A run on the bank

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonabliss, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. Anonabliss Member

    A run on the bank

    Not a huge idea, but if you think about it, a little panic in past history has created huge detrimental results-eg. the great depression. Let people think (or rather know) that their precious church is broke and any money they invest will certainly be lost and I think they might react. Maybe that line of thinking will even get people to sue while they think COS still has a little money left to sue for.

    If people start sueing and members stop signing up for more, they'll tank quite a lot faster. Even brainwashed people got to draw the line somewhere, dont they?

    Maybe just a few signs at the next protest after this one will put the idea out.
  2. Re: A run on the bank

    That is a good idea - but the devil is in the details. We need to produce solid evidence that the church is broke that can't be easily dismissed as propaganda. People who have given money to the scienos might have large psychological investment on the "tech", and thus will be more willing to risk their money. So the questions are:

    Is the church really broke?
    How do we know how money they have?
    We know they are fakers, so - how much of this money is true, and how much is faked?
    How do we convert the leaked Co$ tax documents leaked to Wikileaks into effective information against them?

    Having a strong information pack on "Why the Co$ is a bad investment" is a great idea. I created another post looking for info on who are the main financial backers of the front groups. If we knew this, and we send them this financial info pack (as well as the standard scientology is evil pack) we can attempt to do some real damage.

    Regarding a feedback process like the one you mentioned (great depression), I think we are not at that point yet. But when it happens, yes - the sound of the checkbooks closing will be their dying lament.
  3. Slothrop Member

    Re: A run on the bank

    This was posted about on a.r.s back in 2005. Here's a copy of that. tl;dr: It's hard as hell to tell, especially since there's no bound on the amount of money they're willing to extort from the membership.
  4. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: A run on the bank

    The real estate owned by the Church and its various arms world wide is worth over a billion, even in today's market. They own numerous commercial buildings in Hollywood, including Big Blue, CC, ABLE, the Knickerbocker, the museum, CCHR, plus apt buildings; add in Gold, Clearwater, St Hill, South Africa, and other building and land owned around the globe. So they aren't broke. Land poor maybe but not broke.
  5. Anonygnome Member

    Re: A run on the bank

    Might the economic downturn work in their favor? :hmm:

    People look for organization and belonging in uncertain times. Normal churches even provide financial aid and/or crash space to people truly in need. Do CoS members do the same? It's hard to turn your back on fellow members who have helped you in the past.
  6. Slothrop Member

    Re: A run on the bank

    Right, but two things.

    One, real estate is by definition a non-liquid asset. You cannot instantaneously convert real estate into how much it's supposed to be worth. Suppose the CoS wanted to sell the Fort Harrison Hotel. There's only a small pool of companies interested in buying hotels; even if one of those does want Flag, the negotiations would take a while.

    Two, selling any real estate would be an implicit statement from the CoS that they're low on cash. We know that and so do they. It would also be a retreat on their part. Most likely the CoS won't sell any real estate unless they reach extreme desperation. (More protest sites for us!)

    You seem to be confusing CoS with a real religion. CoS has no interest in people with no money.

    My take on this situation: CoS preys on people who feel like their life is out of control, so there is a larger pool for them to recruit from now. However, during a recession, the existing CoS members are going to have a harder time giving as much money as they're supposed to, and are therefore more likely to blow.
  7. AnonOutreach Member

    Re: A run on the bank

    I've considered starting a bit of a "panic" by this...

    When CoS is out selling books, asking the person, "Is this what you got into CoS to DO? Sell books on the street so Tom Cruise can have a $300,000 birthday party?"

    ...might set up a bit of a mind fluck
  8. Tony Whent Member

    Re: A run on the bank

    Authough the cult has lots of real estate they do not pay their bills. Very often suppliers and workmen will wait five or more years to be paid. Most give up. There is a video about this on you tube- if you cannot find it there go to my own site. Scientology does not pay its bills.

    Neither, of course does it pay its staff.

    If every supplier were to demand payment up front then the cult would be in big trouble.

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