A flyer of some sort..?

Discussion in 'Translations' started by Unregistered, Jun 19, 2009.

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    I don't understand much of this. If anyone does... please help..?
  2. This is an official letter from minister of interior to khameneih leader of Iran describing how they (ministry of interior) have frauded the results of the election to keep ahmadinejad in power and at the end of the letter the real results of the election is given as follows :

    Total votes : 42026078
    Moosavi : 19075623
    Karoobi : 13387104
    Ahmadinejad : 5698417
    Rezayi : 3754218
    Voided votes : 38716
  3. Obviously fake. the statements used in the letter are clearly not showing an official letter; there's no "Confidential" stamp on it. just a joke
  4. Really? c'mon, REALLY?

    Do you really think they would put any type of "Official" stamp from the Iranian Government on this type of sensitive paper? There is no way they would verify the document with such a stamp. This way they have complete ability to deny that it is authentic. this paper was most likely trusted to only pass from trusted hand to trusted hand.

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