Advertising/PR ideas

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by AnonEkips, Apr 26, 2008.

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    Advertising/PR ideas

    [23:47:34] <AnonEkips> kusteb fags
    [23:47:37] <AnonEkips> listen*
    [23:47:42] <AnonEkips> At least I got fags down
    [23:47:47] <AnonEkips> New Jersey Devils - Fan Zone - Devils Legion
    [23:47:50] pentagram kustebs
    [23:47:58] <AnonEkips> You're one of us.
    [23:47:58] <AnonEkips> We are Devils Legion.
    [23:48:36] <circle> ...vhut?
    [23:48:48] <AnonEkips> Launch NHL Video Portal
    [23:48:54] <anon1917> WE NEED MOAR THAN 20 FAGFAG FLIERS.
    [23:48:54] <AnonEkips> Wait for the ad
    [23:49:01] <AnonEkips> and Watch to the end where it says "You're one of us" its perfect
    [23:49:09] <AnonEkips> we need to incorperate that with an Anon spin
    [23:49:15] <AnonEkips> or rather, De-Devils-ize it

    Once you watch that click the Devil's Legion category underneath the video, and watch all of them, they have that cult feeling, you just need a video editor and you have an awesome anon campaign

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