Alabama Scientology (possibly discovered)

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Stutroup, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. Stutroup Member

    Alabama Scientology (possibly discovered)

    Thanks to a tip from another anon, an address sent via PM on another site, some searching, and I have an address:

    Scientology Temple of Alma
    19552 Bonham Street
    Alma, AL 36501
    Phone: 885-369-7147

    A web site that lists the address is here: Locate A Church - Scientology

    And the linked map:

    It's in the very souther portion of the State, and far out of reach for me, just for a look-see. Actually, it would be quite a drive from any of the more populated towns in that area. I haven't tried confirming via any other method yet, so I'll throw in that it could no longer be there.

    But if any anons in south Alabama are bored and have spare gas money ... please check it out? Or perhaps for resourceful anon(s) to check its info (I'm clueless with dox)

    And a look at just how far out there it is:
  2. AnonOrange_ Member

    Re: Alabama Scientology (possibly discovered)

    Since when do scientologists have "temples" ? That's a new one to me. Usually they're orgs, missions, etc. Could be a new ploy for IRS tax evasion.
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  3. me57 Member

    Re: Alabama Scientology (possibly discovered)

    if it is a pretty remote location sounds like another jonestown kind of issue
  4. Stutroup Member

    Re: Alabama Scientology (possibly discovered)

    There are some farmhouses along the road, and perhaps a gas station, but it's a long drive from the nearest town, it seems.
  5. me57 Member

    Re: Alabama Scientology (possibly discovered)

    the Neighbors in that area and the nearest Town need to know the crimes and abuses of the scientology cult and the fact that they are a brainwashing totalitarian cult
  6. Stutroup Member

    Re: Alabama Scientology (possibly discovered)

    It's also unconfirmed. Yahoo Maps keeps 'estimating' a slightly different place along the road, and Google Maps can't find the address. So ... that's why my skilless self needs some help in confirmation whether this is something to act further upon.

    Also, lulz @ quiet, peaceful country folk coming face to face with masked anons blasting strange remixes!
  7. Deetinator Member

    Re: Alabama Scientology (possibly discovered)

    Haha, can you say underground research center?

    Nah, but I'm in Ohio, but I have sisters in Enterprise and Destin, but I doubt they have time or anything to look into that.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Alabama Scientology (possibly discovered)

    That's all I saw of your post.

    Cute? Available? Legal?

    Sorry, what?
  9. Obi-Wan-anon Member

    Re: Alabama Scientology (possibly discovered)

    Could it be a religous "retreat"? Sort of a southern RPF (why send all those people to Gold Base).
  10. 043 Member

    Re: Alabama Scientology (possibly discovered)

    They're the best french-kissers in 3 counties. Their pa told 'em so.
  11. Re: Alabama Scientology (possibly discovered)

    That whole webpage is bogus:

    Just look at all the phone area codes. Most of the area codes don't even exist. Ones that exist are not in the area of the address. Check the street addresses with google maps and you'll find those addresses don't exist.

    There are ten gizillion entries for scientology locations, but none for any of the REAL orgs.

    The whole thing is a hoax.
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  12. Late Member

    Re: Alabama Scientology (possibly discovered)

    i might be able to check it out, no promises
  13. Stutroup Member

    Re: Alabama Scientology (possibly discovered)

    Actually, we've since found a lot of false information on that site. It's likely not true.
  14. Oh great. That is the last thing we need in Alabama. We have enough nut jobs here. We don't need some scheming over glorified cult robbing decent people of their money or brainwashing the weak-minded. Did you know L. Ron Hubbard was believed mentally incompetent by all but two of his children? His own great-grandson is an outspoken critic of scientology. And what about those scientology commercial on TV? Notice how they never really talk about what they believe in? They're just pep talks, ads filled with words of encouragement that beat around the bush without actually talking about what scientologists believe. You want to know the truth? Look up the Fishman Affidavit on the internet and read it. It tells you everything you need to know about the "most sacred doctrine of scientology", complete with aliens, thetans, and everything else. And you don't have to pay money to the church of scientology to get it. It covers all the secrets of OT levels I through OT VIII. All the secrets of Scientology are revealed for free. Read it and discover the secret of this sinister cult.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Temple. Nowhere in AL. NOI?
  16. amaX Member

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  17. Rod Keller Member

    31°31'22.11"N 87°46'29.13"W

    It doesn't look like a temple.
  18. Rod Keller Member

    More like a farm.

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  19. Anonymous Member

    Can't read the mailbox shown on Google Earth. 8541?8542? 8521? Walker Springs Rd Gainestown, AL?
  20. Rod Keller Member

    I know we probably can't be told this, but why do we think it's Scientology? Sites like this can be a number of things. It could be somebody who was sold a mission pack, but doesn't have a real chance of creating a viable mission. It could be a Narconon. They like out of the way places. It could be a tutor using Applied Scholastics. Or it could be somebody using their home address as the contact for a front group. The word "temple" makes me think it's none of these. Either a joke, or an Independent Scientologist who has incorporated eastern thought into his/her practice.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    I doubt that it is. AFAIK there hasn't been an active scilon mission or group in AL for years.
  22. Anonymous Member

    "Nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure."
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  23. Rod Keller Member

    103 Memorial Dr., Prattsville, AL
    G.I.F.T.S. Academy International Learning and Language Center
    It's apparently inside or part of the Adams Drug Store, and it's an Applied Scholastics org.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Could be a scilon that retired and moved south. That area is getting a lot of retirees. Part of it is due to the low cost of living, Alabama is becoming the new Florida, because of this. Or it could be be an expansion in the area, a lot of people there buy into the anti vaccine myths.
  25. Scientology in a drug store? Psychiatric drugs?

    Adams Drugs (Prattville)

    Adams Drugs Prattville is conveniently located in the heart of Prattville on South Memorial Drive across from Prattville Baptist Hospital. Adams Drugs Prattville has a gift shop to suit any occasion. From birthday to seasonal items, home décor to cards for any occasion our gift shop is sure to have a little something for everyone.
    Contact Information:

    103 S. Memorial Drive
    Prattville, Alabama 36067
    Ph: (334) 358-5353
    Fax: (334) 358-5352
    Store Hours:

    Mon - Fri: 8 a.m. till 6 p.m.
    Saturday: 8 a.m. till 1 p.m.
    Sunday: Closed

  26. Rod Keller Member

    I know. And yet, take a look at this link:

    Cult Link
    /Cult Link
  27. Rod Keller Member

    The word "academy" has a lot more impact in Scientology than somebody on the outside would suspect. There's a place near me that's basically a day care, Kids Academy or something like that. Scientology has a very specific meaning for the word, and I doubt anybody would use it without this being a Standard Academy. I don't have my Scn dictionaries any more, or I would provide the definition.
  28. Anonymous Member

    I do wish you would BREAK links you post to scientology sites! :mad:
  29. Rod Keller Member

    That's a hard one to remember. I will try. I will probably fail to do it each and every time, but I will really try.
  30. Anonymous Member

    If the breaking can't happen, how about just posting something like:

    ----> Cult Link, Beware -
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  31. Eileen2 Member

    I need a contact regarding SCn in PRATVILLE .Thanks

  32. TruthBeT0ld Member

    Do we know anything else about this ? Concerned Alabama anon here.
  33. Anonymous Member

  34. TruthBeT0ld Member

    If you find any info. Please let me know.
  35. tinfoilhatter Member

    It is a common troll strategy to sign a post with a name. If you lurked more, then you would know this from watching the OSA try to up their stats every thursday. I recommend that you read the AVS derail thread to get a better understanding of what is going on.

    The moment some retard signs their name here is the moment that they are discredited. There are a few (very very few) exceptions, but generally if a signature (like markus) is given, then its either the osa, or someone too stupid to be here.
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  36. TruthBeT0ld Member

    Remain anonymous. ..rule number one
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