Aaron Saxton: Speech Vids + Transcripts

Discussion in 'Translation and Text Composition Projects' started by grumpus, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. grumpus Member

    Aaron Saxton: Speech Vids + Transcripts

    This thread is for transcriptions of the protest speeches of Aaron Saxton.

    Aaron Saxton's recorded interviews with transcripts can be found here:

    The transcript for his December 19, 2009 remarks still needs some [[problem spots]] fixed.

    There is also a transcript of a recording of his remarks from January 16, 2010. The January 16 recording has cuts and might not be his full remarks. I can't find a longer version of this (yet?).

    I thought there were other protest appearances by Aaron Saxton, but so far I fail at finding any other recordings, so anyone who knows of them please post them.

    Also please check these for errors and any suggestions you might have.

    Aaron Saxton's Speech to the Sea Org
    December 19, 2009
    Sydney, Australia

    [ame=]Aaron Saxton speech to Sea Org - Sydney Dec 19, 2009 on Vimeo[/ame]

  2. chrisanon Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton: Speech Vids + Transcripts

    I don't remember hearing about this little arrangement before. If it's true, it certainly answers the question about the tax exemption.

    I know I'd like to learn more. Aaron, can you say more? Does the Deputy Commissioner put the money in his own personal bank account? I can't imagine it goes to the IRS, because that would essentially be paying taxes. Are there any dox?
  3. greebly Member

  4. chrisanon Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton: Speech Vids + Transcripts

    Thanks, greebly.

    To put my question more clearly, if Meade Emory, who no longer works for the IRS, is the person who's on the CST board, that's different from a current IRS official. And that's what I thought Aaron meant. Also, Emory was an Assistant to the Deputy Commissioner. That's an important difference.

    For Emory to serve on the CST is very bad, and it looks extremely fishy, but it's not the same thing as having a current employee of the IRS on the board of the CST. That would be -- well, close to unthinkable.

    But so many unthinkable things occur every day in Scilon-world that I wondered.

    I also wasn't completely aware of the fact that many Scilons think RTC is in charge of the trademarks. I thought everyone knew that's it's all about the CST. But then, Scilons don't get to read Larry Brennan.

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