Alan Walter - DEAD

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by _You_, Nov 28, 2009.

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  2. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    and nothing of value was lost.
  3. RightOn Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    what did he die of?
  4. _You_ Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    like am i supposed to be sad guys?
  5. _You_ Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    ohmyfuck, the comments over there

    they just




  6. Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Rathbun is probably sending out discount flyers to Walter's followers as we speak.

    50% off you first mind fuck, and buy one mind fuck get one fuck , good through Dec 31 2009
  7. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    bye Alan
  8. _You_ Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

  9. auchraw Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    This, this, this, this and this, in that order.

    Where would we all be today without Alan? In a happier saner place?
  10. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD


    He's OK. Took me a few minutes to contact him. He is brilliant. He made it over to the other side and is conscious and bright.

    Go outside and connect with our Sun, you might be able to establish a connection with him."

    is that for real? we may have to cut ties with these nutters.
  11. auchraw Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    And this^^^^
  12. PresidentShaw Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Congrats on encountering reality.
  13. xenubarb Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Alan was an okay guy, one of the few who could actually hold a convo on IRC in a channel full of SPs and not get all batshitty about it. He was also a xbox hueg man, you might say morbidly obese, and Scientology didn't help him with that.

    He had his own path to enlightenment going out of Texas, Knowledgism. Spose he had some followers, but I doubt Marty will be able to snap them up, not even with a 2fer coupon. Alan was ripped off by COS iirc, during the great Mission Harvest.
  14. LocalSP Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    And here I always thought ESMB stood for Ex Scientologist Message Board. Apparently I was wrong, everyone of those commenter's are still deluded into believing that scientology works and it helps people.
  15. Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    I know how he feels , it took me a few minutes to drop a deuce this morning, but once I did, it was brilliant, I felt conscious and bright, and a little lighter too.
  16. _You_ Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    You're right that there are still a number of people posting there who aren't truly "ex." But also, not everyone who believes there is a spirit that survives death is a Scientologist.
  17. Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    It's a safe harbor for freezoners, so without saying, there are some loony tunes over there for sure, but the vast majority of them know Scientology is nothing but a steaming pile of shit.
  18. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    I think you guys just get caught up with semantics.

    It really should be called ex church of scientology as opposed to ex scientogist website.

    I really don't care, it's a nice hugbox for recovering culties.

    Although this discussion has reminded me why I dislike scientologists more then I dislike fundies and creationists. They are all almost exactly the same with the whole "letter of the bible, on source!" bullshit.

    Totally off topic. I actually talked to alan a few times on their chat thingy over on exscn, while still completely deluded he was actually smarter then most exculties and less manipulative with no real delusion of grandeur. His knowledjism shit seems worthless on it's face value unless you're an ex culty who still needs a baba to ween yourself off bullshit.

    Like I said nothing of value was lost
  19. CantPickaName Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    sooooo...whats that make it now? 13,209 left?
  20. Mutante Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

  21. WTF Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    /salute "use" "mastery" Alan

    Happy journeys.
  22. tazor Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    So which one of you trolled the thread on Alan's passing?

    Youl need to check yourself. A lot of us over there don't like the tech at all, some do. Some believe they can feel Alan and all that.

    I don't believe all that stuff but I liked Alan a lot as most did on ESMB. You can consider him a freezoner and all but that doesn't take away the fact that he was a nice guy. You can argue all you want that he was evil for being a freezoner but I would just disagree.

    Anyway trolling someone's memorial thread, no matter what you think of the person, is wrong.
  23. _You_ Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    I understand you guys are upset. But you are calling out one dickhead out of thousands of [STRIKE]dickheads[/STRIKE] people, and that's *if* the guy even posts here. Feeding the trolls tends to escalate things.
  24. Boggle Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    I don't think Alan Walter ever regarded himself as being part of any "Freezone," and he certainly wasn't a Scientologist anymore. He was a Scientologist a long time ago, and knew Hubbard at that time.

    Walter, and other old time ex-Scientologists, have provided some useful accounts and insights into Hubbard and Scientology. One old timer recalled smoking a joint with Hubbard in Phoenix in '53, and also Hubbard's use of a cocaine/heroin mix, and of Peyote. Others recalled Hubbard's use of the heavy stuff as late as the early Sea Org days:

    Ex Scientologist Message Board - View Single Post - Where did L Ron steal Xenu from?
  25. tazor Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Yeah, you're right.

    Emotions are running pretty high right about now on ESMB.

    It was pretty funny how fast this troll started backpeddling when Emma showed up though.

    So what do you all suggest? Should ESMB disconnect from the freezone? Would that be the thing to do in your opinion?
  26. YAHRLY Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Alan Walter - DEAD
  27. Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    I don't think anyone should have to disconnect from anyone or anything, but indulging their nut job delusional fantasies as if they have legitimacy is not helping them or anyone else.
  28. WTF Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Haven't studied ESMB, only have read a bit here and there.

    IMHO exclusion would probably be a poor move, diversity is probably better. Unless of course the objective is to create OCMB v2.04.

    Besides, I am not sure how one would define "the freezone" anyway.
  29. tazor Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    ESMB is set up to help recovering exes. Of all stripes. There are other boards set up that don't allow freezoners to post at all.

    The reason ESMB has been so successful is because almost, and I repeat ALMOST, everyone is welcome there. People don't get bashed for their beliefs too much so it's a safe place to post.

    Emma has stated she believes in free speech. So it would be hypocritical of her to ban the freezoners. My disconnect comment was meant to be sarcastic.

    It's been stated over and over again that there isn't much threat of freezoners taking over after the CoS is gone. There are too few of them and they are thinly spread all over the world. Most can't even make a living at it.

    Marty's group is a little different. He has some wealty people in his group. True believers all. That is a dangerous combination but I'm not even that worried about him. A lot of his little groupies will leave him too when they start figuring out the truth about scientology AND Marty.

    I don't agree with freezoners but I don't hate them either. They may never come around to my way of thinking. And that's their right. I just ignore their freezone threads and don't worry about them.
  30. tazor Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Yep, I agree. I don't mind reading all kinds of viewpoints. It teaches me tolerance. :)
  31. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

  32. auchraw Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Sticking your head in the sand is supposed to help as well.
  33. Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    freezoners are relatively harmless, having them around is pretty much the same as having a few village idiots around, but their whole persecuted victim act gets old quick ... really quick.
  34. tazor Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    As does running around screaming, "OMG!! FREEZONERS!!"
  35. tazor Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Yeah, true. But they stick to their own threads on ESMB for the most part. And some of them don't use the victim card at all.

    Now if we could just get the conspiracy theory nuts to stay on one or two threads we'd be good. :)
  36. _You_ Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Jeez, Alan Walter was not a figging "Freezoner," and not every form of spirituality is the "Freezone" or Scientology.

    You should find the Dalai Lama and kick his ass, and burn all copies of the 'Tibetan Book of the Dead' and, while you're at it, burn all of Leonard Cohen's old RPMs. He narrated this from that book:

    Bardo Thodol

    What? You don't want to do that?

    That's good to hear.
  37. tazor Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

  38. _You_ Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    That's because I grabbed his loot before it disappeared.
  39. WTF Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Might save some time. Fairly good TOS draft here: *snip*
  40. mongrel Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD


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