AGP: 99.9% WIN!

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by xenubarb, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. The Shadow Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    Congratulations AGP! A win is a win!!

    I read through GB's deposition, that is some heavy shit in there. The bit about the sniper nest at Gold Base.....WOW
  2. parrotnut Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    AO, AGP, Berry, Flynn....whoever.....I`m looking to retain legal counsel who has/have the time to deal with the type of dirty tactics that cult attys. in soCal pull. If you know who does... and will ...and they have the time, please pm me. I`m not rich, but my case has already won on appeal with my (weak, I`m not a legal person) filings ( I had no $$ after paying the first 2 or 3 attys) . Their (the defendant) appeal to the supreme court has been denied. The case has been sent back to superior court...I don`t know what to do...need advice. I need a pitbull of an atty.! This should have been an easy case (theft,conversion), but smearing of character was brought into it, typical scn tactics.
  3. 0815 Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    To mark this day in history, the Anonymous mint just released it's first collective coin:

  4. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

  5. xenubarb Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN! One DM = 4 inches.
  6. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    so wait, if individual scilons follow an Anon and Anon ask them to stop, and they dont, can Anon file a TRO?
  7. parrotnut Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    TWO SNAPPY GUYS...... I`d guess you`d have to be old and watch SNL to remember that one!
  8. xenubarb Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    Both, Parrotnut. First, Ken Hoden invited us to have breakfast at the Denny's in town, on him, so we could "discuss our differences."

    Later they sent out his #2 person, Muriel DuFresne, who invited us to have "brunch" in the Gold Base dining hall. Only, I did not smell anything cooking. Soylent Gold is Wogs!!!
  9. Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    Uhh..yeah, is that the case?!
  10. Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    Possible RICCO Act in the cult's future? Getting all those documents in to the public record? Fanatical Co$ lawyer caught red handed? Tremendous news! Mr. Berry, I salute you sir.
  11. Anonylemmi Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    As stated elsewhere here, disbarment is difficult to attain. It is easier to get him sent to prison. He would not be too effective there even with proxies.
  12. churchlady Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    Once again, the Empress and I are on the same mental wavelength.

    I go to a protest, someone follows me up and down the street, like the short latina with the unusual skin tone, and I tell her to stop. She doesn't. Do I get to drag her to court for a TRO? What fun!!!
  13. Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    Congratulations AGP!

    The "no court fees" must quite a weight off your sunburned shoulders!

    And the celebratory LRH way pics looks great.

    Can't wait to see ya at the next protest....very soon
  14. Anonwater Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    Yay for our side~~~AGAIN!!!
    AGP and Graham are two wild and crazy guys! Some of us remember when SNL debuted. Heheh.

    Congrats again, AGP and Graham!
  15. DamOTclese Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    Joyness! And the insane Scientology crooks are all over the Intertubes trhying to claim that Anonymous are some how the bad guys while the courts rule otherwise. Love it! Insane Scientology criminals are such fail.
  16. tazor Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    This made my day. AGP, Graham, you both rock. Major win!
  17. r@idZ Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    The AB is pretty effective at running thing from behind bars.

    I am going to send Co$ a CD letter now.
  18. Anon3Mouse Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    I came rainbows.

    Also, funny how a thread that actually does deserve a notification doesn't have one.
  19. monamia Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

  20. Graham Berry Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    It has been my privilege to serve as pro bono counsel to Angry Gay Pope (“AGP”) who is an enthusiastic and dedicated critic of Scientology abuse and crime. As many of you know, on August 14, 2008 AGP was served with a civil harassment temporary restraining order (Cal. Code of Civil Procedure section 527.6) which prohibited him from approaching within 100 yards of the Church of Scientology Office of Special Affairs and middle management building at 6331 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA. The restraining order was obtained by two Scientology staffers (Lisa Evil and Lewis Miranda) who work in the 6331 Hollywood Boulevard building. They were clearly shills for the real party in interest, the Church of Scientology.

    AGP’s first court appearance was on August 29, 2008. On that occasion we requested a trial continuance (postponement) so that AGP could file an Anti-SLAPP motion under California Code Section 425.16. This section provides for the early dismissal of law suits that have been filed “primarily to chill the valid exercise of freedom of speech.” Scientology attorney Kendrick Moxon was appearing for Scientology and objected. However, the judge commented that anti-SLAPP motions were not unknown in his courtroom and continued the hearing until October 24, 2008 with a briefing schedule on the anti-SLAPP motion.

    AGP filed his Anti-SLAPP motion and supporting documents on September 19, 2008, and Scientology filed its Opposition papers on October 13, 2008. AGP filed his Reply papers on October 16, 2008. Two days after the Reply was filed Scientology filed evidentiary objections to the Berry and Scarff declarations. Those evidentiary objections should have been filed with Scientology’s Opposition papers on October 13, 2008, so that AGP could address the objections in his Reply. On October 20, 2008, AGP filed an Objection to Scientology’s very late-filed Objections and an Ex Parte Application and motion to exclude Scientology’s late filed objection. At the Ex Parte hearing on October 21, 2008 the court denied AGP’s Ex Parte Application saying it would deal with the matters at the hearing on Friday, October 24, 2008. On October 23, 2008, AGP filed his Trial Brief and Scientology filed a Motion in Limine to exclude any evidence of Scientology beliefs and practices. Mr. Moxon and myself had discussed the possibility of stipulating (agreeing) to certain facts (such as the sidewalks being a public forum and OT 3 and 8, etc. relating to “Scientology religion.” We were unable to agree.

    This morning, October 24, 2008, the Anti-SLAPP motion came on for hearing before Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Hon. Richard E. Rico. The judge is a former law firm partner and Court of Appeals research attorney. He has granted Anti-SLAPP motions before and he has a good record on first amendment issues. The judge ignored our motion to exclude Scientology’s very late filed objection, so the contents of both the Berry and Scarff declarations remained before the court. Then Judge Rico issued a mixed bag of evidentiary rulings on AGP’s two sets of evidentiary objections. In essence, AGP's evidentiary objections to various statements in the Plaintiff’s two declarations (affidavits) were over-ruled. However, all of AGP’s objections to the Scientology evidence of alleged Anonymous terrorism, and their nemesis me (Graham Berry) were sustained.

    The judge delivered an eight page tentative ruling. It was exhaustive and comprehensive. Like all of the other documents, the Judge’s tentative will later be uploaded to AGP’s documents page, along with our Ex Parte Application and Trial Brief, Scientology’s Motion in Limine and any other pertinent documents which have not already been uploaded to Document Gallery of Evidence Next week a transcript of today’s court hearing will also be uploaded and then you can then read the proceedings verbatim for yourselves.

    The Court’s tentative ruling, in essence, was as follows: (1) Plaintiff Miranda had not made out a case of civil harassment against him personally as opposed to a case that Scientology should have “to endure the protests of Myers and others. This is not the conduct the civil harassment statute was meant to address.” [This was also my winning argument in the 1998 Rev. Ken Hoden v. Keith Henson civil injunction case before the Riverside Superior Court]. Accordingly, Judge Rico granted AGP’s Anti-SLAPP motion as against Lewis Miranda; (2) However, Judge Rico denied the Anti-SLAPP motion as to Plaintiff Uvizl. This is the relevant section of the court’s tentative [preliminary/pre-argument] ruling:

    “UVIZL PETITION. The analysis as to the Uvizl Petition is the same except when it comes to the harassing conduct. In the case of Uvizl, there are two visually recorded instances where Myers (AGP) follows Uvizl from the Church offices. In one case Myers was shirtless and wearing a mask and was with someone who was videotaping the incident. In both cases Uvizl appears annoyed by Myers presence. As a result, the conduct complained of by Uvizl more closely resembles the conduct the civil harassment statute was meant to deter. In the visually recorded confrontation between Myers (AGP) and Uvizl, Myers can be heard to make caustic and even insulting remarks about the Church and Uvizl’s participation in the Church. In order to meet her burden, Uvizl must establish the likelihood of prevailing in the civil harassment claim which itself must be established by clear and convincing evidence (case citation omitted). Pursuant to the evidence in the record, petitioner has met her burden. The Anti-SLAPP Motion as to Uvizl is denied.”

    After having had a brief opportunity to review the Court’s Tentative Ruling the case was called and Mr. Moxon and I appeared before the bench at counsel’s table. I disagreed with the Court’s ruling as to Uvizl but the judge was not willing to entertain much oral argument. As you can read in the transcript to be uploaded next week, I made the following submissions to the Judge: that the Flatley case relied upon by the court was factually distinguishable; that most people who are picketed are “annoyed” by it and AGP had briefed the Court (Motion pages 16-19) on the U.S. Supreme Court cases holding that “the fact society may find speech offensive is not sufficient reason for suppressing it. Indeed, if it is the speaker’s opinion that gives offense, that consequence is a reason for according it constitutional protection.” The judge did not want to listen saying he had read and reviewed everything, looked at the D.V.D.s and carefully prepared his ruling on the Anti-SLAPP. His honor had clearly been more diligent than many of his brethren and, in fairness, his ruling was detailed and well reasoned despite our disagreement with its final page as to Lissa Uvizl. Mr. Moxon made little attempt to convince the Court to change it’s ruling as to Plaintiff Miranda. The Court ruled that prevailing party fees on the Anti-SLAPP motion were “a wash.” This greatly relieved AGP! Indeed, earlier that week, at the Ex Parte hearing, Mr. Moxon informed me that he would again be putting me before the California State Bar (for the 14th time!) and seeking my permanent disbarment if I lost AGP’s Anti-SLAPP motion. I responded, “That could cut both ways Rick.” By that I meant I could respond with the subsequent developments in the Cipriano, Hurtado, Apodaca and related frauds upon four State and Federal courts, and the State Bar itself.

    The Court then proceeded to an evidentiary hearing as to the Uvizl restraining. However, the judge declined to actually hear live testimony saying he had carefully reviewed the declarations and the DVDs. Once again, he provided very little opportunity to counsel for argument. I briefly addressed the court as to Ms. Uvizl’s credibility. There were no allegations or threats of violence, no evidence of severe emotional distress, and no evidence of reasonable fear because of the constant presence of security guards and cameras. He had gone to the Scientology location to address his message to the group and not any specific individual. On the contrary, Ms. Uvizl had bantered with AGP, laughed and even said she was not afraid. Furthermore, that AGP’s communications had largely been about Scientology matters of public interest such as OT 3 and OT 8, the Billion Year contract, staff working and living conditions, etc.”

    The judge responded with a new factor and ground for his decision. He said that there had been harassment because AGP had followed Ms. Uvizl and AGP had not stopped following Ms. Uvizl after she had requested him to do so. Therefore, he was issuing a permanent (three year) injunction against AGP restraining him from being within 50 yards of Ms. Uvizl’s employment at 6331 Hollywood Boulevard or her residence down the street from the Church of Scientology Celebrity Center on Franklyn Avenue. Once again, I argued to the contrary. I submitted that the ambit or scope of the restriction was too broad because even the U.S. Supreme Court cases of Madsen and Schenk had adopted a 15 foot buffer zone and those two cases involved abortion clinic cases where there had been actual violence and even murders. No matter how hard I pushed, Judge Rico refused to budge from his rulings and concluded the hearing.

    Most of the public gallery then left the court room. There were ten people on each side of the courtroom. The Scientology contingent included Mr. Moxon, the two plaintiffs, one of the Scientology security guards/camera men, and others. AGP’s contingent included Anon Orange and Happy Smurf. In addition, attorney Barry Van Sickle attended. Barry had substantial experience in Scientology litigation matters in the late 80s and early 90s. In fact, Barry was part of the trial team that won Scientology v. Yanny one while I was part of the trial team that won Scientology v. Yanny two. He has significant appellate experience.

    The drama did not end with the hearing. Rick Moxon and I were standing at the Court Clerk’s desk while awaiting our copies of the 50 yard Restraining Order regarding Lissa Uvizl. “Barry [Van Sickle] told me he will handle an appeal,” said Moxon. “If we decide to appeal then Barry and I will work on it,” I said. “We do work on things together. I am sure you are aware of the labor claim that Barry has presented (to require Scientology to pay Scientology Gold Base workers the minimum wage),” I added. This was not what Rick wanted to hear so he went over to chat with Mr. Miranda who loudly said, “So I have to prepare to defend myself.” Mr. Moxon then went over to one of the Anon who had remained sitting in the courtroom. Rick Moxon informed him that if he continued to attend anti-scientology pickets and court proceedings he would be receiving a temporary restraining order too. I called Mr. Moxon out for threatening this Anon with litigation while just sitting in the courtroom. “Berry, are you his lawyer too.” I responded, “No, but he is an acquaintance of mine.” Shortly after that we received our copies of the Restraining Order and we left the courtroom together (I was not leaving Moxon alone in there to engage in even more shenanigans).

    I did observe that Rick Moxon was wearing a near new expensive suit and that he was unusually relaxed at the Ex Parte hearing earlier this week. At that time I was so surprised that I asked Rick if everything was okay with him. I wasn’t used to seeing him so relaxed and rested. It was the day after the channer pleaded guilty to the denial of service charges. Are we seeing a new Moxon? Nah, I don’t think so.

    And so our merry little band had coffee, conversation and departed the Los Angeles Superior Court House. AGP, Happy Smurf, Anon Orange, Casper and another then proceeded to L. Ron Hubbard Way. There we used ‘Anonymous Clearing Technology’ to quickly empty the entire street, leaving only the Scientology security guards to stalk, harass and video us as we picketed for an hour and observed the work crew erecting the big tent again for the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) event on November 1, 2008. Anon Orange and Happy Smurf were videotaping endlessly and I expect they will soon be uploading their footage.

    Judge Rico, like most judges, clearly did not enjoy a Church of Scientology case being in his court room. He wanted it out of there with minimal repercussions. If he had ruled entirely in our favor the Church of Scientology would have appealed and visa versa. Consequently, like King Solomon, the judge split the baby, sending both sides away unhappy. However, AGP can still picket at L. Ron Hubbard Way, CCHR, Celebrity Center and elsewhere. Personally, I think L. Ron Hubbard Way is a better picketing venue than 6331 Hollywood Boulevard. The lower level Scientology staffers are more malleable and more Scientology public members are exposed to our communications and invitations. I know that I have caused one to blow with a LRH Died ON Psych Drugs picket sign.

    I think the decision in the AGP case today was a 75% win and really, as with Gregg’s case in Boston, a win despite certain ongoing restrictions.

    The message Anonymous should take away from Judge Rico’s ruling today is that they may direct their proper free speech communications at Scientologists as both a group and individuals. However, picketers should not follow individual Scientologists and must stop doing so when requested. Of course, this should cut both ways too including with Scientology’s private investigators and investigations officers and their “dead agenting” activity. My advice to Anonymous is not to push the picketing envelope and to err on the cautious and civil side, while still communicating the messages that have been so effective this year. Scientology is looking for a reason to sue anyone and everyone. If Anonymous errs on the side of the law and basic civility Scientology will be frustrated in their search for “heads on a pike.” If a frustrated Scientologist does attack you then do not be provoked or retaliate in any manner. “Turn the other cheek,” apply “Ghandi Tech” and then take police or court action against the violent Scientologist. That is what Tommy Gorman did and it totally thwarted the Church’s attempted set-up of Tommy for an arrest and a lawsuit.

    I wish to thank Anons for their generous contributions to AGPs actual court costs (photocopying, filing fees, parking/gas, etc.). I also wish to thank those who have sent me some money orders and Staples cards. Although I am happy to act pro bono in these matters I do need donations to be able to meet the bare necessities of life and any checks, money orders or cash (in any amount) will now be gratefully received. “Living on the smell on an oily rag” still requires some minimal cost. Indeed, my living and work expenses will soon significantly increase (yet remain relatively modest) when I lose my support to another state and another home. I also want to thank Anon Orange for my two new picket signs: “Scientology Abuses the Law” and “Blow Baby Blow.” As I said to a few Scientology staffers today, “Blow like Rinder, Blow like Rathbun.”

    I’ll now scan the rest of the case documents so that AGP may post them to the URL above. Then it is back to the backlog of other matters which include: my website; my book; document scanning; the Subway restaurant matter (for which one of our Anon legal specialists has ghost-written some documents); the Moxon matters; our civil rights complaints; Belgium; the dozens of Narconon victims; the Freewinds; and the Los Angeles Police Commission. Earlier this week the Los Angeles Police Department telephoned me yet again regarding the complaint we filed in April regarding the weekly closures of L. Ron Hubbard Way. The L.A.P.D. was investigating the March 15, 2008 L. Ron Hubbard Way Picket in particular. Apparently the L.A.P.D. has concluded its investigation. Among other things, changes are to be made as to the manner in which Movie filming permits (such as the Church of Scientology has used) are handled in the future.

    Congratulations AGP. Congratulations Gregg Housh. Congratulations Australian Anonymous. Congratulations Anonymous everywhere, and keep up the good global work.

    Anonymous does not forgive. It does not forget. Expect us.

    [My apologies for this epistle to the reading challenged who write in terms of tl: dr <gr>]
  21. monamia Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    your empress got the powers

    we need copies of the judge's ruling perhaps
    and moar

    darn good idea
    damn good thread
    damn good day

    anti-slapp win> huge
    getting graham's ream of paper about serious crimes committed by the scinos is >fucking huge. public record. and did i mention anti-slapp big win.

    lissa--agp PErSISTed in sweating and being manly-gay-metro around her and she had feelings she misunderstood. i think she's on a break of some kind or perhaps special *seminars* i'd like to see her set free myself. i think she has a spark and agp set off some kind of freudian suffering, related to imagery of eros, or a deep electra problem. anyhow, epic. i think the world will be a happier place if when MEN bug WOmeN and WomeN say enough already that the testosterone carrier back-off.

    by the same token, those creepy scinos in our faces should grok the situation and stay away when we ask them to stay away.

    moxon is a loser. he is behind the times and his brain lacks any sort of update byway of creative thinking. he's a rat in a maze. he coulda been a contender but his cowardice is so obvious in his angry -40 tone. he's like a play yard bully. real mean guy. and he was revealed today.

    i knew we could count on judge rico to read all that stuff and accept it into the record. i think that part rocks hard. i am also glad that the scinos gave him the full-on heebie jeebies after reading about all the SHIT they have pulled IN LA & over the YEARS!!
    On the record.

    graham + entourage: right f'ing on!!

    •moxon revealed as mean guy no matter where his ass lands
    •agp revealed as guy, the flesh+skin type, rather than as a celestial representative, the manifestation of the Holy of Holies, when it comes to ivar and hollywood and lissa. in other words, they do not see his Eminence they lack imagination and proper religious education.
  22. monamia Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    i loved those two
    wild and crazy guys

    we need to try to get a scientology skit placed with snl.
    any budding comedy writers around here? like...agp??
    why not send them a bunch of good ideas?
    good stuff for their casts seth myers would make good miscavige,
    dig up tom cruise actor and one chick,,,let's see mary de moss type
  23. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    Oooh lookit me! I'm the boss of being embossed! Now you need to put a 96 on the other side. Why does 69 always get all the attention. 96'ing can still be fun too!
  24. i'mglib Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    Way to go Graham and AGP.

    Thanks for the info, Graham.

    I stumbled on this line. What do you mean? Are you moving?

  25. Graham Berry Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    Indeed, my living and work expenses will soon significantly increase (yet remain relatively modest) when I lose my support to another state and another home.

    No. I am staying in the house while she is moving. Hope that clarifies things.
  26. Anon23517 Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    Thank you, Graham, and as an Australian I have one thing to say to you and your awesomeness:

  27. leroyjenkins Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    Graham: What about his shoes? Did he actually get something different than those ugly bowling shoes.
  28. Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    I Will now donate $ to your cause to fighting Evil...where shud I go?
  29. bAnon Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    GrahamBerryCaek - tastes like WIN!!!
  30. parrotnut Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

  31. indeedindeed Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    excellent, especially Anti-SLAPP and dox entering public record!
    Given that the court rooms are CoS' natural territory, this is going fairly well so far: Rorschach, Gregg (in part), AGP.
  32. Spylon Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    It's mostly a win. But this is also a lesson to us. DO NOT follow scilons. Stalking is illegal.
  33. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN! Pippi. Then click on the orange "Paypal" link.
  34. Outside-in Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    It is alright to follow the scilons BUT when they tell you to "stop" stop. Now as for telling the scilons to stop following you, make sure your camera is running and be very clear as to what you expect them to do. No tits gtfo is not appropriate.
  35. Sponge Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    So much fapping.
  36. Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

  37. casperthegost Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    Here's Smurf's video of the LRH way after party we had, WARNING: it's a bit gay but keep in mind the gayness is being directed at a anti-gay paranoid cult. I thought is was very funny. But it does have a sad ending when smurf spots an elderly sea org member that will probably be off loaded from the cult when she is no longer useful: She will be given $50.00 and dropped off at a homeless shelter.

  38. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    A lesson learned here is that we protest Scientology the cult. We are not there to harass individuals. It is the individuals that we hope will see that the outside world is a better place than inside Scientology. We are representatives of that outside world to the cult member. If we treat the individual with respect and modesty rather than anger and aggressiveness, we may just be conversing with a soon-to-be fellow protester.
  39. AnonOrange_ Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    Graham and the new attorney present at AGP's trial are discussing this. If Anonymous can be accused of following, then it certainly is the case for 100's of scientologists that followed Anonymous.

    It's nice we have videos of these events !

    Graham has a long a fruitful career ahead of him.
  40. AnonOrange_ Member

    Re: AGP: 99.9% WIN!

    96's is sleeping back to back. That's what you get after a few years of marriage !

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