A humble proposal.

Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by Anonymous, Oct 21, 2010.

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    Re: A humble proposal. should probably avoid spending much time in "how are we doing?" self-reflection. It's good for mental health, personal growth, relationships, etc., but not so good for getting shit done.

    It's been an effective strategy against the Spyentologists, being no one special, being interchangeable, being ideas rather than people. So keep it up, faggots.
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    Re: A humble proposal.

    Updated List of Ideas Brought Up In This Thread

    Note: This list contains diverse ideas from many different posters and is not a proposal, only a summary of the thread's main points so far.

    Anonymous Posting

    Prevention of Abuse of Anonymous Posting
    • Make anonymous posting a privilege that has to be earned and can be taken away when abused. For example: you may not post anonymously until you have made 100 (or 120-250) posts. You will lose the right to post anonymously after three infractions after which your post count goes back to zero and you start again.
    • Require an intelligence test of new users. Those who reach a very stringent score of 35 or above get to post, 100 allows anonymous posts.
    • Stop the first two replies in any thread from being Anonymous.
    • Impose a far higher, "letter-of-the-law" adherence to existing standards when posting anonymously.
    • Allow mods to award points to anonymous posters who make relevant and useful posts, and also to take away such points.

    Consequences of Abuse of Anonymous Posting
    • Allow users to add anonymous posters to ignore list—anonymous posts by the same user would then be ignored. (Would need to avoid revealing usernames.)
    • Tie anonymous douchebaggery directly to the user’s account.

    Other Ideas about Anonymous Posting
    • Allow changing a post from anonymous to non-anonymous at the poster's discretion, per post, by manually checking a tick-box for each post they want named, as it's now done when a poster wants to post anonymously.
    • Impose forced anon posting in YSOSRS
    • Make anonymous posting at the thread level—if the thread is "anon" all posts are anonymous. If the thread is not anon no posts are anonymous. If a thread evolves from needing to have user names associated with it, the users can simply "sign" their posts from that point forward or start a new one with anonymous turned off.
    • Comments on above idea: Signing should be done in the same manner as anonymous posting. i.e tick "make this post non anonymous." Do a "reveal my identity option" so should an anon thread get to a point where people need to contact a certain person, all their posts in that thread are revealed with an identity. Allow users to "sign" their posts when a thread requires names attached, or start a new one with anonymous turned off.

    Bans and Infractions

    Alternatives to the Current System
    • Rid ourselves from most infractions / rules and instead adopt a forum etiquette, as in a clear code of expected conduct. Bans would still be a last resort for those pushing the boundaries of reasonable conduct. Allow mods to infract or in some way respond to serious stuff, use guidelines or reminders for the small stuff.
    • Instead of using infractions, and adding points to an automatic ban tally, allow mods to highlight posts by handing out warnings, explaining why certain conduct is in general undesired.
    • Define "suggested conduct” with a formal list enumerating things that are not explicitly against the rules but are considered horribly annoying.
    • Create a short list of actions that would generate an automatic 1 week ban, 1 month ban or lifetime ban. Clear-cut bad behavior that can't be questioned.
    • Create an additional "infraction" list for the second grouping which isn't so much a warning or infraction, but more a label with which to highlight fuckwittery.
    • Nuke the infraction system and just issue temp or perm bans for inappropriate posting (violence/doxing).
    • Make moderator misbehavior infractible.
    • Infract for religious bigotry.
    • Impose infractions or warnings for OP’s who incorrectly label threads. Or given warnings for since they could be new; infract for starting speculation without not yet reaching 120 posts.
    • Add a couple of other categories. For example a yellow card gets you a week in the dome no exceptions. A red card type infraction gets you a one week ban no exceptions. Another infraction while domed gets you one-week ban. Maybe increase the times on repeat offenses.

    • Infract liberally to desensitize users.
    • Add a big friendly message to infractions, telling folk: "getting infractions is a normal part of the give and take of the site, and the mods like to play nazi sometimes, but getting butthurt over a low-value infraction just makes you look butthurt."
    • Add caveats in the infraction text to explain more clearly what consequences of (or really lack thereof) getting carded.

    • Unban everyone.
    • WWP could offer an amnesty to anyone who has been banned if they make contact through IRC or another avenue. It could inject a bit of life back into Chanology because even though it's not a centralised movement, a ban from here can often result in someone giving up altogether.
    • no initial user ban should be for more than a few days. Permanent bans for contributing users should be eliminated.
    • It means the admins would have to put up with people returning that they may well loathe and I know that's not an easy thing to do. Yes, they could come back with socks (some probably do) but that can place restrictions on what they can say, such as making reference back to a project they helped on. Yes, some are just egofags and too attached to a nickname but there's no way around that really.
    • If a red name's still reading this far, the other side of the amnesty which would need to be made clear is the unbanned would come back quietly and without any demands to site staff. Any triumphalism and they'd be banned again straight away. No sniping at site staff about ancient issues.
    • Don’t impose permanent bans for anything but: posts promoting illegal activity OR multiple sock accounts OR repeated and blatant spamming. I, for one, am willing to endure personal attacks (which mean nothing coming from a stranger across the internet) for the sake of freer speech on WWP.
    • less permabanning but impose consequences for all infractions instead of the point system used now. Have permanent bans just for a few very serious things...doxs, criminal acts, spam.

    • Keep the Dome as a dumping ground for shit posts and nudes and create another forum where people can be locked instead. It would give them a chance to hone their posting skills

    Speculation, Possible Tin Foil Forum

    Tin Foil Forum Ideas
    • Re-purpose YSOSRS as a tin foil forum
    • Make the posts or threads copied to a tin foil forum show up as a different color or with a different icon
    • Have whatever mod is on duty mark threads copied to a tin foil forum by inserting an asterisk at the beginning of every such thread title.
    • Keep speculation publicly accessible, but with a clearly visible disclaimer: This section of the site is meant for speculation, reader discretion is advised in determining the veracity of anything said here.
    • Move threads, not specific posts, to a tinfoil forum.
    • Move specific posts, and not threads only, to a tinfoil forum.

    Speculation In General
    • Add a box for mods to check for speculative content, so that the post could be easily distinguished as speculative, but could still remain in the original thread.
    • Allow users and mods to designate a post as "speculation." Have that post appear in a different color, font, whatever, and let it stay in the original thread.
    • If previous idea is implemented, include appropriate HTML in the code that designates the post's layers as id='speculation' or class='speculation', or some such for the client to change how the post is displayed.
    • Put in a speculation icon in the posts. Users who fail to check the icon can receive one infraction for tinfoil speculation, one for failing to check the icon that alerts readers of tinfoil speculation, one for posting in the incorrect forum, and finally one for speculation while not having reached at least 120 posts.
    • Send repeated posters of speculation a PM just saying that they're being highlighted (in burnt umber).
    • Infract not on initial tinfoil speculation but on subsequent dead-horse-beating.
    • Allow users to put all posts flagged as Speculative on their ignore lists without adding the actual posters to their lists.
    • Make a new post Icon that may say "Idea" or "Speculation". That way, if a person wants to speculate, they can use the icon. If the mods see that it is just moonbattery: they can ask them to reconsider or whatever the mods decide.

    Community Self-Regulation
    • Allow users to vote thumbs up and down for individual posts.
    • If previous idea is implemented, require those who are allowed to vote to have made 500 posts. Or create a caucus of trusted members that have met all requirements, reputation, posts and various contributions.
    • Create a 'this post is retarded' community flagging button, that gives the post a corner flag - in say, burnt umber, after a few votes.
    • Add a reputation feature.
    • Add a permanent account name for trolling, rotating among various posters on a weekly/monthly basis (and done so anonymously).
    • Decrease the font size of bad posts.
    • Make threads originate one or two places and then mods can move them to the appropriate sub forum once the content is divined.
    • Encourage users to donate to WWP to make website changes possible, but don’t promote donation drives.
    • Allow users to down-vote specific posts to the dome.

    Ignore Lists
    • Give users with ignore lists the opportunity to check a box to display a single hidden message without having to remove and reinstall the poster from their ignore lists.
    • Allow speculative posts to be ignored without adding the posters to the ignore lists.

    Other Ideas
    • Ensure that mods or users update OPs with new info, links, dox, etc. on a consistent basis.
    • Make a comprehensive list of users' pet peeves.
    • Create some sort of clearly visible indication of what posts aren't cool.
    • Create a thread or page for regular weekly or monthly updates on site or policy changes.
    • Change the forum layout, specifically the "Latest Posts" to |__Topic__|__Subforum(abbreviated)__|__Views....|
    • instead of just |__Topic__|__Views....|

    Things That Annoy Various People
    • Making jokes about being paid by big pharma.
    • Making any jokes about getting paid to protest.
    • Inserting $ anywhere into The Church of Scientology or any associated abbreviations.
    • Making jokes about David Miscavige being short.
    • Making jokes about David Miscavige hitting people.
    • Posting about celebrity gossip.
    • Making bad puns (Ie "Bridge to total freedumb." "John Ravolta," ect)
    • Using any form of the word "lulz."
    • Making stale jokes about the dome, such as calling it the RPF of WWP.
    • Using anonymous posting to make mean remarks.
    • Stale jokes and memes.
    • Abuse of the 'Post Anonymously' tick box (Flaming/Trolling, Thread Spamming/Derailing and Personal Attacks, etc.)
    • Posts or threads that are very argumentative (ad hominem) without offering anything new.

    What Should be "Over the Line"
    • Threats/personal attacks, promoting illegal activity, misuse of sock accounts.
    • Ilegality, giving away personal details, spam, importing drama.
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    Re: A humble proposal.

    haven't you ever verbed?
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: A humble proposal.

    I am late to this thread (only grazed it before) and know what I'm about to say surely must have been said before, but ... what the fuck! Is whyweprotest suddenly the new fucking Facebook?!?

    I HATE most of the shit collated at

    Not only that, I think, if considered seriously, these changes will destroy Anonymous.

    BTW, most people here anymore don't protest. They type.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: A humble proposal.

    Which changes in particular? If you actually read the list you'd see that it contains many contradictory ideas. It isn't a proposal, just a summary of various users' ideas.
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    Re: A humble proposal.

    What I object to is codification and homogenization of wwp's behavior and content.

    Every movement needs different players with different styles. They all contribute to and improve each other. For a long time, wwp was the youngster, the leftie, the anarchist in this movement to expose and eliminate the scio cult.

    But nothing stays the same. Everything tries to grow up. Over time, creativity, wide-ranging behavior is replaced by regulation. Many will like this.

    Doesn't mean I will.
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    Re: A humble proposal.

    To save time I'll annotate:
    Oh, and to the below Anon:
    When I say "you" I don't mean you personally, just "you" in general.

  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: A humble proposal.

    Many of the suggestions that have come up in this thread are about reducing regulation and simplifying the site rules. Some go very far in that direction, such as "unban everyone." I suggest you read the thread more carefully before assuming that it has a direction and taking a broad position against "it." There's a lot of diverse and conflicting opinion here. Also, your position that WWP should return to its supposed former state of pristine leaderlessness has been proposed by others in this thread, and debated. You might find that debate interesting and probably would have more to say if you read it.
  9. WhiteNight Member

    Re: A humble proposal.

    I assume you're speaking to me. You obviously missed my points earlier in the thread. After those posts I decided I was talking too much and left it to you lot to continue the discussion.
    I'm not arguing in favour of greater regulation etc, and I'm certainly not arguing in favour of no Mods. Have you met Anon? We're dipshits. If you read my above post I say that there are things that are certainly better left to the Mods. However, when you refer to "Many of the suggestions that have come up in this thread are about reducing regulation and simplifying the site rules" you neglected to mention that I was one of those putting forward the ideas.
    I refrained from posting a TL;DR because I a) couldn't be bothered b) knew it wouldn't really be read c) have better things to do than respond to the ENTIRE thread in one post.

    Thanks to whoever posted the above summary anywho.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: A humble proposal.

    No, my reply was not directed to you but to the previous anonymous poster--my fault for not making that clear. I agree with most of your posts and sorry for the confusion.

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    Re: A humble proposal.

  12. Miranda Member

  13. Anonymous Member

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    Re: A humble proposal.

    Don't know if its been suggested, but what about having a sub forum for Drama/Shit fests?. Then as and when Drama starts in a thread a mod can cut the posts out, moving them to the "Drama/Shit fest" forum.

    Then the next post, if needed would be a mod note saying something like

    "Some posts have been moved and the link .............. "

    For example Bromley Mini raid would be easy and painless to cut out and would be no disruption to the rest of the thread. (Cut from post 86 to 105)

    Another easy and painless London November 2010 drama cut out with minimal thread disruption, (Cut from post 37 to 46)

    But as for the Sunderland Rates Relief based talk thead would I think be harder to cut out and not disrupt the rest of the thread. Maybe from post 104/110 to post 164 bar the odd post or 2 inbetween then and at post 173 to 179 )

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    Re: A humble proposal.

    We call this "the Thunderdome".
  16. sheeple Member

    Re: A humble proposal.

    Makes sense, thanks Miranda.

    How about making the tread starter visible? There are many posters (Tikk, Larry, the Headleys etc etc etc) whose initiatives IMHO are always a must-read, yet after the first reponse we don't know the originator of the idea/discussion/information without opening the thread.

    RO and others were commenting in the volunteer ministers wanted thread (great idea btw imho) about initially ignoring an interesting thread - and reminded me that I've often come late to the ball, sometimes because I misunderstood the title but also sometimes because I didn't know the calibre of the thread starter.
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    Re: A humble proposal.

    Interesting idea. I wonder whether there could be (or is already?) any way to subscribe to posts by specific people (without having to use the oh-so-efficient Search function). There are definitely people whose posts I don't want to miss.
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    Re: A humble proposal.

    You all should be thanking me for making this thread.

  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: A humble proposal.

    Consider yourself simultaneously thanked and cursed, as usual.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: A humble proposal.

    I appreciate the desire for this 'build my own channel' tailoring feature. It's efficient. But it also reduces the degree to which one hears and learns from anyone who isn't deemed 'acceptable'.

    (Please note I'm making a broader philosophical statement about cultural tribalism vs. cultural pluralism. Perturbation, balance, echo chamber and all that.)
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    Re: A humble proposal.

    Wasn't there a rule somewhere about sock abuse? Just joking...
  22. Anonymous Member

  23. eddieVroom Member

    Re: A humble proposal.

    Who will smell their puthy?...

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