap... we warranted a DSA from Colorado?? ABQAnon must be doing something rite :)
  14. subgenius Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    Yes you are.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    DSA'S are becoming a rare breed methinks.
    But yourdoingitrite.
  16. AnonyNess18 Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    Wow, what did I miss? Glad you guys had a camera.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    I agree that a determination of that space being publicly accessible if not actually public land would likely be easy to obtain. Just based on what was seen in the video, a wide sidewalk space was visible on both sides of the streets in every direction. The idea that any of these businesses could arbitrarily carve up a city sidewalk space, throw down some asphalt and call it their own seems unlikely. If it's really their property, and they intend upon forcing wog pedestrians out into the street in order to pass by, there must be a lot of very naughty trespassers in that neighborhood. It's about time they put up a fence, or at least some "No wogs allowed" signs. In the interest of public safety of course.

    Perhaps a visit to the City Clerks office for some clarification might be worthwhile?

    Happy Halloween Abq!
  18. Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    So, I think I misunderstood this thread on my first glance. It's not like you've officially been charged with crimes and now have a hearing date set and all that, right? The citations you have are basically like police-ordered cease and desists?

    Anyway, I don't get why you should've been warned for trespassing if you were just passing by on the sidewalk. Is it really not a sidewalk but actually "their" walkway, their property? I couldn't see too well in the videos, but it looks the same as any other sidewalk to me.

    Also, I don't get how MSAnon got a citation too when he (apparently) wasn't even on their block, but minding his own business on the other side of the street.
  19. Bipolart Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    Same here. I'll be checking that out for sure.
  20. Bipolart Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    We recieved Criminal Trespass Notices. Should we walk on that sidewalk (the officer and I disagreed on that), we can be arrested. No fine, just a written warning. Until I get the full info on that, we will stay off their precious driveway-leaking-onto-the-sidewalk piece of property.

    I also agree that MSAnon should not have gotten one, since I was the one walking by. I think, though, that because he is off the radar and I am already known to them that we enjoyed it. I'm laminating mine.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    @ 5.54 in the 2nd cop video:

    Female cop: thanks for educating us
  22. BLiP Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    According to the legal definitions outlined here:

    Search Results Page

    this incident does not rise to the level of "Criminal Trespass" as defined by the State of Arizona.

    Still looking for the Albq statutes...
  24. Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    Attempted map drawing with my understanding at present:

    ...... <--- ROAD ---> .......
    ................|....| <--driveway
    ...........| parking .. |
    ...........| lot or w/e |

    Alright, sorry for being a dummy, reread the thread several times - it was specifically walking through the red area here (i.e. trying to get from one end of the sidewalk to the other) that they threw the book at you for? What's a person expected to do to get across, sprout wings and fly?
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    This is the Criminal Trespass Statute for ALBQ:

    Criminal trespass consists of unlawfully entering or remaining upon the lands or property of another knowing that any consent to enter or remain has been denied or withdrawn by the person or persons lawfully in possession of the premises or after the request or demand to leave the premises by the authorized representative of the person or persons lawfully in possession of the premises.

    ('74 Code, § 12-1-2-3) (Ord. 96-1973; Am. Ord. 78-1978)


    So yah, a determination re: the sidewalk is in order.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    That section is called a drive pad in the city ordinances, and is defined as "DRIVE PAD. A paved vehicular way which may be either part, all, or not at all within the public right-of-way and which provides vehicular access from a public right-of-way to property abutting the right-of-way."

    If it is NOT in the public right-of-way, it needs to be clearly marked, but in that location I do not think the city would approve it.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    Yeah, my thoughts as well. Are the public people supposed to walk into traffic to avoid walking on private property? The point about easements stands out in my mind, but its prolly a moot point unless the city needs to access sewer etc...

    This is not about protesters, its about the general public. Are the Scientologists going to call the police on everyone that has to walk over their driveway just because they are crossing the sidewalk? Keep picking at hairs
  28. AnonyNess18 Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    I wonder if we should protest by standing in front of the business next to them or does that count in the sidewalk that they own? I like how their confront rises when they feel the cops are on their side. They totally cower behind the law.

    So do you know if the Scilons were given a copy of the order with your names on it too?
  29. Bipolart Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    I don't know about being next to the org; I'll stay at the bank until this is cleared up.

    Yes, they did receive a copy. Theirs is yellow (lol) and ours are a nice, cheery pink.
  30. AnonyNess18 Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    Patricia Allread From the wiki (Center)


    I think I have might seen her before I'll have to look back at some of my old videos
  31. AnonyNess18 Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    Here's another!


    Ok, now I know I've seen her before. One time at a protest around March of 2009 she started to videotape us with a cell phone and bark at us that what we were doing was illegal. She got into a over the street argument with one of the protesters.

    So does she go back and forth between the org in Denver and this one? Can any exes deliver more info?
  32. BigBeard Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    According to the Albuquerque Code of Ordinances Chapter 12, Article 2, Section 3:

    Were there any "No Trespassing" signs to make the public aware the area in question is closed to them? If not, did you refuse to leave that property after being notified of such? If the answers to both questions is no, how the heck were you cited for 'criminal trespass' just on a $cilon's say so? That doesn't appear to conform to the law as written.

    Also, according to ACoO 6-5-6-3 I don't see how they can be claiming the area where the driveway crosses the sidewalk as private property closed to the public since a city ordinance requires the curb ramp in the sidewalk to access the drive way. Just because there is a ramp in it, that doesn't magically turn that portion of the sidewalk into private property that can't be accessed by the public:

  33. MSAnon505 Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    There's no "No Trespassing" sign visible anywhere in that vicinity.
  34. AnonyNess18 Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    I guess since the scilons own the sidewalk/pavement they should start a toll for people walking by. That will help them pay their rent. I can tell by their dilapidated building that they are making slim to no money. Nah never-mind, hardly anyone walks by anyway.
  35. xenubarb Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    Oh please. Your cops did such a fabbulous job when the LMT was rolling. Nope, SAN DIEGO COPS ARE BETTER THAN YOURS.

    Better looking, smarter, shinier and polished.

    SAN DIEGO COPS ARE TEH ROOL. CWPD buys bass boats on the extra money they get moonlighting for the cult. SDPD comes by, sez 'hai,' laughs at lame cult and leaves.

  36. BigBeard Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    ACoC Chapter 14, Zoning, Plannning and Building has some interesting information. Particularly in 14-14-4-5, Public Right of Way Standards and Street Characteristics, which has a lot of info on street widths, easements, sidewalks, etc. In short, whatever the $cilons may think, that driveway cut does not appear to be something they can arbitrarily close to the public. Even if it's just to public wearing masks.

  37. John Basilone Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    ok, just to clear things up, they were issued warning citations, which means "these people have officially told you to stay off their property and if we catch you on it again, it's felony trespass." no charges have been actually filed.

    I'm very familiar with those pieces of paper, I've been handing them out for the last 9 years or so.

    Also, next time we are out, I am going to the corner (where the sidewalk is perfectly visible) so I can take a look at something... Is that an original asphalt job, or is the area in question (where BiP was walking) a part of the sidewalk that has blacktop covering it? If it was originally a concrete sidewalk, but the scilons covered it in tar and blacktop, did they have the proper permits? Was this work done according to code? I wonder if we can force them to tear up the only entrance to their driveway......

    also - epic win guys. I feel like such a shmuk for not checking the board often enough. I'll be there next time tho, for sure. The harder they bitch and cry, the more fun this is.
  38. BigBeard Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    Minor point, the Albuquerque Code of Ordinances requires businesses to put sidewalks for the public in front of their facilities, whatever material they use for it. Whether the tar bit meets the standards for a sidewalk is another issue, and has nothing to do with the publics right to use the sidewalk.

    So selectively notifying the police Anon's were trespassing, while allowing everyone else free passage, opens them up to a discrimination charge. It could also get them in hot water with the planning and zoning folks.

    In fact, someone may want to take a picture of the place at issue to the P&Z office and get an official ruling on easements and public access to use it for crossing from one piece of concrete sidewalk to the next. Or is the public supposed to step into the street to pass by this drive if they don't want to be cited for trespassing??

  39. John Basilone Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    You are right on the money. I was just pointing out that the possibility exists that the org "modified" city property without the proper permits. If they want to draw attention to something, I'll give it a good look and see if another act of stupidity is stashed there.
  40. AnonyNess18 Member

    Re: Albuquerque 10-30-10 Post-Game

    I'm pretty sure their sidewalk has been that way ever since I started protesting around Nov 08. I wonder if it was that way when the Scis moved in or they did that themselves. I don't know exactly when they moved to that building. I do know that they had a previous building in this town before this one though.

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