Aaron Saxton: Interview Vids + Transcripts

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    Re: Aaron Saxton: Interview Vids + Transcripts

    Aaron Saxton Interview: Radio Skidrow 3/4

    Transcript goes here
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    Re: Aaron Saxton: Interview Vids + Transcripts

    Aaron Saxton Interview: Radio Skidrow 4/4

    YouTube- Aaron Saxton On 88.9fm - 23/11/09 - Part 4

    TRANSCRIPT - AARON SAXTON ON 88.9FM - 23/11/09 - PART 4

    Aaron: I left, but I, believe it or not, after I left the Sea Org I still believed in Scientology. And I...

    Claire: Yes, yes, I've heard this from other ex-Scientologists I've spoken to - that they struggle with that. Sorry, go on...

    Aaron: Well finally that, finally something happened a year and a half after I left. After further intimidation from the Sea Organisation stating you can't work for this person, you can't work with any Scientologist unless you come back into the Sea Organisation, and I finally walked away because they, the intimidation just got too much. And then I met a woman called Rebecca Anderson in Melbourne and she just opened my eyes and had, had enough love for me to sit down and start, and asked me to just evaluate and look and she was so patient with me that it just started to open my eyes.

    Claire: Yeah.

    Aaron: And then once I opened up my eyes around about, I left in '96 from the Sea Org, and I left Scientology in '98 and by the year 2000 rolled around I started looking on the internet and I found people were trying to speak out and every time they spoke out they were being sued by the church, they were being...

    Claire: Yeah.

    Aaron: ...criticised by the church. They were having letters put out to their friends and people that knew them about their crimes that, quote, these people had done.

    Claire: Yeah.

    Aaron: And I was scared and I tried to speak out. The, the process to un, to undo this is not easy and some people will never ever reconcile Scientology.

    Claire: Yes.

    Aaron: I don't know, I, if I could tell you what the exact mechanism was, I don't know, but it, it would go along the lines of reading other books, just read, read, read because this is forbidden.

    Claire: Yeah, read anything.

    Aaron: Read, just read, read, get education, read this book whether it's pro - and not just about scientology, to or from against, uh - read books on science. Read books on philosophy. Read books on, yeah and then it dawns to me, I'm reading these books and I realise the word "love" didn't even appear in the thousands of Flag Orders and Policy letters that I read.

    Claire: Yes.

    Aaron: And it dawned on me, it was never about, this man, Ron Hubbard, never loved.

    Claire: Yeah, yeah.

    Aaron: And the Sea Org never - it was never part of their policy to do this. The words "hate" and "enemy" were mentioned everywhere and so it clicked for me and for others it's clicked and for some, I'm afraid to say, I don't think it will ever click.

    Claire: Yes. Look we're going to have to wrap it up soon, but I'd like to have you on again and perhaps talk about, more about leaving the church and perhaps have a segment on how we can support people to, to explore looking outside of the church and to read other things and y'know - for people who are thinking of leaving or just questioning, I know that's a very difficult thing for members of Scientology, and particularly the Sea Org, to even question things is like a crime in itself.

    Aaron: Yeah it is a crime. If they even mention that they're reading a book, that's not necessarily anti-Scientology, but, but say, questions religion, questions...

    Claire: Yeah.

    Aaron: ...belief or science then what will happen is the, they, they will get in trouble.

    Claire: Yeah. Or sex or love or anything like that.

    Aaron: But I'd love to talk about, I'd, I'd, I'm happy to be on your show again.

    Claire: That'd be great. Just one last thing I want to ask you about is Anonymous. Well how do you feel about the group Anonymous?

    Aaron: I've spoken to several members of Anonymous.

    Claire: Mm hm.

    Aaron: They're a very, they're a very gung-ho organisation.

    Claire: Yeah.

    Aaron: There's no question about that.

    Jack: Mm hm.

    Aaron: And some of them are in there because they, they know the injustice here and, although some of their knowledge on the true incidents in the Sea Org is sometimes weak, but some of these people know a great deal. I feel - I will support them...

    Jack: Mm.

    Aaron: ... because they're, they're assisting in a cause. Now maybe they don't fully understand everything behind this cause, but they've seen enough.

    Claire: Yeah.

    Aaron: And they know enough people that have been hurt.

    Claire: How would you feel about, after we talk to you, finish this interview up, play the "Message to Scientology" from Anonymous? Would you be alright with that?

    Aaron: I would, I would love to hear it.

    Claire: Ok.

    Jack: Alright.

    Claire: Why don't you stay on the line while we play it? Thank you so much, Aaron. I, I personally support what you're doing, I think you're very brave and y'know, what what what ex-members need to hear is from people like you and to stand up and say "I take responsibility for my actions."

    Aaron: Thank, thank you.

    Jack: Thank you, Aaron.

    Claire: Congratulations.

    Jack: Cheers.

    Claire: Ready Jack?

    Jack: Yeah.

    Hello, leaders of Scientology. We are Anonymous...
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    Re: Aaron Saxton: Interview Vids + Transcripts

    Thank you. Cross-posted to ESMB with thanks: PDF Transcripts from WWP

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    Re: Aaron Saxton: Interview Vids + Transcripts


    Aaron: Since I launched my Youtube videos, I've had a lot of people send me messages about their experience in the Sea Org, some public scientologists have made comment - and I'm getting mostly agreement that what I'm saying is true, but there are people that are conveying to me that when they were in the Sea Org that wasn't their experience. They thought it was more freer than that, they, they're telling me "you said, Aaron, that we couldn't listen to music" and I'm getting emails back saying "well we could listen to music." Ok? And I just want to point out that yes, I've painted this picture of, of the Sea Org which is quite dark and gloomy, but try to understand something: I was in the Hubbard Communications Office (HCO) and this staff member might have just been in Division 4 and just been doing fine for two years without much harassment. This is quite possible - I don't doubt it at all.

    But I think you'll find in general, over, all-in-all, that what I've said will hold true across the board here because one person out of Division 4 says "well y'know once I saw a staff member get into so much trouble that they had something done to them." So, in their minds they're saying "well I just saw it once." I'd just like to point out that if you're at the Flag Land Base and there's a thousand staff there and you're closely working with twenty staff and you see it happen to one staff member, that's fifty staff that are going through that. And people in the Hubbard Communications Office are the ones that are always walking around the org, seeing these things and putting these things together.

    And that's why HCO staff are always burning out because they're so exposed to this, the crap that goes on. Y'know? And y'know, just to point out something about Scientology is that the trap of Scientology started from Keeping Scientology Working [KSW] Series 1.

    When you go to university, and you're sitting there and the lecturer goes "right, we're gonna have a lecture, we're gonna discuss, we're going to discuss the technology." After he's discussed, there's a question and answer, there's a debate regarding this. There is a growth of it. Now, many Sea Org members, scientologists, and public can't understand why, in their minds - "but the student hat worked for me,” “the touch assist worked for me,” "the word clearing worked for me" - "so how can somebody tell me it's a bunch of bull?" Ok? There's two answers to that...

    Firstly, Scientology is the only religion in the world that asks you to defend something you don't know. When you start Scientology you can't read the bible all at the start, you can only read a bit of it and then a little bit more and then a little bit more, so constantly Scientologists are defending something they just don't know. They don't know what OTIII is, they don't know what OTV, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, the Saint Hill Special Briefing course, they don't know it and yet they're defending it. And the reason why they're doing this is because in Keeping Scientology Working Series 1, which is purported to be the saviour of Scientology, when in actual fact this policy letter is its death. This policy letter says, from the word go, before you even know anything about scientology, if you question it, you're against us. If you discuss it, you're against us. So you can read a policy letter, but you're not permitted to discuss it with another human being 'cause it's called a 'verbal technology.'

    And when L Ron Hubbard is lecturing, it's not like a university lecture, there is no Q&A. It's just "I'm telling you, I'm telling you" - and you go through hours of this - "I'm talking to you, I'm talking to you, I'm talk...don't answer, don't, don't think, don't ask me a question, I'm telling you, this is the way it is." And Keeping Scientology Working, right from the word go, first time he walks into Scientology, he's slowly getting indoctrinated. He reads this policy that says "don't think about it, no verbal discussions, if you experience past lives you can't talk about it." Well no wonder because it's all bullshit. No wonder you can't talk about it. If it really was past life, if it was really real then it would be just as real as something we're experiencing now so what would the difference be?

    So the trap is right there in Keeping Scientology Working Series 1. From the word go you read it and it's the first thing you read in any course, in any training in Scientology and it keeps reinforcing to you "don't question what is written, do not discuss what is written, do not debate what is written" and eventually, after you do a couple of courses in Scientology, and even in the Sea Org, you can't talk about what you've just read. There is no questioning of it because you know, according to Keeping Scientology Working Series 1, that the moment you start to discuss it, it means that you do not 100% agree with it, unequivocally. And therefore, according to that very same policy letter, you must have misunderstandings about it. And if you have misunderstandings about it and you dare not clear those up, you're a suppressive person. But if there's something wrong with it and you talk about it, if there's actually something wrong with the technology, you're also a suppressive person.

    There's only ever one answer, it's always right and that trap is what gets them going.

    Here's reality, Scientology was born in '50's. It went and did some good things. And it did some bad things because misapplication of it is a shocking thing to do to another person. Ok? What happened is L Ron Hubbard got in trouble and he had to leave and he went on the boat in nineteen sixty, the mid-1960's he went on a boat and created this thing called the Sea Organisation and he lost the plot. This is where he came up with his OTIII story, which by the way, was a story written by Ron in 1953 (I think) called Revolt In The Stars which Hollywood refused to issue as a film. It was written before then. Y'know, there's even a, a video where L Ron Hubbard is talking about Xenu from the early 50's. And he supposedly found this in 1967. Anyways...

    What I'm saying is that what really happened is that when he was on the boat he created an extremist organisation and when they landed back in America and took charge the world was told "the Sea Org is here to protect Scientology and they are in charge of it." And everybody believed them. This is the lie. The Sea Org, in actual fact, is got nothing to do with Scientology, has its own creeds, its own policies, and its own doctrines which they have nothing, they are not religious. And they hijacked Scientology and used Scientology as a method to accomplish their goals. So while you keep seeing people out there going "but the Sea Org is protecting Scientology" it's the other way around; Scientology is the vehicle for the Sea Org - not the Sea Org being the vehicle for Scientology. And they use all these activities like Applied Scholastics and Narconon - to the Sea Org it's just another activity that's implementing their ultimate goals.

    Look, people want to believe that Scientology's all about money? I'm sorry to disappoint you, it's far worse than that.

    It's not just about money, it's about control. Controlling your life, governments, and the way we live. And the Sea Org is just what they want in society on a small scale and it's expanding. And when people realise that it's wrong to call Scientology a cult - it's not a cult. A cult is, by definition; a religion, a belief system, a God-like thing, practices and beliefs that are considered unorthodox or extreme and often run or led by a charismatic leader. This is the definition of a cult.
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    Re: Aaron Saxton: Interview Vids + Transcripts

    [ame=""]YouTube- General Response to Public questions Part Two.wmv[/ame]


    Aaron: Scientology doesn't fit that definition. The church, the creed, sorry - that looks like a Bona fide religion. The Sea Org, on the other hand, wearing uniforms, captains, commanders, lieutenants, chief petty officers, musters, standing at attention, roll calls, living in barracks, cutting off all media, no TV, no newspapers, no books on anti-Scientology, no books on anti-anything, no books on psychiatry, no phone calls to the outside, no civilian contact in their offices - that is a cult.

    And when people finally dawn on the horrible truth that Scientology is not thankful to the Sea Org for making it successful, but the Scientology is in control because a cult controls Scientology. And when you can make that differentiation you can finally see it for what it is.

    This staff member in the local organisation are out here, this public Scientologist, this pretty average Joe Schmoe guy, he wants to help. He really does. This is why we were all there. But what happens is when you join the Sea Organisation it becomes ultimately complex and you realise you are in a cult now. It's not an upgrade of a staff member, it's something different. It's not the next level from the staffing, it's something different. You are part of a cult! You have unorthodox training, you have unorthodox requests, unorthodox policies, unorthodox living conditions, weird rules, surveys that make no sense - the list is endless.

    That's your cult - and that's what we have to destroy.

    Because Scientology, the Sea Org keep using Scientology, every time we attack Scientology they keep going "you're against, you're a religious intolerant person." The reality is we should be targeting the Sea Org because they stand for everything this is a cult and nothing to do with religion. So, when people say "attack scientology" I say "let that guy out there think what he wants to think and believe." The target is the Sea Org - they are the cult. They have the policies that actually instruct disconnection, RPF'ing people, and unethical, infiltrating enemy networks and everything to do with paranoia. This is not part of the average Scientologist. You can't tell me a thousand people doing the student hat would really be a disaster. But, a thousand people being in the Sea Org doing the Basic Sea Org Member hat, now that's a disaster.

    "Do I think scientology works?" Not a chance. Not worth Keeping Scientology Working Series 1 or anything else for that matter because the end result is it just doesn't work in the long run. Ok? You have to be in Scientology environment for it to work and even then it's here alone. And it's all about beliefs and just what's, what you're making up in your head - the art of self-delusion. So within an organisation of Scientology perhaps it's got some workability, but let's step out into the real world and go out on the stock broking market or go out to the local nightclub, it's got no application whatsoever. But within that group, it does.

    But I want to reinforce here - the cult is the Sea Org. Get governments, write your senators, get your MP's - your Members of Parliament - look at the Sea Org! These are the people that are running the show. For Christ's sake they're standing there with caps on saluting a billion-year contract. Separate this bullshit. This is Scientology - it still doesn't work, but the real cult here is the Sea Org and their practices and their horrific policies - and they're the ones that own the trademarks, they're the ones that own Scientology, they own Applied Scholastics, they own Narconon, and they own over a hundred other entities that you seemingly think are innocent and they've got everything to do with control. And the show's over. And the show's only going to be over if people stand up now, put their name on a piece of paper and send it in to their local government.

    Stop talking about Scientology. Start talking about the Sea Organisation. This is the time. These are in, crazy insane people - and understand, the beginning Sea Org members are just like staff members in a way. After a couple of years, oh, they're goners. They are goners. They don't live in a house, they live in a barracks. They don't have family, they have friends that can be there one day and gone the next. They don't have days off like you and I or even a normal staff member. So please, prosecution against Scientologists - yes, they still deserve it, but first target, get rid of the horrific, heinous, above-the-law cult called the Sea Organisation which is running rings around governments right now.

    And they're so powerful they own a 350 ft boat in the Caribbean called the Freewinds, that they tell the world delivers Scientology when in fact, the entire operation on the ship is funded out of donations and its entire purpose is to ship money around the planet. And that's what it does. And that's how you can keep a 350 ft boat operating in the Caribbean. Don't tell me it's from services. The local org struggles enough on a, on a small income. Running a 350 ft ship does not happen on giving a couple of people a week a course on OTVIII. It's the headquarters of the IAS - the International Association of Scientologists - which is another activity controlled by the Sea Org.

    So I invite you, write your MP's, talk about the Sea Org now.
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    Re: Aaron Saxton: Interview Vids + Transcripts

    Posted to ESMB with graditude.

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    Re: Aaron Saxton: Interview Vids + Transcripts

    [ame=""]YouTube- message to john travolta and scientology celebrities Part One.wmv[/ame]

    Message to Scientology and Celebrities

    Transcript goes here.
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    Re: Aaron Saxton: Interview Vids + Transcripts

    [ame=""]YouTube- Message to John Travolta and other Scientology Celebrities Part TWO.wmv[/ame]

    Message to Scientology and Celebrities part 2

    Transcript goes here
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