A letter from Aisling to Margaret McNair

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by Anonymous, Jul 4, 2013.

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    I was standing in a doorway in Dublin on a dark and rainy evening back in March 2013.

    I’m not from the city so I wasn’t sure which direction I needed to take. A woman came along and stood next to me in the doorway. She noticed I was upset and asked why but I couldn’t tell her because I was ashamed. She went on to offer me her spare umbrella and when I told her I was ok and she should keep it , she told me it was fine and she had a spare one in her bag . She said this old umbrella had served her well and I was welcome to it. So I took it and said I’d nothing to repay her with and she said if I said a prayer for her that would be plenty. The umbrella is now mine. It’s black with leopard print edges and it was a random act of kindness from a stranger that made me cry.

    I don’t know who the woman was but I won’t forget her because what she didn’t know was I couldn’t say a prayer for her or feel I even had the right. I couldn’t tell her I have a different religion because on that night back in March I was ashamed of the religion I was a part of but no longer choose to be a member of.

    That religion is Scientology and the reason I was ashamed of us that night is, from my point of view, because it was the first time I met a woman by the name of Margaret Mc Nair, who introduced herself to me as Head of OSA.

    I was sitting in Dublin Mission waiting for an event to begin. I can’t claim to be a regular attendee at events because I’m not. I can’t claim to know everything there is to know about Scientology because I do not. I am certainly not claiming to be a good or perfect person either because I’m not. But I do know right from wrong. I do know that there is a basic need and obligation on me to treat people as I want to be treated. And I believe in the simple truth that love is stronger than hate, regardless of religion.

    Margaret McNair, I watched you bully and harass people present that night, and blatantly ignore more than one polite, respectful and apologetic answer, I watched you manipulate people until in the end you won. But what did you win? Money? I think to subtract money as you did is not a win but an example of something ugly.

    A Game is what you and many others in the room call it . I have played the ‘Birthday Game ‘ myself, where I have been asked to get a donation in before 2pm on Friday. And I’ve done so willingly, not feeling harassed or hounded or if I ever did feel I was being pushed, I was more than willing to say no. But I’ve never in my time in Scientology witnessed firsthand the treatment you subjected to certain individuals in the room on that night,

    Of course these individuals might never see it as I do now. Maybe at the time they might not have felt bullied or harassed. But watching you, as I was from my seat and hearing you speak to the man sitting right next to me, I was disgusted and ashamed to be in your company.

    I want you to know that having spent the past months thinking of my position and my options, Having looked at the work of CCHR and the statements we, as Scientologists make, I have reached the conclusion that as long as people such as yourself are allowed to continue behaving as you did, then I want nothing more to do with Scientology.

    As we tell the world how it is that we are ‘The most ethical and the most sane beings on the planet’, as we say ‘we understand the mind and we can make things better.’

    As we make grand speeches of ‘Leaving nobody behind’ and ‘Being there to save the most vulnerable members of society.’

    And yet where are we as people sleep rough every night of the week in towns and cities across Ireland?

    Where are we when people don’t have the means or access to a decent education?

    Where are we when we could do something small, something as random as giving a stranger an umbrella? On our own and as individuals we can be kind and generous and loving, and we are, but as a group, we’re failing. And not just that, but we’re pretending we’re not . And knocking those who remind us of that when we should building bridges of peace, not inciting hatred or attacking ‘the enemy’.

    We are not practicing what we preach. We are not treating each other well and we can learn a lot from just stopping for a moment and taking a long hard look at ourselves as individuals.

    We say we’re proud to be the ones helping mankind, keeping the peace and making things better. That there is always something that can be done about it. Well, in the last couple of months I’ve had a long hard look at that and I’ve realised in striving to do the greatest good for the greatest number, we as Scientologists are guilty, me included, of losing sight of the fact that in looking at the ‘greater good ‘ we become toxic to the ones we love. We hurt them and they become a kind collateral damage. That’s not something I’m willing to do anymore.

    Margaret Mc Nair, Thank you for my ‘wake up call.’ I’m making some changes.

    I still want to be better and help make the world a better place, but from now on, I’m starting with me.
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  3. Bump.
    One more to add to the big list.
  4. Great to see her out
  5. Anonymous Member

    Not without a last name. I'll take a stab and say it's Aisling Coleman
  6. Anonymous Member

    These regging scenes are sick. People badgering and begging for money from people who just sit there until what? Until they feel the money grubbers have put on enough of a show? Maybe the utterly sick feeling Aisling feels is because she knows everyone in that room was a willing participant.
  7. TheBitterCunt Member

    Bets until she goes onlines again?

    I'll get my coat....
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  9. TheBitterCunt Member

    Feeling the need to show your overwhelm about another's comments is kind of sad. And I thought it was a funny joke given the background.
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    That's a great little story!

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