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Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by Unregistered, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. It is still under construction. I would really appreciate comments, submissions of links and articles, as well as any free publicity you ca. Basically it aims to be an organized and comprehensive version of the Protest Advice forum.

    If the mods like it, would you consider making this post sticky? It'd help get the word out.


  2. spaz926 Member

    First, you should understand that there are many other sites like this one. Secondly, you must realize that Iran is not the only country having mass protests due to the lack of disapproval of government.
    But if you wish to continue to make this site, please consider of the following:
    • Correct grammer
    • Correct spelling
    • Capitalizing when needed
  3. Thanks for the constructive criticism

    I am aware that there are many other sites with similar objectives, my project is to collate information. I have found numerous websites with information, but I have yet to find a comprehensively organised source targeted specifically Iran. If such a source does exist somewhere (and I guess it's more than likely), duplication isn't such a bad thing. Still, you definitely have a point and I will make a point of trying to distingush the niche targeted by the site.

    I'm of course aware that the information is relevant to more than just Iran ( how could anyone not be at the moment!), but several factors led me to target Iran in particular- among other things I think it'll make it easier to get the word out. I also have concerns about how intelligence agencies in my country might react if I made the guide of more general signficance (perhaps I'm merely being paranoid). Still, I agree with you and I'll see if I can find ways to make the site more friendly to non Iranian audiences.

  4. As to spelling & grammar, I think it's not too bad. On the main page for instance, there is only one error repeated three times, (an inversion of the first i & l in available). We all make mistakes, for instance, you misspelt the word "grammar" as "grammer" whilst correcting my spelling and grammar ;-).

    Thanks for your points btw, I think you've identified some key concerns about the project. I think the point about making sure I'm not purely doubling up is a very important one and I'll get to work on addressing it.
  5. spaz926 Member

    So I did. :p

    I would just like you to have the best possible audience for this. When people see sites with misspellings and headings which aren't capitalized they seem to hit the back button rather quickly.

    Another thing I'd like to add is that if you are planning on adding any type of news source, you need to be sure you are finding confirmed reports and such. I don't know if this is your plan, but I thought I'd give that small advice.
    Anyways, best of luck to you and your site, and I hope you will stick around on the forums and support the cause from this site as well.
  6. Yeah, you're right about spelling & grammar, I'll make more of an effort in future.

    I'll definitely stick around this site; it looks like a really great resource and a great community. I'm in the process of registering now.

    Very pleased to meet you spaz926!
  7. Kruge Moderator

    As for spelling at least:

    Simply write your texts in a word processor - they usually all come with spell checking these days (and with OpenOffice you get a great suite for free that does pretty much everything you can do with MS Office too) - or install a spellchecker directly to your browser (Firefox at least offers this option). I find it reassuring to have one running here all the time - for one thing I simply have some words I *always* do wrong like "nessecary" -> *rightclick+correct* -> "necessary". :D and then there will *always* be typos, and that way I catch most of them by simply looking for words underlined in red before pressing "post". :)

    To run a spellchecker in the browser has the additional advantage, that it'll run in all the forums and other places you'll visit as well, so I prefer that method. :)

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