A small idea from a total newb

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by AnonymIceland, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. anon5754 Member

    Re: A small idea from a total newb

    At least 3 holy war threads are fought on 4chan daily and end up with over 500 posts of militant agnostics trolling atheists over their lack of logical reasoning, Fred Phelps supporters doing battle with transsexuals, young earth creationists circular reasoning against evolutionary biologists, Muslims and Jews calling for the annihilation of each other and discordians successfully baiting hypocritical nihilists. By definition anon is for and against every religious, political and philosophical argument that has ever been debated, the ones that are here are only united through the fact they oppose Scientology. We should champion this strength, not shy away from religion because it's a sensitive topic.

    Darwin's theory is to modern evolution as Newton's law is to general relativity, but just like gravity evolution is a fact of nature, you can challenge the theory but you can't deny gravity.

    LOL @ ID in school science classes. Sure, let's teach all the competing string theories too, and MOND alongside Newtonian gravity if there's time for it. Oh wait, I forgot, school science is for teaching the universally accepted and time-tested, evidence supported theories, so ID belongs outside science classes alongside cold fusion and abiogenesis.

    I'm not calling for Dawkins to become a spokesperson for anonymous, just to get him to talk about Scientology. I also have no problem with getting Fred Phelps talking about it either, all negative publicity for Scientology is a win for us.
  2. UltraSquirrel Member

    Re: A small idea from a total newb

    Phelps has generated a lot of sympathy for gay rights activists. We don't need him either. Getting the endorsement of Phelps is like saying : "Assholes hate Scientology, you should too."

    However, in earlier threads, I have also spoken against getting institutional churches involved for the very same reason (under a different username). This does not need to be a religiously or anti-religiously motivated struggle. Once any religious or anti-religious institution/figurehead gets involved, it's a problem. Battles between religions have a nasty history and it's one we don't need to embrace.

    In a lot of ways, Dawkins is a figurehead for atheism. He has more power as a symbol than he does as a thinker. Hume, Nietzsche, Russell, Camus and Sartre all present far better cases for atheism than Dawkins does. The guy functions like a lightning rod, whether he intends to or not. (I think he does.)

    If Dawkins gives Anonymous a plug, that's fantastic, but I would not want to see him given a platform at a protest anymore than I would like to see a platform given to the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury or what have you. If I want to hear from people speaking about Scientology, I would much rather hear from people like Magoo than Dawkins, Rowan Williams or Pope Benedict. If they want in they can pull on a mask like the rest of us.

    I would not like to hear from Fred Phelps at all. The 'man' is an embarrasment to Christianity and humanity in general.

    No matter what happens, thanks to AnonymIceland for his efforts and I hope and pray (HA!) that it turns out well. Despite this disagreement and our differences, I'm glad to be working with the lot of you.
  3. AnonNow Member

    Re: A small idea from a total newb

    I agree with this, and would also like to add that getting a religious/anti-religious campaigner (from either side) involved would also only add credence to their claim of being a religion in the first place!
  4. kingler5 Member

    Re: A small idea from a total newb

    Just what I was saying earlier, Dawkins is generally known as a big public face of atheism and thus brings strong feelings from both sides of the fence wherever he trods.

    Also what I was sayin about us our celebrities on the rise thanks to anon, these people are doing an awesome job just being themselves and garnering notoriety because of their anti-scientology activism.

    Add another hero to that list... LRH's Great-Grandson Jamie DeWolf... I just checked out the 3/22 video of him and I think he is a great personality, personally I was put off by his remarks about religion in general (also his remarks only add to Co$ religious persecution ammo), but I'm perfectly happy to put all that aside considering his overall message, persona, and his undeniable blood connection to LRH/Co$...

    also Tommy Gorman is a great guy too (he was right next to Jamie in the video!!!) if you haven't checked out the video/s of his story you should do that now!! These are the folks who are the backbone of our April 12th raid!! Throw your support behind them!! Find more like them!! Epic Win!!11one!!!
  5. kingler5 Member

    Re: A small idea from a total newb

    Well put. A summation of my original suggestion in one sentance...
  6. dancerofpeace Member

    Re: A small idea from a total newb

    You can reach Penn & Teller here:

    email adresses: Penn & Teller | CONTACT
    post messages at: - Penn & Teller - 99 - Male - LAS VEGAS, Nevada -
    Reach Penn: Video - Crackle

    It will be MEGA EPIC WIN! (MEW!) :cheers: if they will do a Bullshit! show about Scientology.

    Here is a list of all their former shows including Creationism, The Bible, Wall-Mart, Aliens: "Penn & Teller: Bullshit!" (2003) - Episode list
  7. Mahovlich Member

    Re: A small idea from a total newb

    Hey dude, I was in Iceland this year and last for a hockey tournement. Do you know anyone who plays for Bjornin?
    Iceland rocks!
  8. Anonymous SP Member

    Re: A small idea from a total newb

    That's a compelling mental image, and one we should keep in mind at all times. Anonymous is full of religious people, I am one myself, but there are also plenty of non-religious people here as well. It is our mutual respect for one another's choices which gives us strength and credibility.

    In exactly the same way, Scientology's lack of respect for choice through coercion, brainwashing, intimidation, and litigation is it's Achilles' Heel.

    Someone said it earlier in this thread; if Dawkins were to be brought in at all, the best option would be to have him standing shoulder to shoulder with someone like Billy Graham. Anything less than complete and balanced tolerance for all genuine faith (and doubt!) puts us on the same level with the cultists.
  9. anonymustang Member

    Re: A small idea from a total newb

    This is one of the worst ideas I have ever encountered. There is no font big enough, or bold dark enough, to express the intensity of the following reply:

  10. Whanonstler Member

    Re: A small idea from a total newb

    Fuck celebrities, intellectual or otherwise unless they have direct experience with Scifaggotry. Fuck bringing in other groups because they bring their own agendas.

    Famous folks want to speak up? Fine. If people also interested in other activist causes want to join and can leave their own agenda at the door? Fine. Otherwise, fuck them.

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