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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by anonAminoacid, Feb 13, 2008.


How old are you?

0-17 231 vote(s) 13.1%
18-25 615 vote(s) 34.9%
26-35 464 vote(s) 26.4%
36-45 228 vote(s) 13.0%
45-60 167 vote(s) 9.5%
60+ 55 vote(s) 3.1%
  1. CuppyCake Member

    Re: Age Poll

    Well maybe I am, that is the beauty of Anon.. LOL. I was just giving the two possibilities of my age.
  2. TheDerpster Member

    Re: Age Poll

    It doesn't matter to me, I was just wondering why you told him "stfu". I'm not really here to get to know people, so far as I can tell there's no way to really make friends here anyway.
  3. CuppyCake Member

    Re: Age Poll

    It seems that some people have managed to make a few friends, as well as enemies here... I guess it just depends if you're the type of person to meet up outside the forum. I suppose there is nothing wrong with befriending a false persona LOL. Isn't that the same in real life?
  4. TheDerpster Member

    Re: Age Poll

    The anons are not impressing me as much as I thought they would, yeah I talk to people I've met on youtube or myspace but these forums are like friendship repellent. I just thought I'd try something different
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: Age Poll

    You're free to leave WWP, but whining about it will get you nowhere.
  6. CuppyCake Member

    Re: Age Poll

    Youtube eh? Yes forums can be a bit rough... to much TROLOLOLOLLing

    I'm personally here to do what I can for the cause, if I make friend along the way, even better. If not, I guess I'll continue living my life as usual.
  7. TheDerpster Member

    Re: Age Poll

    Got a comment from you didn't it. Well I don't know what constitutes whining on your side of the pond but I believe I was simply making an observation... If you want me to leave then perhaps I'll stay a while :cool:
  8. TheDerpster Member

    Re: Age Poll

    These trolls are pretty tame from what I've seen, yes youtube.. why? I've been on that for years, it's alot of fun and most people aren't all SRSD. I understand you got some serious business to take care of and you wont see me derping on those threads, I just like the random stuff ya know :D
  9. anonlady88 Member

    Re: Age Poll

    Looking at the statistics, I'm really amazed at how a lot of people from different age ranges are aware of the dangers of scientology. I mean, I'm really REALLY amazed! O.O
  10. TheDerpster Member

    Re: Age Poll

    Generally speaking people from the ages of 18 to 25 (college age) are the most idealistic because other than passing grades they don't really have many worries... so they latch on to things to worry about *fills the void
  11. V3n9eanc3 Member

    Re: Age Poll

    17 :D i'll soon be 18 though, and rlly looking forward to it!
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Age Poll

    My age cannot be measured in time, for I am Dr Who, yes I am a Time Lord, you may have heard of me?
  13. womanmilk Member

    Re: Age Poll

    Clearly an imposter. The Doctor would never refer to himself as Dr. Who, you jerk ;)
  14. Hornet Member

    Re: Age Poll

    Im are age :D
  15. Kilia Member

    Re: Age Poll

    I'm now 70 years old. Bite me!
  16. whosit Member

    Re: Age Poll

  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: Age Poll

    I think I hit my idealistic peak between ~ 10 and 16, gradually sliding toward mundana for the next decade or so before picking back up again ~ 10.feb.08
  18. EmptyV Member

    Cast my vote!
  19. moarxenu Member

    Happy Birthday! You're not the oldest though. There is a 95-year old woman anon.
  20. Django Member

    Is she hot?
  21. Kilia Member

    Really! Would love to meet her....Anon name?
  22. I was birthed 75 million years ago, beyond the Van Allen Radiation Belts
  23. libertas Member

    I am a young 45!
  24. Lymesloop Member

  25. UMULAS Member

  26. UMULAS Member

    Damn! I thought I was the youngest here.
  27. WMAnon Member

    I wonder how many people have bumped up an age category since this poll started
  28. ziptang Member

    60 in a week. Fuck.
  29. 60 fucks in one week!
    How to you find time to enturbulate?
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  30. I am 665 years old, and tomorrow's my birthday. lol
  31. libertas Member

  32. libertas Member

    Happy birthday for tomorrow :)
    I bet your cake wont have that many candles on it ,
    I know mine did'nt
  33. libertas Member

    I was starting to feel old and especially when I seen one 14 :I
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  34. libertas Member

    is there much to bite at that age,most don't even have there teeth at 70 ;) <3
  35. maceo parker Member

    i've been here for eons. who knows how many times i've visited earth, or the last time i was here? right now i'm at the mid-point of my cycle, at the middle of my life.
  36. Zak McKracken Member

    So interesting.
  37. miz redavni Member

    21 in 1 month
  38. Morfeus Member

  39. miz redavni Member

    he is simply, the doctor
  40. Anonymous Member

    I am now three years older than when I first joined Project Chanology :)
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