A possible endgame - the Wicca Model

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    Re: A possible endgame - the Wicca Model

    Pickingill is most definitely nonsense, but touted because people are desperate to prove there is some hereditary link between an ancient pre Christian pagan religion and what folks are doing today. There is a woman in Michigan getting Llewellyn to publish a book she wrote claiming just that. She's convinced Dorothy Clutterbuck was secretly a member of the cunning folk in England, something Dorothy Clutterbuck seemed to have no knowledge of herself.

    For some reason there are people who want to bring Wicca into the mainstream. I have no idea why because as a member of the old guard myself I prefer to keep it private. the 90's and 00's have done nothing but harm The Craft in my opinion. People being exposed to Wicca for the first time think it's about damaging spectacles like PPD and covens scrounging up the fees to get their 501c3 status, then having no idea what to do with that tax exempt status once they have it. They think they need it to be a real church.

    Another trend with Wiccan groups is buying land. Several organizations around the country have purchased land which with their 501c3 status makes it tax exempt. Some groups have a clear plan for the land, other groups just want to buy land because they think it's something they have to do as a Wiccan church.

    The one thing about Wicca that will keep it from turning into the Co$ is that at any time if someone decides "hey, I don't want to be Wiccan anymore, I want to go to Tibet and live with Buddhist monks and find the meaning of life that way" The typical Wiccan response to that will be "Have fun, send us a post card."
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    Re: A possible endgame - the Wicca Model

    Suggesting an evolution following Wicca seems silly to me. Wicca doesn't suit the history of Scientology at all, and suggesting it as an evolution won't work.

    I'm not sure if people have been mentioning this already but whatever:

    The ideal direction would be towards a "protestant" approach.

    See, Scientology formed from a collection of small dianetics clubs into a formal authoritative group, just like Christianity. (small jewish groups dedicated to the teachings of christ etc.)

    Scientology likes to state they are similar to the early Christian (Catholic) church, and in some ways I agree.

    Thus, as many people have mentioned: schism.

    Captain Bill might have made for a half decent Martin Luther after all. The Freezone is rather diverse these days.

    The problem is that many of Hubbards teachings (his management tech) would have to be abandoned if scientology develops into what a lot of people have suggested. I don't think many scientologists are willing to do that.

    I'm still laughing at the Wicca mentioning. I don't see Scientology developing into a personal endeavour that has no concept of an overbearing org. There is practically more Org management tech than there is scn theology.

    The fact that this thread has turned into a huge debate about wicca I think speaks volumes as to how Scn wont follow that path.

    Sorry, just my personal viewpoint on the matter.

    And for the record, I am not saying I am pro-organization when it comes to faiths, I'm just being blunt.

    Scientology only works as others have said because of the organization that pushes people upwards into the odder parts OT3 and such. I don't even know how you could possibly have a Standard Tech group without such a massive frame work.

    The only thing I can see surviving is Dianetics. and that could survive for years.
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    That's really the point I was trying to make. But if you read the OP you'll see how I've demonstrated the links in terms of origins, and also their position as 20th century new religious movements, not that there are any similarities in terms of practice.
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    Re: A possible endgame - the Wicca Model

    Blessed Be! I am wiccan! I am glady you got your data right!
    Thanks !
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    Re: A possible endgame - the Wicca Model

    my edit.
  6. Re: A possible endgame - the Wicca Model

    Thread necromancy!

    Any newfags have thoughts on this? PM me if it's of interest, but you want to discuss it privately.
  7. DeathHamster Member

    Earlier models to look at might be:
    • Madame Helena Blavatsky and Theosophy.
    • Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science.
    (There's a lot of chaff to sift through since they pre-date the Internet.)

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