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Discussion in 'Pictures' started by Jaymax, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. Jaymax Moderator

    Here are some very basic instructions for anyone not familiar with putting pictures on forums

    If you have the picture on your computer, you need to upload it to a free image host, for example

    Click the browse button to find the picture on your computer, and then the upload button.


    You will need to copy the text in the box next to 'Direct' (as highlighted above)

    Here at type your message, and where you want to put the picture write


    Paste the 'Direct' URL text you copied from, between the [NOPARSE][/NOPARSE] tags.

    If you are a registered user, you can use the [IMG] button in the editor instead of typing the [NOPARSE][IMG]
  2. anonymous612 Member

    I would also like to ask that if the images are graphic, you indicate so in the thread title.

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