A way to have several Ideal Orgs in every city

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by RolandRB, Jul 14, 2014.

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    Here is a way to have several Ideal Orgs in every city (especially the UK) and not have to pay for them or their upkeep or staff wages. Just vast spaces of thetaness in major central areas with well compensated volunteer staff and money in bundles going uplines.

    Here is how to do it. Are you noting this, OSA? COB will want a report on this.

    Firstly, in the UK, you need to challenge the law on "places of religious worship". You have got to push the law such that auditing and training gets accepted as the Scientology religion equivalent of "worship" and large commercial centrally-located offices where you use the rooms for training and auditing as your "churches" where you do your equivalent of "worship". Think of it like this - if Christians had to gather under the supervision of their Church elders to worship then then "places of religious worship" would be tax-exempt from property tax as they are now. If, instead, Christians had to gather under the supervision of their Church elders to perform religious rituals then "places of religious ritual" would be tax-exempt from property tax. If, instead, Christians had to gather under the supervision of their Church elders to perform training and auditing then "places of religious training and auditing" would be tax-exempt from property tax.The key thing is that it is supervised guidance that is required to be practiced to obtain salvation. All religions should be allowed their turn at the trough. If Christians can have their "places of religious worship" tax-exempt then it is only fair that the religion of Scientology can have their places of religious training and auditing (their exact equivalent of supervised worship) tax exempt as well. In the UK the law can easily be won on this point.

    Once that is achieved you find large commercial properties that are centrally placed in cities that are empty. The landlord will be paying huge taxes on these. Then you offer to take them over as a place of religious worship for a price - and that is that the landlord has to pay for all the utility bills plus more for your looking after the place for them. That way they don't have to pay property tax once it gets registered as a place of worship and the Church of Scientology has large premises for auditing and training and sending truck-loads of cash uplines.
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  2. Fortunately for the public purse there are several reasons why this approach would not work in practice in the UK;

    1) empty properties already attract a relief from business rates;
    2) the ruling in Van Duyn v Home Office [1975] Ch. 358 (C-41/74)
    3) the building would have to be used solely or mainly for religious worship.

    There are those of us in the Law Society, and those in the public sector working hard to make sure whilst people's religious freedoms should be recognised; organisations, cults and tax evasion scams should not receive unfair tax breaks. To allow organisations such as Scientology to receive tax breaks would not be in the public interest.
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  4. fishypants Moderator

    Sadly, Roland's underlying point was (at least partly) about the tax breaks which Scientology actually does already receive.

    The City of London taxes Scientology's London HQ at the discounted charity rate, even though Scientology is not allowed by the UK Charity Commision to register as a charity - the particular Scientology corporation involved (COSRECI) is a South Australian company which claims to be a 'non-profit' but doesn't have to pass any Charity Commission -type test of public good. At the last count it was using a fake address (in Australia).

    For more info see other threads here on WWP, see Panorama and see

    Oh, and they're VAT-exampt as well.

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