A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by MartinJDAnon, Jul 13, 2008.

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    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    I'll take this one. There's a whole thread about this situation here.

    Also, thank you, Mr. Worldly Lawyer Guy, for your help. Your contributions to the cause are epic.
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  2. MartinJDAnon Member

    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    The FDA controls labeling of this kind of thing in the US. The label should be readable, but it does nto necissarily have to be prominent. Although, it should be in a location easy to see and read.

    If you have questions about it, you can always contact the FDA. They are usually happy to answer questions.

    Hope this helps:guyfawkes:
  3. Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    What is the policy of wearing masks on a public transportation system such as "The T" in Boston? What about inside the stations?

  4. MartinJDAnon Member

    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    I will look into this for you as I do not know it off the top of my head.

    Most likely I will do it after the weekend, as I am going to attempt to make it to the Event in Washington D.C. on Saturday.

    Sorry for not being able to give you a direct answer, but even I ocassionally need to look things up to make sure I get them right ;)

  5. wizebikeman Member

    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    Today (Thusday July 17th) I had a visitor (Scientologist who has been harrasing me)
    drop off my Goldenrod Declare (look ma I'm an SP!!) Being Declared is not what is upsetting to me but this will be used as an excuse not to pay me the Refund I requested many months ago.

    He started stalking me around November of last year because I requested my reund.
    I was a Scientolgist 15 years ago and was sickened by the people involved with the Cult and decided to leave.

    You can see me on Youtube "ExScientologist Winnipeg" and I talk about how I was Fair Gamed and ripped off for my wages as I worked for Scientology Contractors ( I did this because I had no idea they would rip me off.)

    I want to charge this person with Stalking, Harrasment and Slander. I have documents to prove this but no video evidence. I just do not want to answer the door for various reasons (15 years of harrasment and Fair Game)

    The first time I let him in my mother's house and by mistake,I thought he was an actor (I was casting for a short film at the time around October 2007) and let him in thinking I made a mistake with an actors schedule.

    When I found out about him being sent to Rehabilitate this wayward Scientologist I blew my top. I said " I am no longer involved with Scientology, I want my refund!! You can Decare me an SP but I want my refund and I want those Contractors that are involved with Scientology to pay me also. I told him there is no use trying to rehabilitate or salvage me because I have had enough.
    I also said in order for Scientology to survive he needs to make sure Scientologists are ethical! Wow I must be Clairvoiant because Annonymous happened shortly thereafter (thanks Annonymous!!!)

    I am going to Legal Aid and I already went to a Police Station today to see what my options are (pretty slim).

    If I cannot do anything to protect me and my mother I will post this Stalking Scientologist's Info on the Forums.

    Please check out my Youtube interview "Exscientologist Winnipeg" from Feb 10th it will tell how the Scientologists harrassed me from Toronto to Winnipeg.

    Do I need to go to Civil Court to get my wages and refund? I am really fed up with this Cult. I have telephone answering machine messages and I would press *57 to send a trace to the police for the times when they would hang up.

    Like I said if nothing can be done I will be going to the Media and telling my story and last but not least posting this person's Licence plate, business phone # and name on the Forums, Enturbulation, Winnipeg Annonymous and Toronto Annonymous.

    No more Mr Nice Guy! Thanks Scientology Two Can Play at That (Fair) Game !!!
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  6. Pacifist Member

  7. MartinJDAnon Member

    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    Congrats on the SP Declare ;) Welcome to the world of normality.

    Anyway, my recommendation is to just go with the legal aide and also sue them in Civil Court for the lost wages. Make sure you bring an attorney. It is the best way you can protect yourself.

    Hope this helps a bit at least. :guyfawkes:

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  8. MartinJDAnon Member

    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    Just posting this for LULZ. Comedy Central is showing the Scientology Episode right now "Tom Cruise is Trapped in the Closet".

    It is scary how they hit this nail right on the head with htis episode. I am happy that Comedy Central aired this.

    Their reaction at the end of the Episode is right on par for Scilons as well.

    Just a LULZ for me ;) Best kind of payment for this Land Shark shrk.gif
  9. Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    Absolutely, take your time and thank you for all your help.
  10. wizebikeman Member

    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    Thanks for the advise. I will be calling Legal Aid tomorrow and I have a friend in Winnipeg that has some ideas.

    I will also talk to my cousin and her husband who are involved with legal matters and helped me write the letters in September 2007 and are aware of the situation. I used their address in Nova Scotia on the Legal Letters.How the $cientologists in Winnipeg tracked me down was giving one Scientolgist my Winnipeg address who wanted me to help him on a painting job (who of course ripped me off)

    I am unable to answer the door when Stalker $cilon is there because I have tried talking to this Scientologist knowing full well I am talking to preprogramed responses of LRH implanting (in a strange twist of the tail I think Hubbard was Xenu, he turns Scientologists into Dead Alien Space Monsters!!) and I know what he is going to say before he says it!

    And the secret to that is think of the most weasley, cowardly way of dealing with something that any normal person would cringe at and TRY HARDER!

    In my case if a Scientologist tried to help me it would result in FAIL and I would be in a vunerable position. I was called a 'child molester' and 'pimp' and how this happened was I was doing an Art Show around 1997 and some Gothic Mistress wanted to do a Fashion show. This was when "The Crow" was happening and I liked that look, I thought it would be harmless kinda Andy Warhol.
    All these Henhouse Bored Housewife Scientologists then proceeded to spread this Slander about me. Fine, I know the person I am but I was fired from my job, thrown out of where I was living in Toronto and to add insult to injury they now want to HELP ME!!!!???

    You want to help me Scientology? Give me my refund, get your criminal contractors to pay me my wages and STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME AND MY SICK MOTHER WHO HAS CANCER AND DEMENTIA.
    I never wanted to bring this shit with me to Winnipeg and I need to have the patience of Mother Theresa and find the nerve of Scientologists in general complicates my FUCKIN' TRANQUILITY!!!!!

    Thanks and if my head doesn't go David Cronnenberg Scanners I will try to fight this thing in the hell called the Legal Arena!
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    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    Thanks for all the advice, you're an invaluable resource to Anon.
  12. Silent Member

    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    Hi again, hope I am not taking up too much time here, but I think this thread:

    is in dire need of legal halp!

    If I understand it correctly, we can completely swarm the Co$ with these requests, with which they have to comply, and make them delete all personal info that they have no real legitimate reason to store. Is this correct?

    If it is correct, then it could mean the end of effective fair gaming/surveiliance of OG and facefagged anonymous, which ofc would be nothing short of revolutionary.

    plox to halp mr. lawfag :D
  13. Don Carlo Member

    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    If a CoS private eye writes down an anon's plates and then someone showsup at the anon's door, is the best counter-attack to complain to the Dept. of Motor Vehicles that they did an illegal license plate search?
  14. tazor Member

    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!


    I believe that Arnie Lerma has a link on how to get a refund that makes it a lot easier. This works especially well if you have money on account or AP (advanced payment) money. People have gotten their money in a couple of weeks. And you don't have to sign anything...remember that. It may be more drawn out if you want a refund for services but it can be done.

    I wonder if you have talked to the police about this $cilon harassing you? Doesn't Canada have no trespassing laws? Look into it and if so get him arrested the next time he comes to your house. Tape it or have a witness.
  15. Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    AFAIK, in the USA anyone with the cash can go to the DMV and get info for any plate number.

    IMO, the best counter attack to a PI attempting to deliver the C&D letter is either accept the letter and frame it for posterity, or tell the PI he's got 10 SECONDS to GTFO your property before you call the police. :colbert:
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  16. Don Carlo Member

  17. anonwillwin Member

    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    Yes but first you have to prove they did it,
    then you have to prove which individual did it
    then you have to get a serious punishment out of it, against their team of lawyers
    then theyll have to pay 200 dollars pocket change and will just continue to fair game

    The problem with fighting scientology is that they have infinite money(->power), a team of lawyer, and a whole army of zombies to do their crap jobs
  18. Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    Fixed it for you.

    I'm sure DM is noticing the hemorrhaging of his cash flow. I'm sure he is taking steps to ensure that there is enough money to keep afloat- and give a good outwards appearance that everything is fine- until we go away.

    Problem is, we aren't going away, he just doesn't realize that yet. Problem is lawyers have no loyalty unless they are getting paid. Once the paycheques stop so do the high priced scum Co$ lawyers stop. We've seen a similar "loyalty" disappear when the cash flow stopped with You Tube.

    I'm sure part of DM's plan to keep afloat is to pressure his drones for MOAR $£€$£€!!!! Even drones will only be pushed so far until they to won't be able to hack it and blow... leaving a very small group of dedicated/misguided/poor $cilons.

    If you don't think this will happen... why are you fighting?
  19. tazor Member

    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    You're talking to a lawyer. I'm pretty sure he knows all that.:roll:
  20. MartinJDAnon Member

    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    I try :guyfawkes:
  21. MartinJDAnon Member

    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    Scientology does have an army of Lawyers, but if they go after my Cats, well, then they are desperate, and I know I am hitting a nerve. Plus, I have friends in both local and federal law enforcement, so I know where to go to get a proper investigation done.

    And yes, they will likely pay pocket change, but at the end of the day it is the principle of the thing.

  22. MartinJDAnon Member

    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    Just as an FYI:

    This is a Disclaimer!

    I am giving advice freely on this forum, so unless you contact me in private and request it, Attorney/Client Confidentiality is not in play.

    Also, realize that I can only advise you. It is your call wether you take the advice or not, and I can not guarantee the outcome if you do.

    I assume a level playing field in the courts, because I usually recommend you go to the ACLU or Southern Poverty Law Center or Legal Aide or some such group, which will be able to make the playing field level for you.

    Just figured I should say all of this so that you all know where I am coming from. I will keep giving you advice as I can, and eventually make a protest as well. I missed DC due to family issues, but should be at one in August. Which one, I don't know yet, but I will be out there as I have the time.

    Anyway, I am still here and giving advice as best I can. Where applicable in the future I will also give you the Court Opinions to back up my advice ;) That should help a bit in knowing where I am coming from.

    Have a great Sunday all!

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  23. vegnej Member

    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    Just a general query really and a bit of speculation as well, how long do you think the Co$ tax exemption status will continue is it years, decades or how long is a piece of string ??
  24. D... Member

    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    Awesome thread, thanks for helping. Anyway, two questions.

    1. In a thread, somewhere... whatever, I read that in Orlando the police told Anons that they had to turn off their cameras (they were recording their interactions with law enforcement) despite being in an out and open protest. I understand that this is no longer a problem for Orlando, but it raises the question: if you are out in the public- is it legal for the police to force you to turn off your cameras when interacting with them. And even if it isn't, would it be advisable to do anyway?

    2. I've heard of two or three cases when Anons, who were not minors, had C&D letters delivered, not to themselves, but to their parents. Is that legal?
  25. Leonato Member

    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    Welcome Martin. One my interests is the IRS tax issues. In the first Sklar case, a judge actually commented in his decision that someone needs to sue the IRS to stop the practice of the illegal tax deduction rather than a non-scientologist trying to claim it also (two wrongs don't make a right), but the question comes up: who has standing to sue the IRS on this issue? The Sklars have again sued because THEY can't take the deduction too, but who has 'standing' to sue the IRS over the bottom-line issue, and go right to the point, without having to find some personal issue with the IRS to bring it up in a 'round about way? It seems like there ought to be some way to mount a legal challenge to 1) the secret deal with scientology and 2) their continuing willingness to ignore the supreme court decision in Hernandez v. CIR. Thanks very much for your thoughts on this and welcome to forum!
  26. Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    hey recently i was on a protest and there was alot of sciencetologist trying to take my picture which im awhere is quiet normal and standered . but just out of courioisty do they legally have the right to take pictures of us and if so are we allowed to protect our self by stuffing up there photos with flashes or other like methods
  27. Pacifist Member

    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    In which country do you live? I know in Canada, you're allowed to film and photograph anything in public, and nobody can force you to destroy your film, delete your photographs, or confiscate your camera without a warrant.
  28. monamia Member

    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    Hello Martin and thanks again for sharing your expert opinions and advice.
    When convenient will you please pop over to the "Has Anyone Called Subway" thread where LRonAnon (pps 5-6) provides a simple overview of the response he rec'd today to a tel-call (message left) to Subway about week ago. Odd comments. ((MOXON?? What the HELL was Moxon doing there?))

    Our Anons in Clearwater shared info that they've been thru (a lot on this) and a biz can post a no anon sign if they want since anon is not a protected class. A complaint on behalf of the girls (a protected class right, but not as Anons) could include Subway's complicity in permitting the sign (antagonistic and anachronistic at the least) to be posted, and then "minded" by a private citizen with whom they may have an agreement, and then "enforced" by this private citizen, without their assuring reasonably safe access and a clear entrance and exit for patrons. Their guest also physically stopped another private citizen from removing the sign earlier with comment from the staff that it was OK.

    Anyhow, interested in your take on LRonHubbard's notes for today. Thanks again.
  29. ChefXenu Member

    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    When applying for a permit, should I use just my own name for the applicant (was namefaged years ago, so pls not to flame) or "My Name and Anonymous" or "My Name on behalf of Anonymous"?

    My concern is just to be as transparent to the city as possible (we have the most awsome relations with the police here already) while ensuring maximum potential of getting the permits approved so we can have a small table at the August festivities.

    Thanks for any advice,
    Chef Xenu
  30. Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    Thank you sir for you action against this cult.

    My question to you is this:

    Recording in a public place such as a protest is fine from what I understand. I also understand that unless you get consent from a person they cannot be shown on video. Many Scilions have trying using this tactic against the bearded one and others to try and make sure Cult of Scientology taticts are not seen. If the person who is holding the camera is being forced to shut down his shooting, isnt that violation of first amendment rights and couldnt legal action be taken to ensure that a lawsuit will be made against them?
    by the way, I dont think C.o.S will come after your kittens, they have bigger things to worry about.
  31. Computress Member

    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    Mr. Lawyer,

    CO$ has been known to sit on properties for rediculous amounts of time to pull donations.
    We've seen this happen with the "superpowers building" and Chicago anons also report that they have purchased a crumbling old historic building with plans to renovate it, but have not done anything except put the permit in the window.

    Is there anything that can be done about this?
  32. MartinJDAnon Member

    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    Teh tax exemption will remain until the courts see that it is a violation of the First Amendment.
  33. MartinJDAnon Member

    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    Technicaly, they can ask you not to film them. However, you can always fuzz their images out of the film. Having said that, if the police as you not to film, I would lower the camera, and ask if you can keep it running just to record the audio. If they say no, you will have at least that on tape, and it shows they likely have something to hide.

    No. The C&D Letter must be served on eitherthe person in question or their legal representative. If the person is not a Minor, or if the parents are not the legal representatives, then the server delivered it incorrectly.

    Hope this helps:guyfawkes:
  34. MartinJDAnon Member

    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    Always uses your real legal name when applying for the permit.

    Yes, this can expose you to action from the Cult as that information is public record, but you have to stay on the good side of the local city government and police as well. The more open you are with then the better your chances for the table.

    Hope this helps:guyfawkes:
  35. MartinJDAnon Member

    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    You can film in a public location. If they ask you to blur their face you should try to do that. You do not have to stop filming.

    And I agree. My kitties are most likely safe :)

    Hope this helps:guyfawkes:
  36. MartinJDAnon Member

    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    If the building is historic and has been deemed so by the local, state or national Historical Society, then you can file a motion to compel the owner to fix the property and keep it in a state that is commensurate with how the Historical Society has stated the building should be.

    Of course it is easier to get the Historical Society to sue for you :)

    Hope this helps:guyfawkes:
  37. MartinJDAnon Member

    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    I am talking Privately with LRonAnon, but I am monitoring the thread.

    Hope this helps:guyfawkes:
  38. MartinJDAnon Member

    Re: A Lawyer Answers Your Questions!!

    Just so you all know. If it takes a day or two for me to respond, I appologize. I am entering a busy time at work and am usually working late. I will do my best to keep monitoring the thread, and will repsond as often as is possible.

    I am still here, and am still supporting your fight :)

    You all do a fantastic job, and I am proud of you all.

    Land Shark Smiles! shrk.gif

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