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Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by Mosca, Oct 19, 2013.

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  1. Mosca Member

    Please people who wishes to help the Brazilians with a big project for 2014's World Cup/ Elections....

    We need international support to make the plan come true!

    Thank you guys in advance for the support!

    Best wishes,

    Someone from Brazil, who is fighting for a better world.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    What do you need, Mosca?
  3. Mosca Member

    Well, here in Brazil, a few business groups are responsible for almost all politicians elected... But they choose really bad politicians to support...

    We want to denigrate their brands until they show some respect for the society...

    The first Brand we are aiming is BRADESCO one of the companies that donate more money to corrupts (when their are in campaign)...

    We would like some help to spreed the msg internationally... The hash tag is #ChangeBradesco in english in Brazil we are using #MudaBradesco

    We are starting now, but we wish to be really strong in the World Cup 2014 when all the world will be looking at us...

    Do you get what I mean?
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Even if we did, you will still need to provide a stack more dox and means for folks to participate if you want anything to happen.
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  5. Mosca Member

    For sure!! I'm here to provide everything you guys need to cooperate with us! So just tell me what do you want...
  6. Anonymous Member

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  7. Mosca Member

    Hehehe I was going to quote:

    "Even if we did, you will still need to provide a stack more dox and means for folks to participate if you want anything to happen"

    So please is there op, that u've done before that I could get as example?
  8. Anonymous Member

    This thread is a waste of time. If you cannot do your own groundwork OP, then nothing whatsoever will happen.

    You have provided no dox.
    You have provided no actionable ideas.
    You have provided no sensible or useable description of what goals are to be achieved.
    You have provided absolutely fuck all content that would help facilitate outside participation.

    Total and utter waste of time.
  9. Hi,

    This country should invest more money in education, health, increase the salary of teachers who have very low wages and politicians are only concerned with power and squandering events that sucks public money.

    Brazil should not receive the World Cup because part of this people hate football. And are treated as if they liked, because the media and the powerful build the sense of reality they want.

    The World Cup just will messy, and no matter who will to win this torunament. The brazilian people which KNOW policy issues dislike soccer/football you can to BET.
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