Alan Walter - DEAD

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by _You_, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. WTF Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    You are not yet ready, grasshopper.
  2. _You_ Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Tried making contact with Alan earlier. He seemed a bit unresponsive. Kind of cold and he wouldn't respond to me. What a dick.
  3. _You_ Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    ESMB sucks and is full of loons and Freezoners (those two things are similar, but not the same)

  4. Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    There was a thread on his brand of Scientology a few months back
  5. _You_ Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Well re: Terril. My first impression of him was "vulture like," to say the least: i.e. drooling over newly out Scienos, and trying to lure them into the Feezone.

    However, over time I've come to somewhat respect him.

    Yeah he overdoes the dissemination crap, but I think in his mind he's just wearing his "hat." [Bleurhjgh.] But his heart's definitely in the right place, and that was especially apparent when he recently called out the Virgin Mar(t)y on his blog, (at a time when business/dupes were being put Terril's way by Mary.)

    It was obvious that he said what he said because he believed it was (morally) right, and he did it at the expense of his income.

    Not the greatest sacrifice in the world for sure, but nonetheless, it definitely says something positive about him as a man.

    So, IMO, Terril may be misguided, but he's basically a decent guy, even if he does believe some batshit crazy nonsense.

    This is just straight bullshit. I post on ESMB a fair bit, and Emma's got no truck with the [STRIKE]dreck[/STRIKE] tech. She does however, allow everyone to have their fair say, whatever their perspective may be; and from what I can see, tries to keep her personal opinions separate from those of the board.

    Compare that with Roan (OCMB), who has to be one of the most biased moderators I've ever seen, and the contrast is stark.
  6. the_cloak Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

  7. tazor Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Not even close.
  8. tazor Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Let's ask him for dox. :) He won't have any but let's ask anyway.
  9. wackomoose Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD


    OH HAI GAISE wuts goinoninhar ? ? ?
  10. JohnB2008 Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    It's full of fags being gay.

    I think Alan Walter was an utter cunt who deserved to die. It's just a shame it didn't happen sooner.
  11. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD


    "she looks like a slapped ass" - Sharon Osbourne

  12. BusinessBecky Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    I would have liked an update on that. He died in his sleep, but do they know the cause of death?

    I would imagine is was likely heart problems though.
    He sure sounds well respected in his circles. :D
    Unlike Alan, a few people could use more love in their pathetic lives.
    Jealousy of Alan, no?
  13. JohnB2008 Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    aw, c'mon. ESMB is an excellent resource. Remember Ex-Scientologists are still recovering from being raped in the head, over and over. Like, just think it was you who was an ex-scifag. It's traumatic. Many of them are crazy, but they might recover one day.
  14. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    don't spaz out emma. you have your thing we have ours. most of the time everything will work out fine. sometimes it wont. don't freak out though. just take a deep breath and say " oh its just those anonymous faggots". that's what i do and it makes me feel better. lol
  15. _You_ Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

  16. the_cloak Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

  17. amaX Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

  18. Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Holy shit Bro,

    Do you kiss your mother with that mouth, or should I say , do you rake your twig with those fingers. I feel like I need shot of penicillin just for reading that post. If you don't like the board then don't go there, no need to get aids over it.
  19. _You_ Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    His moonbattery ran out.
  20. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Ohh...some of you aint trolling you're actually serious.

    This thread sucks.
  21. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    i don't care if emma is batshit insane the same way i dont care that marty is trying to parlay Scientology into his own little business.

    we are working toward the same goal.

    we can have this conversation again when the ex-scis realize we aren't going to stop at the management. then we can have this little discussion again.
  22. Scatman Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Agreed. Time for some delishus caek.
  23. _You_ Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    So in other words, you don't trust the people you've sent there to be able to wade through the posts and make up their own minds about what people say.
  24. ArnieLerma Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Alan C Walters...

    Alan knows whether there are OTs anywhere now.. he should feel
    welcome to visit me anytime, even to answer my only request of his
    conscience, which was about this:

    Alan Walters and Cmdr? Alan Long were the ones who went to visit L Ron
    Hubbard's son, Nibs, AKA Ron DeWolfe...and sucessfully got Ron Dewolfe
    to sign a recant affidavit...

    I had last asked Alan to tell that story... there was no reply.


    Arnie Lerma Exposing the CON
  25. Scatman Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Unless Alan Long comes forth we will not know exactly what went on there.
    I can guess why Walter did not want to own up to his involvement in Nibs' recant affidavit: He would have had to admit that he was a manipulating conman, like his mentor, L. Ron Hubbard.
  26. Kha Khan Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Posted to ESMB for a needed alternative perspective: ALAN C. WALTER R.I.P.
  27. _You_ Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Marty Rathbun has recently severely criticized some of Terril's primary people, that is the Freezone Scientologists that he "reges" (sells Scientology) for. One of these was Pierre Ethier. These are Terril's clients. He gets them business. He says that he doesn't get a commission, but I don't believe it. How does he make a living?

    Lots of people have "called out" Marty Rathbun on his blog, and no one thought twice about it. They weren't regarded as heroes. Terril "calls him out" (hardly!) by beginning with, "Marty, you have balls of steel!" etc., and then briefly disagrees with Rathbun, only to - shortly later - begin, ass kissingly, defending Rathbun again.

    That's hardly, "Calling out." And as I said, many have REALLY called Rathbun out and they were not regarded as heroes, but if L. Ron Hubbard-adoring OT 3-selling Terril does it, then Ooooo! what a hero.


    Terril prides himself on his ability to be manipulative. He is not an honest person. And Scientology is not an honest subject.

    Why anyone would allow himself to be manipulated by a jar head like this guy is beyond me.

  28. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    L. Ron Hubbard was a sleaze comet, [strike]blazing[/strike] oozing through the cosmos, trailing little sub-comets in his wake, each one full of cancerous radiation and AIDS.
  29. _You_ Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    I'm sorry that this criticism of L. Ron Hubbard-seller Terril is on the Alan Walter is dead thread.

    But the subject came up.

    Alan Walter was a gung ho (fanatical) Scientologist decades ago, but he changed.

    He could have sold the demented Scientology Bridge and positioned himself as a "friend of L. Ron Hubbard," having known Hubbard, and having been "Clear number 8." Big shit right? BUT to Freezone Scientologists, it would have been very impressive, and Alan Walter could have exploited his prior relationship with Hubbard - and he did not.

    In stead, he told the truth about Hubbard, about his evil intentions, about his drug use, about how his "OT levels" were mind fuck.

    Alan Walter was spiritual in a new-age-ey kind of way, which I couldn't relate to, but he was not a Scientologist.

    In my book, he was OK.

    Guys like Terril, on the other hand, are Hubbard promoters who - to this day - sell his mental illness-inducing OT levels.
  30. _You_ Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    I try and keep an eye on his blog, but I can't say I'm an avid reader, so not sure that you're referring to the same comment, but whatever.

    Nope, you won't be hearing any ooohs or aaahs from me. But where most people "calling out" Marty stand to lose nothing, I was quietly surprised to see Terril show some integrity, when previously FreeZone Loonies: Introducing Terril Park on Vimeo summed him up pretty much to a tee at least IMO.
  31. _You_ Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    It wasn't integrity, it was practicality. Some of his clients (who sell Freezone Scientology) were being denigrated by Rathbun. He was caught in the middle.
  32. _You_ Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    The recant that you're talking about was from when? 1972? Scientology put a lot of pressure on Nibs to recant then, from a lot of places. Putting it all on Alan Walter is unfair.


    Lighten up.
  33. ArnieLerma Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Sounds a bit like "Keeping Scientology Working"

    You are free to "lighten up" if you wish, about how the details of the recant affidavit that was used to destroy the credibility of the founder of the worlds greatest con's eldest SON...was procured.

    But, please, understand that you are telling me to "lighten up" about what is my passion.. and that my first response was "explective deleted"

  34. _You_ Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    They take favours as payment. Srsly, he once said that someone might iron an auditors shirts or other favours.


    I don't think they make a reliable living off it, but I think they'd like to though.
  35. _You_ Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Actually, I was responding to somebody else.

    But, what recent affidavit? Please provide a link. I haven't sen this recent affidavit.

    As for Nibs, anyone who looks into it will realize that Nibs' credibility was somewhat damaged by - but certainly not destroyed by - his 2 recants over two decades: One recant from the early 1970s, and one from the mid 1980s.

    However, I do believe that Nibs was, basically, an honest person. But he was caught up in the mess.

    That just the way it is.

    He caved because he was Fair Gamed by L. Ron Hubbard Sr. and was broke.
  36. tazor Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Interesting thread. I'm always reading that people don't get Anonymous. They also don't get exes and the various phases they go through after leaving the cult.

    I have to say that some of you have been total jerks. Others have been really nice. I was pretty surprised at some of the ones who were jerks but I was also surprised at some of you who were nice. Bizarro World.

    I'm a little dumbfounded right now.

    Oh and Arnie, thanks for coming on wwp with your little story. That was big of you.
  37. _You_ Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Oh shit. That wasn't recent but rec*a*nt. My vision is blurring.

    Correction of my mistake. It's the *recant* affidavit, not recent.

    A recant affidavit from almost 40 years ago.


    P.S. By the way, I very much appreciate your good work over the many years.
  38. _You_ Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    And that was meant for Arnie Lerma , who has done a lot of good and important work over many years.

    Now, everyone - including me - take a deep breath.
  39. grebe Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    I'm new. Still lernin2anon.

    I get that Scientology is toxic --fair game, disconnection, leader worship, caste system, SP witch hunts, anti-psychiatry, selling access to spiritual info for large sums.

    If I understand, the freezone has no organized system. So there's no fair game, disconnection, leader worship, caste system, or SP declares. All fine and good.

    But I must know: do the Freezoners retain the Scientologists' animosity toward psychiatry? Do they believe that psychiatrists are reincarnated evil beings sent to earth to oppress mankind?

    Kind of a deal-breaker for me, that.

    I've heard that, "Miscavige is the problem." However, rarely do I hear anything reassuring from reformers concerning psychiatry. So I don't know what to feel about them.

    I think I like the Freezoners and reformers a little more than the Scientologists. That disconnection and free-game shit is harsh. But if they're just as paranoid about "the psychs," they will hurt a lot of people. I'll have to hate them, sadly.
  40. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    I fell in love with two women, so I married them both. Wasn't that bigamy?

    nyuk nyuk

    Hate the player, not the (fair?) game?

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