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Discussion in 'Translations' started by notCOBmiscavige, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Some authorities need to wear their hats a little higher

    This is the best I can do in short time:

    From 12:30-1AM about 25 "undressed cops" attacked my neighbourhood and harmed the buildings with their batoms and chains.

    Those guys were equipped with batoms, pepper spray, sticks and at least for of them had hand guns. Their were shouting slurs and throwing stones at the people. Then they started to attack the buildings and tried to frighten us by breaking the glasses.

    That wasn't enough for them, they started assaulting the my car and 10 other and caused damages. Some of them entered the building where I and 14 other families are living and went up to the third floor. But they left since their friends didn't follow them into the building.

    In addition to the governor, a minister, two minister deputies, In the nearby buildings, one member of the Guardian Console and more than 10 parliment members are living in the nearby buildings. Apparently the attackers were not aware of this and after one of the minister deputies talked to them and them that he is one of them, they left the area.

    It is worthy of mentioning that during these attacks, terrified children and neighbours called the 110 (911 in Iran!) police multiple times hoping for some help. But they did not show up.

    Although through this event I and neighbours were damaged financially and children and women were terrified, I'm glad that some of the members of the government felt the terror themselves. They felt how it feels when the "undressed cops" attack students and people. So I suggest to the members of the government who do not perform their legal and religious duties to wear their hats a little higher (so that they can see around).

    According to the law, it is legal to defend yourself when the officer in front of you is not obeying the law himself and is assaulting you over the law.

    Additionally, resistant in front of the cops who are acting aboce the law, and when it is apparent that what the officer is doing will cause in murder or an offense to the honor (e.g. rape) of some people, it is legitimate to defend. Therefore, if such actions happen again, the authorities should face the consequences.

    Since the series of events is documented by cameras and the faces of the attackers is apparent, we are waiting to see how authorities deal with this.
  2. comment on translation

    It is not "undressed cops", it is disguised agents.
  3. on second thought!

    It is civilian clothed or plain clothed agents I think rather than private or undressed.
  4. Iran and Azerbaijan News

    For those of you on facebook, I'm publishing a number of translations, documents, etc., on the current fighting in Iran. I've published a lengthy document on why Azerbaijan has been relatively quiet.

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