A Forever Recovery and (Narconon?) Freedom Center Sued in MI

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by YouSeeNothing, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. YouSeeNothing Member

    I just figured that if we knew the reason for denial of exempt status we could compare to other 1023s and see why they were granted. I also wonder if showing the denial of exemption to the State of Michigan might help in getting their non-profit status revoked. I'll continue looking into this on my end. You've done more than anyone can ask and I thank you.
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  2. YouSeeNothing Member

    Ugh. I don't see any way of making the request anon. I believe the IRS sends a notification to the corporation that a request was made too.
  3. Anonymous Member

    so find someone who don't give a shiat to request it
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  5. YouSeeNothing Member

    I was getting all tinfoilly there. Thanks. ;)
  6. YouSeeNothing Member

    I'll call the IRS and confirm whether or not they send a notice of request to CoS (or any corporation).
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  7. DeathHamster Member

    I guess they never sold either of the locations. (At least, not to outsiders.)
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  8. grebe Member

    Everytime I read this thread title I think, "A Forever Alone Recovery."
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  9. YouSeeNothing Member

    Working on that request this week...

  10. grebe Member

    I searched WWP on "Luthy" with no results, so maybe this lawsuit against Narconon Stonehawk hasn't been mentioned before. I think it might be useful to current lawsuits against Narconon programs in Oklahoma, as it confirms their "baby watch" method of handling addicts going through withdrawal --i.e., stick 'em in a room and basically ignore them until they can do the TRs and sauna. Also heartless bastards about refunds.

    Can anyone find out how this case concluded? I'm told that New Mexico is the most quack friendly state in the US.
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  11. Their son might still be a druggie, but they better thank their lucky stars he was resistant to Hubbard Tech. That in itself is a small ray of hope in Luthy Jr's prognosis. I wish the Luthys luck in finding appropriate treatment. As this is dated 2007, I hope they have.
  12. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology Drug Rehab: New Evidence in the Disturbing Case of Richard Teague

    By Tony Ortega

    Drug rehab centers affiliated with the Church of Scientology have become the focus of multiple government investigations and civil lawsuits in the last two years, and one of the most disturbing cases involving those facilities is the one of Richard Teague in Michigan.

    On January 15, 2011, while being held in the “withdrawal unit” of Narconon Freedom Center in Albion, Michigan, Teague, while exhibiting symptoms of severe benzodiazepine withdrawal, set himself on fire with the use of a cigarette lighter and a spray cologne bottle. With flames engulfing him, he ran outside and extinguished the fire by plunging into the snow.

    (In Oklahoma, it was the “withdrawal unit” of Scientology’s flagship drug rehab facility, Narconon Arrowhead, where Stacy Dawn Murphy died of a drug overdose in July, 2012, leading to multiple government investigations and the passage of a new state law to regulate rehab facilities in that state more closely.)

    Teague filed suit against two related facilities that treated him — Narconon Freedom Center is no longer part of the suit, but the other one is, as we’ll explain in a minute. Now, there’s troubling new evidence about Richard Teague’s initial days at those Michigan facilities.

    Continued with open comments here:
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  13. The Internet Member

    So Narconon in Michigan has two components: a medical detox and a social detox for people who aren't in danger of physical withdrawal symptoms.

    But it looks like some patients who are still in danger of physical withdrawal wind up at the social detox program. And unfortunately, the staff there are not consistently capable of picking up when someone needs close monitoring for serious withdrawal symptoms, probably because their heads are filled with Hubbard and unwarranted self confidence.
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  14. DeathHamster Member

    They're been moving into medical detox in recent years. When the first one opened in California, critics were "A Narconon that uses drugs? WTF?!"

    Narconon Arrowhead was opening one when SHTF and they lost their certifications.

    I assume that they're doing it for (a) money (b) lock vulnerable people into the Narconon stream.
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  15. The Internet Member

    "Medical" usually means a real doctor is somehow involved. That will be Scientology's Achille's heel. We can get the doctor spanked and that will shut them down. Well until the movement to grant naturopaths status as primary care physicians takes hold in more states. Then we'll be fucked I think.
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  16. I was a client at the freedom center a few months ago and might be able to add some info. It is definitely a converted hospital. Stone hawk is no longer used for clients. Freedom center is in albion. The womens wing is complete but does not house clients. The director of success has her offices there. Brian k. Is the executive director known as bk. John walsher was always walking around but did not know what he did or his position but had his hands in all the divisions. Everyone who comes in does the no drug detox and if withdrawal gets to bad and your vitals are not normal they send you out to medical detox and once done u come back and do the regular narconon detox cal mag light objectives etc. A doctor checks u out at beginning and end of detox and is available 2 x a week to see for a fee. Facility is above average as a whole although the rooms one sleeps in r not nice. 2 bunk beds in each 4 people per room. Staff is almost all former clients. If anyone has specific questions ill answer them!
  17. Anonymous Member

    Welcome Former C. How long were you there?
  18. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for the post about your experience.

    Do you have access to fee/price sheets of any kind? For example in relation to the mention you made of access to a medical doctor for a fee? Any and all information about pricing will be appreciated.
  19. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here's another cult press release:

    Narconon Freedom Center Urges Drug Rehab Enrollment Before New Year’s Eve

    Narconon Freedom Center is campaigning to raise awareness of the holiday dangers for those struggling with addiction. As the season’s dangers for addicts escalate to their peak on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, the center is urging enrollment in a drug rehab program immediately. Families are encouraged to help their loved ones arrive at a facility.

    "Holiday stress starts increasing at Halloween and continues to accumulate through New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Suicides and overdoses increase. We believe getting those struggling with addiction into a rehab program can save their life while also giving families peace of mind," said John Walser, Narconon Freedom Center’s Senior Intake Counselor.

    Types of the holiday stress that can trigger increased alcohol and drug consumption include financial stress, must-attend parties and raves, extended gloomy weather, heightened difficult emotions, depression, missing family who can’t be home or other family conflicts.

    Dr. Greg Allen, LMFT, [link removed] reports that car accidents, drug overdoses, suicides, violence and domestic disputes increase dramatically over the holidays. A lot of those incidents are directly related to alcohol and drug abuse. Almost 50% of the holiday suicides are directly attributable to drugs and alcohol abuse. 33% of holiday suicides test positive for alcohol and another 16% test positive for drugs.

    For more information on the helping those struggling with addiction get safely through New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, call an Intake Counselor today toll-free...

    Continued here: ...Enrollment Before New Year’s Eve/9010526.html
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  20. The Internet Member

  21. The Wrong Guy Member

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  22. muldrake Member

    Incidentally, this is a long-debunked urban legend. That is to say, it is complete bullshit. It is completely unsurprising that one of the cult's pet quacks would spout nonsense like this. From the Snopes link, and also, fuck you Snopes for your retarded anti-pasting Javascript, it doesn't work and it's just annoying.

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  23. RightOn Member

    first off, please stop using your real name here.
    Get him out of there ASAP and get him to a REAL rehab.
    Narconon centers use unproven quack science which is administered by untrained non medical staff.
    Patients are given niacin medicine bombs (MANY pills at a time) and made to drink oil and sit in a sauna hours at a time for days.
    That much niacin in very dangerous, especially if someone has a compromised liver.
    There have been many deaths at the Arrowhead Narconon in Oklohoma.
    Get your attorney and ask for police escort and get him the hell out of there.
    Narconon is a front group for Scientology.
    please google "narconon exposed" on the net where you can read more info
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  24. DeathHamster Member

    Two quick things:
    • Does your son takes any medication for his epilepsy? Narconon (which Forever Recovery is) has a history of medically untrained personnel taking away prescribed medication. That, combined with the stress of their sauna and vitamin over-dose program is not good.
    • There's also a history of monitoring phone calls. (A speaker phone? I'd say definitely.) If your son complained about Scientology on the call to you, then there's a chance that they'll abruptly, without warning, bounce him from the program and strand him at a cheap motel with a little money.
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  25. White Tara Global Moderator

    You will have many questions, I suggest you register an account under a screen nickname that will protect your identity going forward. this will allow you to communicate and be communicated with privately through our personal messaging system. There are members here who are skilled, experienced or connected enough to assist you with your situation.
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  26. muldrake Member

    First, do not use your real name. It's kind of late for that now, though.

    Second, I'm really sorry you're in this situation. Your son, whether or not his drug use has made him unreliable and makes you question things he says, is entirely correct. This is, in fact, not just a scam but a potentially deadly scam. People end up dead in Narconon. He probably has nobody but you to get him out.

    Third, get your money back from these scumbags. If you had it in the first place to try to get your kid off drugs, see if you can get him into a legit rehab.

    But time is of the essence. Nothing good is going to happen as long as he's the prisoner of this scam.

    I wish I had something more optimistic to say because a junkie is often just going to go back to using immediately upon release. You certainly have your work cut out for you. You have my good wishes, for what they're worth.
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  27. muldrake Member

    And an explanation for that don't use your real name thing. Just the fact you posted here (under what I hope wasn't your real name) will have these cultists, who spy on this site, go into panic mode and start scouring their records to find out who you are. Scientology is a nasty group of vindictive criminals, so you probably are already on their radar as an "enemy."

    They probably won't immediately take direct revenge on you, because it would look even worse than they like to look to start harassing the mother of one of their scam victims while he's still in their facility, but they do genuinely vile things to anyone they consider "enemies." I'm not going to exaggerate. I doubt you're in any physical danger. But if there's anything disreputable in your past, they'll try to smear you with it.

    If you're emotionally vulnerable, they'll try to exploit that, too. Usually with insults, smears, lies. And their direct scam victim, your son, might have improvidently admitted things to them, because they always try to gather blackmail material on their victims that can be used against them later.

    Sorry you had to get involved in this.
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  28. DeathHamster Member

    Also, as I said, they do monitor phone calls, better not mention WhyWeProtest or Anonymous.
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  29. My name is Mary and I volunteer with Narconon Reviews. from - an independent site created to educate people and professionals about these programs. and
    I am also a lon time member of forum, where many like yourself come for assistance.

    Contact me on the forum ( registering and using an anonymous nic name ) or via Facebook .

    We assist people with problems with Narconon and related problems and complaints.

    Your son needs to get medical a evaluation ASAP. However, you must not take him out of there until you have a better picture of what you are up against and a plan in place. Most importantly you need to find another program for him to go to immediately upon leaving if you take him out. You will have a hard time getting a refund so even if he has to go to the local clinic and attend NA/AA meetings for the time being, it's better than where he is. We can discuss all this via PM on Facebook or the forum.

    I wish a moderator would change your name and delete your personal details but I don't think that is possible since you aren't a registered member. I deleted them in my copy here and hope to hear from you. I have helped hundreds of loved ones like yourself in this kind of situation with the programs and I believe I can help advise you because of that.

    ~ Mary
  30. Random guy Member

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  31. fishypants Moderator

    He is correct.

    You need to get him out of there immediately - their 'detox' programme is total quack medicine.

    Their bogus 'detox' is a total waste of his/your money, and puts his health at risk. Also, they will try to induct him into their cult.
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  32. Thank you Moderator, for deleting her personal details.

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm glad she found WWP and posted.

    Yes their SAUNA 'detox' is bogus... but they are not going to let him do it without him seeing a neurologist and getting medical approval. Getting one out immediately is not always the best option. I have received many sad stories of people reading the internet, rushing to judgement and pulling th loved one out only to see the addiction problem get out of hand immediately because it was not planned for in advance. Especially because these programs don't give refunds as a rule and there's no money left for the loved one to provide an alternate program to situate the patient into. Imagine losing $35,000 and also having your loved one back on drugs within 24 hrs of leaving... That is the common scenario when people rush to judgement. Strategy is everything and there have bee many successes when a plan is made and put in place first.

    Having been there at least 2 weeks now, her son is long past withdrawal, traditionally called 'detox' by mainstream addiction medicine . This is usually 3-7 days at the unbranded Narconons in MI called A Forever Recovery and Best Drug Rehab. These 2 facilities provide 2 types of 'withdrawal. Medical and the Narconon standard where the person goes cold turkey under 'supervision'.

    The mother stated it was Medical detox and with his drugs of choice, I believe that would be the option offered by the facility. Of course, it costs more money but it's the safer withdrawal. It's a winding down off opiates and similar addictive drugs, using sedatives or buprenorphine treatment to taper them off to avoid serious side effects.

    At A Forever Recovery and Best Drug Rehab, 'Medical Detox' is something licensed by the state and overseen by a licensed physician. The medical titrated medicines are administered and monitored by an RN. This is different that Narconon's 'detox'. Official Narconon programs, claiming that they don't use drugs in their program, will farm out those in needs of Medical Detox, but they never provide it like these 2 do. They also do everything they can to avoid use of meds in detox, so they use providers who will work with them, like Orange County Detox in CA. Of course, Narconon does not want the public to know that they do this but they have been doing it for years and it's quite documented. Too many have become ill and died for them to not see and use the advantages.

    Withdrawal detox, whether medical or not, for Narconon or the unbranded programs, does not include the sauna but does include Drug Bomb vitamins ( )

    At Narconon, the Sauna component is at Book 2 which is after 8 other course are completed. You can see them listed here in this post which also links all the course booklets online:,9728.msg22269.html#msg22269

    The program steps and sequences are different at AFR/BDR. Both are run by Scientologist Per Wickstrom, who is under investigation along with his Best Drug Rehabilitation programs.

    The mother mentions having to bprrow money to pay for the program and them mentions she is worried that the insurance will be used up. She needs to beware that insurance fraud is one of the issues being investigated in MI. I have not heard from her and may well not hear from her but I do hope she is reading all this and working on an alternative plan on where she will get him real rehab help and also check her insurance records because there could be fraudulent billing occurring.
  33. RightOn Member

    Thanks Mary
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  34. fishypants Moderator

    Mary, I see what you're getting at here.

    The issues that I see with advising anything other than immediate withdrawal from the programme are:

    - I know of a number of cases (I'm guessing you do too) where Narconon participants have been put on the ultra-strong-niacin dose and the very very long saunas with no medical supervision at all, either before or during. Some of these cases have ended in tragedy. The patient's health is in danger - his parents should get him out of there.

    - The money is already paid. Staying in the facility won't get it back. If there is a subsequent court case then the question "so why didn't you withdraw the patient as soon as you realised the 'detox' was fraudulent?" could come up.

    - As we both know, in a number of cases Narconon staff have been selling illegal drugs to patients. Just because he's in the facility doesn't mean he's clean now. Sometimes patients have paid for drugs within Narconon facilities using their bodies - this is really no better than being a drug addict on the street.

    - I absolutely agree that the parents need to not just get the son OUT of Narconon but also IN to a reputable facility, as soon as possible.

    Good advice.

    Hear, hear.
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  35. The Wrong Guy Member

    Richard Teague speaks out after his horrific ordeal at a Scientology rehab center

    By Tony Ortega

    You may remember that we’ve written previously about the ordeal of Richard Teague, a man who in 2011 set himself on fire at a Scientology-affiliated drug rehab center in Michigan, resulting in a lawsuit that we’ve been keeping an eye on.

    The last time we checked in on the case, Teague’s attorneys had found some fascinating new testimony from a nurse who worked at a facility where Teague spent time.

    Now, the lawsuit has been settled and Teague did not sign a confidentiality agreement. So, for the first time, he’s talking to the press.

    Continued here:
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  36. Random guy Member

    I hope he got a good settlement!
  37. As highlighted in the related ESMB thread -

    Golden Age of Gag Orders now obsolete? Narconon victim receives settlement!!

    -- the most striking and important element in this story may be the fact there was no gag order, no confidentiality clause in the settlement agreement beyond perhaps revealing the terms of the settlement itself:
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  38. The Wrong Guy Member

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