Advertising on the London Underground

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by basil, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. basil Member

    Advertising on the London Underground

    Following on from this thread: I was wondering what the possibility might be of having an advertisment at Goodge Street tube station, right next to the sci hive, for anonymous?

    The company is CBS Viacom Outdoor, and they do seem to have fairly strict guidelines on what can be advertised: CBS Outdoor Limited - Copy Approval

    I throw this to the hive mind. Is it something that might be worth pursuing? Would people be willing to contribute towards it?
  2. Moralfag Member

    Re: Advertising on the London Underground

    It would be expensive. If we got some jooogolds for advertising I've got contacts which could get us moar overall exposure and penetration than one poster.
  3. basil Member

    Re: Advertising on the London Underground

    I'd be happy to chip in ... what does your contact have in mind?

    I just thought that Goodge Street station was a good idea.

    Either that, or on the side of a bus on a route that goes past them....

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