advertising (no srsly)

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by mouse in the house, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. advertising (no srsly)

    those bastards, they've monetized our mudkips.


    moar biggar here

    was just showing someone this to explain the mudkip thing and look what turns up as an ad! coinkidink? i think not!

    not only that but they have their ads on here!

    it's cause adwords allows you to target your junk to certain terms. i am certainly not saying the urbandictionary folk or the fine staff here have anything to do with this.

    what can we do?
    a) click on them to use up all their impressions/clicks? (which would also make enturb some $)
    b) let other webmasters know about the grubbiness lurking within? maybe they will consider filtering the scilons.
    c) perhaps someone feeling kindly with some cash might be inclined to purchase some google adwords ads for good things?

  2. Re: advertising (no srsly)

    I wouldn't purchase ad space on the net. We want poeple looking into scientology online and NOT in person. Even scilon videos make them look silly and people will also see anti-sci info online, so let them waste their money on ads.

    The best thing to do is get to know people in the media. Call your local station, TV and Radio. Make them aware of all that is going on. Form a relationship and get on a first name basis.

    News media today is lazy, very lazy. They expect the news to come to them, so we have to take it to them. They will NOT connect the dots on their own. When speaking with media you have to explain things like you are talking to a seven year old. Create Information Packets. (Fair Game for may?)

    If we don't do this scientology will and the media may become a PR machine for the cult.

    (I learned all this following the Duke LAX hoax in NC. If it were not for blogs and message boards those three boys would likely be sitting in jail now. The media in that case had to be bombarded with the facts for months before they figured out they had been played by a corrupt DA. )
  3. Re: advertising (no srsly)

    How come I never get to see scilon ads? All I get on that website are T-shirt ads!

    edit: Nevermind. I got an ad to show up by looking up scilon.
  4. UnknownEntity Member

    Re: advertising (no srsly)

    unfortunately this is illegal, it's called "click fraud", you can click if you're interested in the site once in a while, but don't do it just to waste their money:wink:

    Adsense ads are expensive, just let them waste even more money.
  5. Re: advertising (no srsly)

    Meh, just do it once in a very long while (every few days).

    Yes, won't cost nearly as much money, but it's nearly impossible to detect the difference between 'glancing at it to see if things have changed' and 'trying to cost them a cent.'

    And every cent the CoS spends on ads is a cent they don't have to brainwash!
  6. Honoraboveall Member

    Re: advertising (no srsly)

    no one takes Urban dictionary serious, it's not serious business,. Lol if i was going to buy add space it would be through the company hosting the Co$website.. and get ads about anti-scientology on there Lulz.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: advertising (no srsly)

    Click fraud needs to be proven.

    Feel free to click when ever you feel like.
  8. anonymoose Member

    Re: advertising (no srsly)

    Hi, n00b here. I've delurked because I noticed that if you put "anonymous" or "anonymous scientology" into google, COS have paid for a GoogleAd to appear linking to their site. This irks me.

    Complete retard- if I used my Google Ads account to set up an Ad linking to here to show up alongside theirs, is there anyway they can trace it to me? My only other recourse is click click clicking, which seems a bit poor.
  9. MudzKipper Member

    Re: advertising (no srsly)

    no, anonymoose - They wouldn't trace it to you.

    what's wrong with clicking on their links as often as possible when searching for mudkips online? I thought that maybe they put mudkips on their websites? I think it's only reasonable that if I'm searching for content relevant to mudkips/scilons/b/stuff and scientology ads keep popping up we should all click them. I guess they should use RELEVANT keywords and maybe they wouldn't be wasting their money!? amiright?

    I say, click away...

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