A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by megaphonebitch, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. SovietV Member

    Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    Could anyone tell me about the legality of this in the UK?
    They're not a registered religion here, so the whole "Bibles and Qurans are available for free" thing woudn't work.
  2. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    While I might not agree with MPBs tactic (in that I wouldn't do it and that's just risk management on my part) it has merit.

    Having said that, imagine if before you got into the CoS you had the full extent of what the cult was about? Would you have done it. Alot of the exes talk about all those "initial wins" and it was only later when the bait and switch became obvious that they figured out it was bullshit.

    So I see the merit in using a completely different tact, I'm going to say you need balls of steel and be fully informed that you might be exposing yourself to some ass reaming but if you can handle that I think it's very effective.

    Definitely something new and progressive.
  3. Robert S Member

    Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    This is an exceptionally good point.
  4. MarcAnon Member

    Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    A compromise tactic would be to simply have copies of the materials with you and allow people to peruse them - get Dianetics from your local library (they have it) as well as your iPod full of leaks and some juicy bits from the text leaks - Be a walking information repository, be friendly and accessible.
  5. nightfire Member

    Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    This is a good idea....

    HOWEVER, I think it is important that the material that we give away should be CRAMMED with our popaganda.'

    we have always said to look at both sides... so now we hand out their side and our side for FREE!!

    but don't do this unless you are ok with possibility of going to court and having your A$$ sued off.
  6. Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    Oh, I was talking about the video. I believe your tactic is a sound one. Regardless of what the rest of these guys say I'm going to continue leaking all the crap that I can. Whether they try and get find IRL or on the internets is of no importance, it will continue. Keep up the good work and all that. Also, N can go climb a wall of dicks. That is all.
  7. AYNonymous Member

    Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)


    I can has the info on that CD? I'm willing to hand these out like candy.

    ZOMG TORRENT/MEGAUPSLPOAD/RAPIDSHIT PLZ. Or if it's been posted in the thread already and I missed it, completely ignore, felate phalluses, etc.
  8. Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    Get in line. There are plenty of anons of all genders and sexual orientations who want to do him already for his awesomeness and win. :wink:

    No really though. You have to understand that SF's Scilons are gutless wimps compared to the Scilons in other cities. Also, SFPD loves us.

    MPB, let me know if you need blank CDs. I might be able to donate a spindle.
  9. tazor Member

    Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    And all this time I thought MPB was female! :doh: Sorry MPB, I am so stoopid.

    I like this idea, btw. Search thrift shops for DMSMH. I always find them there in abundance. :wink:
  10. Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    Find it on the internet. Even limewire has seeds of it. Whatever you do, don't post copyrighted materials here.
  11. badcrimes Member

    Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    You know, I think this is a good idea for the most part. The one thing we have to make sure of, though, is that all distributed materials cover both introductory and late materials of the Scientology tech. A very few people might get sucked in by dianetics. Having dianetics paired with the OT3 or OT8 lectures, however, will let people see the full spectrum of crazy. Especially if we bundle dox that retcon or contradict each other.
  12. Major Boyle Member

    Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    If you simply hand out copyrighted material, it is punishable by up to ten years in prison and/or a quarter million dollar fine PER COUNT. Hand out 10 CDs and you're looking at 100 years and 2.5 million dollars.
    The way around this is to create a documentary or critique of the materials and excerpt them. This allows you to concentrate on the juicy bits of $ without running into the copyright issue. Stay safe!
  13. Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    Show me one court case of this occuring based on hand distributed copies of religious materials in the last 40 years.
  14. badcrimes Member

    Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    Yet possibly not. We just had a quote earlier about fair use, and a description of the uncomfortable legal questions the CoS would be asked if we were arrested for spreading the word of their religion without their making money. I'm not saying we won't get arrested; I'm saying that getting arrested itself may lead to epic win. Think (ENG x legal precedent) big.

    edit: beaten by the megaphone
  15. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    Depends on what your goal is, right?

    Innoculation + starving the cult of cash. Either one works, both together more effective.

    For those who don't want to expose themselves to any legal shenanigans grabbing some 25 cent copies of dianetics and saying "FREE!" + anonymous flyers. Could also be effective and done by different people. I think the tactic can be refined per person to counter the scilons view of the local protestors.

    Information is free is pretty powerful and speaks volumes when the scilons will ask for a "donation" for something. You work that out and not just make it a book give away but a knowledge is free concept.

    I think mpb's concept can be used to varying degrees depending on your comfort level. From looking at all the legal citations they were all in CA, so if you want to go balls to the wall you might need a lawfag to check things out for you locally (either outside of CA or outside of the US).
  16. Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

  17. ElronInDallas Member

    ultrafagging without lawsuits

    Here in the US documents that are public record can be reproduced without copyright infringement, so simply compile the affidavits and exhibits that caused all the trouble before, they are bulletproof. Also, create a simple site with links to whatever documents you want people to see that are on the net. Make DVDs with the Fishman deposition, and/or a documentary that you want people to see. Make flyers with excerpts pursuant to fair use. Make love not war. Fall in love with an anon! Make an anonymous baby! That's the ultimate commitment to the cause and its fun too....make a little teeny mask.....
  18. Re: ultrafagging without lawsuits


    Fuck yo shit. This is about enturbulation and mayhem.

    now, can you clarify the first part of your post?
  19. admiral_caek Member

    Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    ya know... I feel kinda silly for saying this, but I was really confused while reading this thread. When the first post said "start burning books, etc", I thought you were talking about a bonfire or something.

    "Burning" materials onto a CD suddenly made more sense to me :woot:

    Overall- i really don't know how I feel about this idea... there are very strong pros/cons to both sides of the argument.
  20. Quote Member

    Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

  21. admiral_caek Member

    Re: ultrafagging without lawsuits

    Anonymous translation would be "lolbuttseks". I'm not sure the public is ready.
  22. AnonnyWibble Member

    Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

  23. Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    Learn to use computers and the internet. ;_;
  24. Re: ultrafagging without lawsuits

    It'd be something like "Pillaging the town, killing the men, and raping the women would be faster" followed by something like "kill the town, rape the men, and pillage the women."
  25. Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    This is offically a :flame: post.

    I'm sorry, but whichever inbred fucktard made this video is a rabid cocksucker or a scilon troll, and dare I say, should become an hero.

    1) Victory *IS* inevitable, any who have doubt in this fact need to GTFO.

    2) Victory neither requires suffering or sacrifice, however victory *does* require epic lulz, and delicious caek, both of which are infinitely more enjoyable than the prior, especially in equal proportions.

    3) Scientologists are part of scientology, an evil brainwashing cult; because of this, they believe ANYONE who criticizes scientology must be the ill-begotten love child of the Xenu and some hotty from the evil confederation of space psychiatrists BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THEY'RE CONDITIONED TO BELIEVE. That is to say, at a basic level, such a person is an SP, a entity who most scientologists are supposed to be unconditionally weary of, due to a myriad of reasons, which are too numerous to delineate here. In other words, Lurk Moar, FAggot. To criticize scientology is to ALIENATE YOURSELF TO SCIENTOLOGISTS, who by definition are almost entirely closed minded to any other source, due to brainwashing and other faggotry. This is about as universally true as 1+1=2. GET OVER IT. Everyone else has. The only ones you can hope to reach are those who already have their own questions, and they're in the minority, because for the most part, free will and independent thought are systematically stomped out of their brains.

    4)our strenght is in lulz...and caek. all other strenghtgs are illusion.

    Video expressed no more than :siren:, :bs:, :frustration: and :dong:, nothing to see here. Move along.
  26. Quote Member

    Re: ultrafagging without lawsuits

    Rape the town, kill the pillage, and man the women.
  27. Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    I'm not sure if handing out CDs is such a good idea, since I'd imagine OSA rigging up ringer disks with viruses and trojans and yell about how Anonymous is spreading hax.

    Maybe print up cards linking to online copies of the stuff?
  28. Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    I think you're missing the point. There was nothing in that video about us failing. The message was about instilling doubt in low level members and not demonizing them simply because they're easily fooled. All the talk of crimes, of "Scilons killed my dog", unproven rumors of wicked acts are a bunch of bullshit. DM eats babies for breakfast. Pix, proof or it didn't happen.

    A majority of the folks out there at the stress tables aren't even "clear". It's about being informed and understanding exactly what you're protesting. Lulz and cake have sufficed for me so far, but lulz and cake doesn't stop the sale of books and courses. Spouting random retarded shit is neither constructive nor useful faggot.

    What would you have us do? New tactics need to evolve.

    And fuck you. Sacrifices are being made. Good people out there every day, every weekend, every Saturday morning, every Friday night here in the city. Putting their neck on the line. Continuous money for fliers. THAT is dedication to an idea.

    I believe we can out handle them. I believe we are capable with enough education to out handle any low level member who attempts to speak with us.

    Lulz and caek was just a ploy to increase morale and get faggots like me interested in what we're doing here. You are simply a tool. There is a bigger fucking picture then your narrow minded focus.
  29. Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    My thoughts: First, This^^^ = Great idea. The Scilons have been pushing to get their crap into libraries, and most librarian push the crap right into their $1/book sale rack, or into the trash.

    Second, if you are breaking copyright law by passing out the material on CD, keep in mind that Fair Use is not a "Get out of jail free". The CoS can still sue you and cost you a ton of $$$. "The purpose of the lawsuit is to harass..." You can raise Fair Use as a defense, but it's basically up to the judge to decide if Fair Use applies to your case. If you're not using it in a classroom setting, you're going to have a tough time with the education exemption, and to qualify for the commentary exemption, you have to have a very high ratio of commentary to source material. You can argue that no legitimate religion would stop the free dissemination of its scripture, but the CoS will and the courts have ruled that they can. You'd probably win in the court of public opinion, but that will get you squat in the courtroom. You might get a little bit of leeway if you claim to be a FreeZoner attempting to spread your religion.

    That being said, I still think this is a great idea. I raised the above points, not to dissuade, but to simply make sure everyone is aware of the risks. This is a true example of civil disobedience. You are protesting an unjust law, (copyright protection for religions scriptures,) by breaking said law. Police that recognize the injustice will refuse to arrest, as the SF cops did in this case. But arrests and lawsuits are always a possibility. Any Anon who is willing to take the risk should do so.

    Also, while copyright is primarily a civil matter, rather than criminal, criminal copyright violations do exist, and Anons may run up against them. From (section of the DOJ website)
    I'd say we would definitely qualify as "acting willfully". (1) and (3), we don't have to worry about, but (2) is definitely a problem. Based on how much the CoS charges for it's materials, they could easily argue that an Anon passing out CDs hit the 10 copies and $2500 mark.

    There may be another low-risk option in addition to passing out used copies. The OT Levels were evidence in the Fishman case, and thus became part of public record. (With the exception of OT8, as the version in Fishman's affidavit is apparently a fake.) If you flash-raid the stress carts, you could pass out OT1-7 as public court records - just tell the "raw meat" that you've got "Advanced Dianetics" for free.

    tl;dr version: great idea, but potentially very risky.
  30. anonyHAL Member

    Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    Civil Disobedience is a valid form of protest. Just be prepared and willing to handle the possible consequences...
  31. Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    I think this is a very good tactic if it comes down to legal action. Hell, I've read through basic (old and new) and I've read through many of the communications courses. Wouldn't this warrant me as a practitioner of LRH's bullshit tech?

    What quantifies being a scilon? Do you need a badge or something? I’m catholic (a bad one at that) and last time I checked all it took was being baptized. (unless you're a dirty Protestant) :)

    All good points.
  32. anon1957 Member

    Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    I srsly think that all you would have to do is claim to be an independent practitioner of scientology. And that per Hubbard's gospel, you are disseminating the tech in order to clear the planet before it is too late. Then start calling the RTC squirrels, and that you in your own inspired way are saving the sacred creed of Hubbard from being altered by Miscavige and clan.

    I know I am going to be burning some CDs soon...& stalking some stress test tables with them. The NYPD would not give a flying fuck, that I can guarantee.
  33. D... Member

    Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)


    It might not be TOO illegal and one officer chose to ignore it, but Scifags are known to abuse the legal system. Dianetics is one thing, they give it freely to librarys and others. But once you start passing out the OT levels and the Congresses... well... be prepared to be fucked into oblivion to protect their "trade secrets."

    We aren't a religious, Anonymous don't need marytrs. Nor should Anonymous want some. Keep yourself safe please.
  34. candlejack Member

    Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    idea is win
  35. Lrononymous Member

    Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    MPB, you are a warrior for the cause.
    Ok. IANAL. period. but....

    The quoted part above doesnt really put the concerns about copyright and getting your ass sued, home invaded, cells broken up etc to rest.

    The copyright holder is a scilon corp. Lron doesn't have to be alive. The copyright holder is as good as the author and has the legal authority and responsibility to protect the copyright.

    I think it is a dangerous fantasy to say that leaving out one word would constitute fair use.

    We would be depriving them of income by distributing their copyrighted works. This IS a violation of copyright law.

    In an earlier post, Leroy, you ask how long ago it has been since the scilons were raiding homes. The scilons, when asked about operation snow white, ask us how long ago that was-as if that distance in time somehow makes it irrelevant. It doesn't. The scilons are looking for any chance they can get to shut Chanology down. I wouldn't bet that they would pass up an opportunity as big as this one could be.

    I might be reading this wrong but some posts in this thread sound familiar to me. LIke something I used to read on ARS and Clambake... kind of a " If we get them into court then they have to admit the truth about xenu" except this time it is " If we get them to court then they'll have to admit they are not a religion and make profit". I don't see that as a useful strategy at all. Xenu is in court records and the scilons still deny it.

    The cult is accepted as a religion by the gvt and people know that they make tons of money. That hasn't changed anything. They just say that they need it for expansion, buying property and services. It rolls of their backs so to speak.

    The scilons pay tons of cash for PIs to follow us. Don't you think it would be worthwhile to them (and cost effective) to go after a copyright violator and use that to break open anon cells while saving the money they would waste on PIs so that they can send scary letters?

    Just do your homework and be safe. Watch out for wishful thinking, we have a war to win.
  36. Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    If they're not a religion and make a profit, how are they not abusing the tax system? You don't think the courts care about that?

    I would think they would care alot more about that then alien campfire stories.
  37. anon1957 Member

    Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    The rub is that the cult wants to believe it can have it both ways. It would be one thing if their copyrighted materials were freely available for purchase, but they are not. They are hiding behind copyright laws to keep the central tenets of the religion secret--THUS preventing free exercise of that religion.

    At least that is how I see it. IANAL, and I have no idea how this would end up if it went up through appeals courts, but I my instincts tell me that the cult is skating on very thin ice. If the secret sacred writings were not so central to the ability of an "independent" scientologist to practice scientology, then the cult might have a case. But you can't be a scientologist without having the ability to access the materials. And it is not simply a matter of having the money to buy the writings, it is signing their contracts, and subjecting oneself to all kinds of hoops. The whole thing just defies logic...

    Also, the fact that Judges have allowed the admission of "secret cult teachings" as evidence into court cases in which the cult is being sued for one sort of abuse or another says that they ARE central to the practice of the religion.

    Congress shall make no laws....prohibiting the free exercise thereof...
  38. Quote Member

    Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    In that case we're clear on all three points.

    As a non-profit, the CoS cannot legally CHARGE for the material. As such, the material is worth $0, it is free. The money you must pay to get it is classified as a "donation", and so it is not legally tied to the receiving of the materials.
  39. Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    Protip: Borders exist; don't give away legal advice as if they don't.
  40. Daywatch Member

    Re: A Message (New Protest Fag Enturbulation Tactics)

    if it inflicts damage on their

    money flow

    it generally is a good thing

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