Adding Pics of Local OSA staff to your Wiki

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by pooks, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. pooks Member

    Adding Pics of Local OSA staff to your Wiki

    I was just talking to the Anon's on #BostonRaid and gave them
    links to pictures of Boston OSA staff and suggested they put
    these pics on their wiki. This will help the anon's to spot OSA
    people walking around pretending to be "just interested" people.

    Most (not all) Scn orgs have an Office of Special Affairs. The
    smaller orgs may not have OSA staff at all. If tha's the case then
    the Executive Director of the org will be holding the post of DSA
    or Director of Special Affairs.

    For example:

    In Boston:

    Gerard Renna is the head of OSA in Boston.
    He is an OT VIII and an idiot. His pic is
    on this page.

    The head of OSA Invest for Boston is
    Maureen O'keefe to be seen here:

    I like to suggest that each City put up a local OSA page. Showing
    pictures and providing any information about them that you can.

    If you don't know who your OSA goons are, then you can speak
    to any ex-scientololgy critic from your area who might already know,
    or use this thread to ask anonymously if anyone knows and then
    start looking on line for information about them, especially pictures.

    This will help the anons at the protest in recognizing OSA staff.

  2. anonymous3347 Member

    This sounds like a good idea. But extreme caution would have to be used to make sure that the people whose pictures are posted are actually who you say they are. It is also possible that the CoS could take your page as an example of a "hit list" of some kind; they don't hesitate to publish our pictures and defame us on their websites, but I am sure that they would heartily object to the same treatment. Choose your words carefully, and go for it.

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