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  2. Ali Shamkhani

    Ali Shamkhani who is one of the competent commanders of Iran-Iraq war and a member of the Sepah, fighted with the Iraqies from the very beginning of the war.

    He was born in 1955 in Ahvaz and he has Arab origins. He was the defense minister of Khatami's government.

    During the 8th presidential election, he was one of the candidates who was supported by the right-wingers and lost to Khatami. However he was the defense minister in the second period of Khatami's presidency. Now he is a member of "the console of foreign policies".

    1. A Sepah commander in Khoozestan in 8 years of war with Iraq
    2. Moved to marine forces by a promotion to a "first deputy commander" (I'm not sure here, don't know much about military rankings), 1989
    3. Commander of the marine forces of the Sepah and commander of the marine forces of the army at the same time, 1990
    4. Minister of defense in Khatami's government, 1997
    5. Promotion to a general/chief commander (again, not sure), 1999
    6. Run for presidency, 2001
    7. Defense minister, 2001

    Current Positions
    1. Chief of "Center for Strategic Research"
    2. A member of the console of foreign policies

    Sudden entrance into the army
    His suddent transfer into the army in 1989 and his appointment to the chief commander of the marine forces raised a lot of discontent since he had not any specific training for holding such a position.
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    This is very interesting, thank you very much.
  4. Unsure Reports

    Off of Twitter there are reports that Basiji/Hezbollah attempted to arrest him on-base but the attempt was thwarted.

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